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We make a frame from cardboard with their own hands


At first glance, it sounds unusual, but the frame is an important part of the work that complements its composition and gives over. How to make a frame for the photo with your own hands?

If you are looking for to solve Skanvorda The answer to the question: «Frame from cardboard, eight letters», then know this word is a passe. This French term is called a cardboard for sticking an image, or made From cardboard Special framework. Designed for photographs, drawings, engravings, decorative works.

Pasparta or Estamp are manufactured in special bagent workshops. This work is simple, it will require a sense of measure and harmony for its fulfillment, and the maximum accuracy. Let’s try to make a bulk frame from cardboard with your own hands.

Why need pasparte?

We make a frame from cardboard with their own handsThe final stage of creating a work of art, decoration of decorative work or artistic photography – selection and manufacture of frame. Frame is an important part of the image, although it is designed only to decoratively arrange it.

On how well the frame is chosen, as its style corresponds to the work, it depends on it, it will look like an exhibited. Rama is clothes paintings, engraving, photos. Like a person, what you want to show, meet by clothes. Without proper registration, the work will not be expressive, it will «naked».

Like clothes, design consists of several parts:

  • baguette;
  • glass;
  • Pasparta;
  • Actually, what we want to put in the frame;
  • substrate;
  • back.

We make a frame from cardboard with their own handsPurpose of Estampa – Creating a field between the frame and the image. This field facilitates the integrity of the perception of work, enhances the aesthetic effect of the work. The monotony of the cardboard frame creates a calm atmosphere around the work, separating it from the decor of the frame, wall decoration, and focusing the viewer’s attention on the work itself. The bulk field gives the work «air», Additional depth.

To ensure the importance of the estampa, try experimenting. Take any image of a small format – a photo, a children’s drawing, at least an illustration from the magazine, and hang it on the wall. Evaluate what impression makes an image on you, as on the viewer.

Then take the sheet of white paper – the usual, office, stick your «Work» to the sheet and hang again at the same place. Look again – you see, another thing is.

This technique helps to correctly select the size of the fields of the flight, the color of the cardboard, and other moments. The frame of the passecut from cardboard and paper may have a different texture – matte, glossy, textural. The main thing is that its color and appearance do not score the work being executed, but, on the contrary, emphasizing its advantages with its neutrality.

Auxiliary element or independent frame?

We make a frame from cardboard with their own handsPasparta is not always used in the design of artwork. Sometimes decorative design consists only of frame. In some cases, the frame baguette has such a profile that mimics the presence of a passe.

If still the frame has a climate, as a rule, such registration is more expressive. A cardboard framing occupies a border position: on the one hand, it relates to the frame, and on the other hand, begins to be perceived as part of the image.

Cardboard Frame itself can act as an independent framing for photos, small engravings or drawings, embroidery, etc. Make a simple frame of cardboard, as everyone knows, is easy. But this addition, this supplement will not only decorate your favorite photo, but will make it expressive.

We make a frame: Materials and Tools

Let’s see the master class on making a frame for a personal photo of cardboard with their own hands.

You will need:

  • We make a frame from cardboard with their own handsFor the frame and backdrop – lining suitable size. You can use binding cardboard, or purchase a convenient for you. His decorativeness does not matter, because it will have a decorative coating. Of course, you should not use the material from the old box – after all, you will still see the back;
  • Cardboard for Estampa. Special cardboard for passecut for sale and artists for sale and artists are for sale and shops for creativity and artists. You can choose it, or buy any other decorative paper, suitable quality, and the appearance of the appearance. In order not to make a mistake with the choice of color, take with you what you plan to arrange in this frame;
  • Acrylic white soil;
  • Acrylic paints, in jars and in the form of an aerosol or spray. Color of paints depends on the color selected;
  • Structural paste from acrylic;
  • Lace or bandage;
  • Stencil. Stencil on the film, ready or carved independently;
  • Glue. Glue will suit PVA. Such work can be conveniently produced using bilateral scotch. What will be more convenient for you, you will understand;
  • Macate knife, ruler cutting rug, spatulas and masticines, brushes, small skin.

How to make a frame

We make a frame from cardboard with their own handsCut the frame itself and the back. You will have to choose the sizes for your work. In that masterClass We will make a frame with dimensions of 190×240 mm. The same sizes at the back. 30 mm selected field width. So, the window inside has dimensions of 130×180 mm.

Making Pasparta. In this case, we will not make a completely real passent. Cut from cardboard or paper Detail having external dimensions – the same as the frame (190×240 mm). Internal window size – 90×140 mm. In such a framing, it will be good to look at the image 100×150 mm.

In the present mistime, the chamfer is made around the perimeter of the window: the cardboard is cut and bends inside at an angle of 45 °. We, for Frame giving necessary volume, cut out of white paper another layer, 190×240 sizes, and the inner window – by 2-3 mm less than the passe. In our case, it is 87×137 mm.

Go to the decoration of the frame. To begin with, it must be pricked. After the ground is completely dry, cut off the pieces of lace or ordinary bandage (you can, like vini-fluff, take both of the other – depending on your desire).

Declaring the segments as you seem to be the most decorative, cover the ground decorate. Apply it better with a mastikhin, thin layer. Dried. When the workpiece dries, cutting a sticking bandage, process the edges with a skin.

The bulk picture is best created by stencil. To do this, use structural paste. Impose stencils, with the help of Mastichene, apply a paste. Leveling the surface is ideal for no need – irregularity will give a special charm and an attractive appearance frame.

Remove the stencil neatly, trying not to shift the drawing. Additionally, you can apply a paste in several places on the frame, as a textured plaster. Enjoying, hanging the edges and defects.

We make a frame from cardboard with their own handsStrace the frame depending on your idea. You can additionally add gold or bronze paint, to give vintage scuffs.

With the help of white paint, it is possible to further slightly paint a little and passecut to give a shape appearance. It is convenient to do «Dry brush» – You pick up paint to the most tip of the brush, excess first erase about unnecessary paper, and then when the paints will not remain almost left, paint the part.

Get to assembling a frame. First connect the details of the passe. With the help of glue or double-sided tape, we glue from the inside the part of the white paper in such a way that the edge of the window remains the Cint in 1.5 mm.

Then, on the outer edge, we glue the back – so that under the passecut you can insert a photo. Also gently glue the frame. Do not forget to make a suspension for a frame or stand. Vintage frame with your own hands from ordinary cardboard ready!

We hope our master class will help you master the creation of original design for photos and paintings. Enjoy your creativity and beautiful interiors!

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