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About how to handle the neck of the dress


We process the neck of a summer knitted dress. Choose a way of hopping for a round, square, V-shaped cut. How to entertain material for evening dresses?

Depending on the shape of the clothes, the trim is selected by various types. It can be round, drop-shaped, square or V-neck. They are stitching with a subrming bag, oblique crossbake. Pattern is made towards the texture of the main part.

The undercurrent shell is made for the shoulder seams and backs. We fold the material in half, connect the back and front part together, we produce a fold of the fabric, after which the width of the palm is performed. We observe the planned form of the cut and sweat the neck, leaving the seams for the seams on the front side and cuts of approximately one centimeter.

There are several collar processing options. How to choose a method of treating a neck and a preach of dresses?

To complete the robe correctly, you need to know several rules:

  • About how to handle the neck of the dressFirst, for each type of fabric there is its own casing;
  • Secondly, the way you want to handle the armor and the neck depends on the shape of the cutout and texture of the fabric. The gate of a knitted dresses with a V-shaped, round and oval cutout is more convenient to carry out a baker, but for cutting, the package and square is suitable;
  • Thirdly, not all techniques are carried out for manual processing. For example, the covering of the sheets is possible only on typewriter.

In order to correctly notify the collar, you need to test the size of the cut of the throat on both sides of the front part. To sew a dress, fold in half the facial and rear parts and make sure that the facial contours and cuts match. Sometimes it happens that one of the sides is deeper, in this case, it should be notified with its fine thread with stitches in a half-meter long. The nodules of the threads are tightened and flying to create the effect of the harmonica, fix the collar with pins.

Processing oblique baking throat dresses

Let’s find out how the neck of the knit dress is processed by oblique baker. This is one of the easiest ways to overstock the Main Proura, Sleeveless Dresses, Summer Blouse.

This is how it happens:

  1. About how to handle the neck of the dressCut the strip of tissue diagonally to the equity and transverse filament of the material of the desired length and add 2 centimeters to the allowance. Strip without an incidence should take 3 centimeters;
  2. We are famous for our plaque half and affect the iron;
  3. Deploy our strip of fabric exactly. Fragment’s share sections in turns are converted to the side of the alternate fragment of the face and fly. Further, any of the two slices again determine completely;
  4. To prevent too much a neck for a neck and stretching, add a thread along the cut and adjust the fliesline on the adhesive;
  5. Cut the allowance parallel to the neckline. Revised Beach Cut Pinge Pins to Cut For Throat Facial Cutting Cutting Cutters. We feed the thread in parallel to the bending at a distance of 1 centimeter;
  6. Baikov reveal up;
  7. Beyk should be applied to the fabric in the areas of the sutures of the seams and, by exposing, to fasten or occupy;
  8. We grasp the facial seam on the outside in one row with the line of the feeding;
  9. We measure our product, take out extra damp threads. The process is complete.

About how to handle the neck of the dressAlso oblique beyk can be purchased in the store in the form of a finished tape.

Plus oblique beaks in the fact that it is very reliable and will not give the tissue to deform and straw, it can be done by hand without machine. In order to avoid curvature of the fabric during processing, we adjust the iron on the withdrawal of the phlizelin on the lining gently so that the stitching of the seat exactly coincides.

Check the position of the product cutting, so that he lay smoothly and did not finish.

Cutting the Proucy necessarily occurs before the lateral sections. In the event that you want to make a fastener on the neck, it is better to handle the cloth on the shoulder seams before that. All suture allowances are affixed before.

Method of treatment with a clothing

It’s time to learn how to properly process the neck for the dress with a dressing. This method is more time-consuming, but it is the only suitable for elegant evening apparel and strict business costumes. The advantage of this approach is that the external thread is completely imperceptible, and the fabric lies perfectly exactly, which emphasizes the advantages of your posture and figures.

In order to correctly pull out patterns, you need to pre-fit the product. Only after this procedure can create suitable parts. However, you can take advantage of special patterns for needlework or follow the advice of instructions or cutting patterns for the dress.

About how to handle the neck of the dressIn order to spend the fabric with a cleaning, it first needs to be prepared. Cut up according to the patterns or on the contours of the product, aligning the two poles: twice all the armies, side and shoulder seams.

Our billets should be the appropriate material as the finished robe itself, or its substitute.

It is important for maintaining the right natural texture. Such a material is called Dublerin. It is a cheaper analogue of dear canvas.

Even in the case of the use of globes, all the equal to the sprout, the dorsal middle seam, shoulder seams, midfoots and the neck, armies, the threads of the sides for each individual case. Do not forget that copies of the gate and sprout should be created integer, and for the back and shelf – bent over the collapse of Dublerin.

Regardless of the product or on the lecalands, undergoing trimming, we supply the outlines of the sprout, the middle seam of the back, the shoulder seam, the arm, the side seam, collar and midfoot, choosing the desired for each part separately. In this case, we do not need skipping on the lines during the stroke and face. Received copies – Loskutka we stick to the waterproof straight. In the role of such parts can be remnants of the canvas after cutting.

After that we rebuff the parts with space for a width of one centimeter for the shoulders and sides. Now stepping our billets and fit the seams.

The above method is suitable for a V-neck dresses. How to process it, learn later.

About how to handle the neck of the dressIn order for the V-shaped neck to roll up, you will need to turn the duplicate inside out, for what you need to thread in the top and in the corners. Cutting the Proucy occurs in the same scheme as in the case of a round neckline. For convenience, make the items of the Proucy along with the bottom to perform the side seams.

Now you can adjust the size of the clothing due to the deposits on the side threads, without cutting parts. But remember, this manipulation will be successful if the dimensions of the residues on the side seams and lining will be identical.

Here’s how to achieve this:

  • We flash the lines for the shoulders on the product and covers;
  • overcame and irrigate indents on the seams;
  • overcurrent sections of the inside of the sheets;
  • On both sides of the apparel, we fasten the pattern and the passage by the external parties, sew them together;
  • Sut the remnants of the threads closer to the line, the places with roundings are waiting and narrowed in front of the slap;
  • We feed the parts between themselves (inputs close to the seams);
  • Now we spend a single thread side sections and lining;
  • we are wearing and flying left pass;
  • We deploy the lining inside out, and in the edges we are wearing;
  • In conclusion, we admonish lining to allowances on shoulders and sides.

Ready! Now you know how to handle the neck of the dress at home is no worse than in any studio!

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