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Make your home original – decorate it with the balls of Kusudam!


If you do not know what to take your child in your free time, add it to the amazing art of origami – Make a simple Ball of Kusudam with him together

Origami has long been occupied by an important place in Japanese culture. This is not just one of the types of needlework, this is a whole art about which there are quite a few legends and legends. In the ancient Japanese, it was believed that figures made with the help of Origami technicians create a positive atmosphere in the house, protect the tenants from quarrels and twigs, protect against disease.

Make your home original - decorate it with the balls of Kusudam!To learn how to make paper figures in this technique, although you need to recognize some figures to make enough difficult. So everyone who decided to comprehend this ancient art is best to start learning from simple figures. Cosudam for beginners will help to relax, calm the nerves and at the same time to decorate your dwelling with a beautiful and unusual thing.

A bit of history

An ancient tradition of creating these amazing balls in Japan hundreds of years ago. Most likely, plants flowers were used initially for their manufacture, which were filled with the aroma aroma of incense, guarding the house from misfortunes.

Later began to make cosudams from paper in Origami technique and use as a home decoration. Currently, for many Europeans, Kosudam’s ball in the house is a great trendy decoration, decor element and charm.

Bowl Kosudam is collected from paper elements, composed in a special way. Their implementation technique implies repeated folding of paper leaf in different directions. To give the structure of strength, all elements are glued with glue.

If you decide to join a little to Japanese culture and want to learn how to make the balls of Kusudam, the scheme needs to be chosen for beginners. Best that it was a simple model that consists of a small number of paper modules so that quick success will please you and inspired to create more complex masterpieces.

Making Classic Kusudam: Technique

Make your home original - decorate it with the balls of Kusudam!The simplest figures of Kosudam in their form more resemble a cube, t.To. Consist only from six modules. The schemes of these figures are understandable even newcomer. Many lovers of something toasting with their own hands begin to comprehend all the tricks of the technique of performing Kusudam Origami from this simple form.

First you need to prepare six squares of colored paper of the same size. All paper leaves should have the same density.

Step-by-step cosudam for beginners in the Origami technique looks like this:

  • We take the first square of the paper and alternate it alternately horizontally, the diagonals and verticals in all directions are well smoothing the seats of folds;
  • Return it to the starting position. The resulting bend lines will help us in further work and will prompt which steps to do;
  • After all the folds of folds are ready, you need to collect together adjacent sides of the square. As a result of this manipulation, the parties must fall in the center;
  • «Reveal» corners rays to the shape of squares, t.E. flatten the corners on the base of the square;
  • Make your home original - decorate it with the balls of Kusudam!Reject moving corners of the resulting square and pretty «Santiuzhev» central lines and side sides of the element;
  • I turn over the module up «bottom» – Based on the figure there must be a square. His corners need to be hooked as close as possible so that the module can subsequently glue with the rest of the crafts.

Further, according to this scheme, we carry out the manufacture of the other five parts of Kushudama. It is important that all the bends are made as neat and smoothly, otherwise the figure will come out. When all the elements are ready, you can start assembling. In order to firmly connect the six parts of the model with each other you need glue. Modules are fastened with rented corners inside.

Having learned to perform the simplest models, you can try to fold the cowdam for beginners in the form of flowers. Schemes can be found on the Internet, but you can improvise and create your own figurines!

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