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Mastery Cat from Fetra: Secrets of Mastery


If you want to learn how to make a cute felt quotes, then read the article. In it you will find practical tips on creating toys

Since childhood, we remember that the best gift is a gift made by hand. Being small, we selflessly mastered the applications and postcards for moms, grandmothers, dads and other relatives. Our loved ones admired «creativity» and carefully folded all crafts.

Now, though the times have changed, but baubles made by their own hands are still happy with the heart. Therefore, today I want to talk about how to independently sew a cat from felt. Such a toy looks very cute, can be decorated with your taste and will bear the part of your soul and your positive energy.

What is needed for creativity

So, to create your own cat from felt you will need:

  • Mastery Cat from Fetra: Secrets of MasteryPaper for pattern;
  • Felt, choose density at your discretion. If the most important is the first time, it is better to take the average density. The size is enough ? album sheet;
  • Chalk, felt-tip or a piece of soap to move the pattern on the fabric;
  • Needle;
  • Scissors;
  • Cotton, sintepon, soft fabric – all this will serve as an excellent filler torso;
  • Beads, buttons or pieces of fabric to create a spout and eye cat. You can buy ready-made nose and eyes in specialized stores, but the glue will need to be purchased.

We start to create: Choose the fabric and prepare the pattern

Mastery Cat from Fetra: Secrets of MasteryWhen all materials are ready, you can start creating toys with your own hands.

It is worth noting that the felt is selected as a material for crafts. The material is very simple in operation: it has a dense texture, but at the same time soft and fuel, and the edges do not sprinkle when cutting. In addition, felt is sold in large quantities and has a wide color gamut. It is quite pleasant and expands the field for creativity. If you plan to make not a small cat, but a soft toy of large, then the fleece is quite suitable for this.

But it was a lyric retreat, back to the creation of a cat. First thing Draw on a sheet of paper Figure Catics. It can be like an animal in «full» Growth and just fruit. Cut the workpiece.

Prepared piece of felt Spread on table or other smooth surface. Circle the pattern by contour. First do it in the straight, and then in mirror reflection.

Stitch and fill toy

Cut details.

Mastery Cat from Fetra: Secrets of MasteryFold two pieces of matter face side to each other and sew among themselves. You can do this as manually and using the machine.

If you sew handles, use the seam back to the needle, it is most suitable in this case. When fastening parts, retreat from the edges of the product for 3 mm. Doing crosslinking, do not forget that the cat then you need to turn out, so leave a small part is not sewn.

When two details are fastened together, and you decided to start turning toys, be married careful.

To make it most accurately, use for this or not sharpened pencil, or a handle without a rod.

If you do not want to turn your toy in the future, you can cross the cat’s facial. Only in this case, choose threads that will contrast with the color of felt. It will look very beautiful and unusual. To work, use the edge seam.

Now the toy need to give the volume.

Mastery Cat from Fetra: Secrets of MasteryFor this, any soft filler is suitable: syntheps, wool, tissue residues. Armed with a not sharpened pencil or a handle without a rod, slowly score «corpuscle» Cat, distributing the filler evenly by hand.

With the adding toy form, remember that too much packing can damage the seams, so the filler must be moderately. After you fill the toy, sew the remaining hole.

If the eyes and nose for your toy are bought in the store, then the time to fix them.

Just immediately not a popute, first attach and see if the location is arranged. And after use glue. All, cat from felt ready.

Send fittings

If you are going to make eyes and nose from beads, buttons or tissues, they need to be sewed to the product before you do it with filler. Otherwise, carefully distribute the eyes and the nose is unlikely to come.

Mastery Cat from Fetra: Secrets of MasteryTo bring in your toys a note of individuality and make each of them (if, for example, you sew a few cats as a gift) special, use various decorations.

An excellent option will be multicolored satin ribbons, buttons of different sizes and forms that are sewn to the body of the cat, signs with the recipient names. In specialized stores you can find beautiful bows, rhinestones, eases and other decorations. In general, here everything is limited to your fantasy.

As you can see to make your own cats from felt you need quite some time and least skill. Toy can be done with kids 5-6 years. This is an exciting occupation, will definitely enjoy crumbs, and will bring a lot of pleasure and benefit. Sacks of sewing and prettiness still did not interfere with anyone. As a result, such joint creativity will be a cute cat from felt, which will delight the eye.

It is worth saying that according to the scheme described above, the toy will be small. A kind of souvenir for friends who can be attached to the ring, making a key chain. If desired, increase the pattern of the cat from the felt and make, for example, a dummy or a decorative pillow.

Create your own hands unusual patterns of cats from felt, decorate your toys, making them original and bright. Create and delight your loved ones!

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