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Chamomile from plastic bottles – unfading beauty with his own hands!


If you want to decorate your household plot or revive the room, read the article. In it you will find tips, how to make chamomile from plastic bottles for decor

Every year more and more people are fond of Hand Meid – you learn to make various interesting things from the primed materials, thereby giving «Musor» Second life. What is not mastered by people do it yourself: Organizers from cans, furniture made of wooden pallets, bags of old trousers and much more. But today I want to talk about how to make chamomile from plastic bottles.

Chamomile from plastic bottles - unfading beauty with his own hands!Why do they do, ask you? Yes, everything just, such artificial bouquets, it is quite possible to decorate a household plot or revive the boring room in your own apartment.

Perhaps this kind of creativity as the creation of daisies, you will like it so much that you will soon finish your plastic bouquet and other flower.

Mastery chamomile from plastic bottles for giving

Flowers of plastic containers can be an excellent decoration of the country area, and such products will harmoniously complement as already available living flower, and they will replace it.

Making flowers is recommended large and voluminous, so they will look more spectacular and attract neighbors. If you want to make a daisy in full size, then make them have a lot so that they occupy a whole flower bed. Single copies will look unspoken.

So, to create your own hands chamomile from plastic bottles, you will need the following materials:

  • Chamomile from plastic bottles - unfading beauty with his own hands!Plastic bottles, it is better to take white (suitable tanks from kefir and milk) and opaque. If there are no such, choose any. True, after them will have to apply acrylic paint;
  • Scissors, sewn, knife, slice of wire;
  • For the design of the flower, find some old yellow cover, you can use a case from «Kinder Surprise».

If you found all the necessary materials, you can start creating.

And so that you were easier to make daisies, discuss the whole process in stages:

  • For the manufacture of one flower, you will need 3 bottles. Take the container and cut it across around in the middle. Part with the bottom you can postpone, it will not need it for today;
  • Two billets with a neck need to cut it off;
  • Now armed with scissors, cut down round petals, while still do not cut through. They will hold on the neck;
  • On the workpiece that remained with the neck tension those that without a neck. You will get a multi-layer chamomile, and you can make some more Gorlovin with petals. Than more flourishing flower, the more beautiful;
  • So that the similarity with the plant was complete, slightly remove the plastic petals;
  • Wrap a yellow or orange cover on the neck. If you do not find such, you can use the case from «Kinder Surprise», True, to secure it, you will need a sewer and wire;
  • The resulting flower lock on some «stem», For example, take the iron rod. And so that he becomes like a stalk, you will need a plastic container of green, cut off the spiral and wrap on the rod. So that the plastic holds well, boil it a little on fire.

Chamomile from plastic bottles - unfading beauty with his own hands!According to the principle that is described above, you can make any number of daisies and decorate your garden with them. Such crafts are nestless bad weather, so they will delight the eye all year round.

If you wish, you can make flowers from the container of various shades so that the present riot of paints. True, it is important not to overdo it, otherwise instead of beauty it turns out a motley disgrace. In everything you need a measure!

Mastery small bouquet for flat decoration

Large daisies you can now do, but they only fit for the street. Of course, by the instructions described above, you can try to make small flowers, but it is better to use another clock creation scheme.

For creating «home» Burketics needed to stock landscape sheet, pencil, white, orange and green, scissors, candle, seaw and sliced ​​wire in green winding.

When everything needs to be prepared, you can start making flowers:

  • On the landscape sheet, draw circles with a diameter of 9 cm and 3 cm;
  • Cut pieces of paper;
  • Now with the help of a blank of a larger diameter cut out of the plastic container white circle. You can cut several at once if you create a large bouquet;
  • Cut the circle on the petals, everyone Try to round a bit;
  • Silo heat over the candle flame and do in the middle of the plastic workpiece hole;
  • Chamomile from plastic bottles - unfading beauty with his own hands!The improvised chamomile is also a bit over the candle, so that the petals are slightly melted by receiving a beautiful form;
  • Armed with a lesser diameter paper blank, cut out of a bottle of orange gray for chamomile. In the center, pincise the hole with the selection. Slightly place the core of the flower so that it has a beautiful shape;
  • Take the container of green and cut off a cup. Do in the center hole and place the product above the candle;
  • Cut the improvised leaflets of green and connect the flower with wire. Then secure everything on the wire, the bouquet is ready.

As you can see, create beautiful bouquets with bottles are quite simple. The only thing you will need is a little patience. Good luck and new creative success!

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