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Secrets of skill: Make a secret seam


The finished product will only then look beautiful if the assembly it is made neatly. If the secret seam is performed inactively – the product will lose the view

Skidding – what it means? Someone will say that in sewing art is the main thing – successful cut. To assemble the thing then can any amateur, especially if you can sew on the Sewing machine.

Secrets of skill: Make a secret seamHowever, even the correctly tailored and fitted in the figure it is not to look at it, if it is assembled inactively, the seams are curves, the bending is visible on the front side.

That seamstress that does not know how to sew skillfully secret seam, can never make a high-quality thing.

Secrets Beloshvei

The secret seam needs to be mastering the following goals:

  • be able to treat the bottom of the product that is crosslinking from fine tissue;
  • Climb trousers;
  • finish the manufacture of a soft toy;
  • secure the sleeves of the blouse;
  • Perform small repair of expensive product if damage to the front side.

Secret seams can be done manually, or by installing a special foot and selecting the mode, perform on the sewing machine.

How to make a secret seam manually that you need to know for this?

If you do not have a thread under the color of the workpiece, scissors to circumcise the threads, a relatively thin needle, optimally chosen over the thickness of the thread and the iron – a secret seam may not work. When this nature is working, the thread in the needle is refilled in 1 addition.

If the fabric is thin and transparent, you will have to do without a nodule:

  • Before starting the work of the product, it is necessary to wage. How it will be completed, overlock or manually, the values ​​do not have. You can even go through special glue. The main thing is that the threads do not appear during operation;
  • The edge of the product is required to be adjusted by 5-8 mm. Fold it is better to freeze, and additionally snow around, so that when performing a latch, the fabric did not move;
  • Once again, the bending is performed, on the same value. Brakes again;
  • The needle is inserted closer to the edge of the pitch, is introduced inside, and then it is removed between the main part of the premiest product and the pod. Stretching the thread should not be kept, there is no knot on it, it can stretch out;
  • The first stitches – 2-3 – are paired close to each other, they fix the thread.

If the nodule is still tied, it must be accurately hidden between the processed edge and the bending.

The distance between the stitches should be no more than 7 mm, but better 3-5. 1 thread of products are captured during proces.

Performed by the secret seam of the subhead manually in drawing stitches is similar to the so-called «Kozlika». His stitches on the front side form a cross, on withdrawal – parallel lines. But on the front side at a secret stitch seam, it is not visible, because the minimum amount of threads is captured.

How to finish work on tailoring or repair of bulk products

When sewing soft toys, repair down jackets and pillows, it is impossible to do without the skills of the completion of a secret seam.

The thread in the needle is inserted into one addition, a small nodule is tied on it:

  • A needle is inserted into an open hole in a fold from the wrong side;
  • The nodule should remain in the skeleton bend;
  • Next, the needle moves to the bend of the opposite side or part;
  • 1-2 threads are captured, the stitch is delayed;
  • The process is repeated: the needle is injected into the fold of the seam of the first part from which sewing began. Similarly, a couple of threads are captured, the needle is output, the thread is stretched, the stitch density is checked;
  • Stitches are repeated until the end of the seam.

After the seam flashes over the entire length, the thread is fixed with small frequent stitches and briefly clipped with scissors.

Secrets of skill: Make a secret seam

If the thread is biteing off or climb, the whole line can be shy and work will have to repeat.

If you fulfill all the recommendations on the manual execution instructions manually, then work with the product will be finished carefully.

We use a sewing machine

The easiest to sew a secret seam on a typewriter, which has computer control. Computer will task the program.

From the seamstress you only need to prepare a product for work and put a special foot – R:

  • Handle the edge of the product just as for the execution of manual seam. That is, the edge overcaps and revealed;
  • It is possible to spend the edge not by overlock, but by the stimplement seam – it is laid in the program;
  • The markup of the width of the pitch is made, the layout line marks the line. The bending is always wider than the distance from the edge of the product to the line. From the edge of the pent when performing a secret seam on a sewing machine-computer need to retreat at least 0.7-1 cm. This distance should be less than the width of the pent;
  • The line is selected by the one in which the needle occupies a central position. The regulator is installed in the middle position;
  • According to the first marked line, the details of the fabric are covered with an invalion to the wrong one, by the second – face to face;
  • Polls should get exactly in the fold of the fabric.

A typewriter with a computer control, a hint line is performed by a zigzag in a step of 1 mm. The needle for seam of this type is selected thin, the threads must coincide with the cloth.

In the program, you can set to select 1 of 2 functions: a firm line or a free sleeve. Seam made in a similar way, on loose tissues will be impaired. On smooth slightly visible. After the work is completed, the product must be pasted.

Algorithm for performing a secret line on an electrical sewing machine

The preparation of the tissue is carried out in the same way as when performing a secret seam manually and when the firmware is firmware with computer control:

  • Install a paw to perform a secret weld with the function of the adjustable limiter width. This foot is called L. The screw that is fixed on the foot moves the limiter during operation, and adjust the position of the needle does not have to;
  • The machine is installed on the zigzag mode with missed «Christmas trees»;
  • The lifting line is selected, the needle is installed in the central position;
  • Adjustment by the protector of the limiter is performed manually;
  • The line must pass along the edge itself;
  • You need to scatter so that the needle captures the minimum amount of threads on bending.

After the work is completed, the product is required, as in other cases, rejuvenate.

Tips from experienced porn

  • Secrets of skill: Make a secret seamPerforming a secret seam manually, select the threads need to go to the room less than it is required to sew the fabric of this type;
  • Thread thickness must correspond to the needle thickness;
  • You need to choose only an acute needle, even if the fabric has a loose structure, otherwise capture 1-2 threads will not work.

In an electrical sewing machine, so that the line is almost not noticeable, you can refuel the line as the top thread. The product should be placed so that the fishing line is on the front side

When working with a fine cloth, this advice is impossible to implement it, but if you have to sort things in dense textures, such a solution is optimal.

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