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How to tie sind? Knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seams


What features has knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seams? To dial a loop, you can take ordinary needles, but their number must match the circular spoke number

Recently, Hand-Made Products are in fashion. Therefore, girls and women gladly knit original things that emphasize their style and uniqueness. Among the knitters is increasingly becoming knitting in a circle. This is explained by the fact that he has many advantages over ordinary turning rows.

There are no seams on products, you do not need to sew the details, there is no need to make an invalid loop. How to properly dial loops on circular needles?

What is the feature of circular spokes?

Metal spokes are interconnected by a synthetic tube or fishing line.

How to tie a sneody? Knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seamsThe thickness of the spokes and the connecting material may differ. They must be selected depending on what product you will create. On a long loke loop will be stretched, and on short – roughened.

The main convenience is that the severity of the product falls on the center of the tube, so it is kneeling and you do not need to keep it in my hands. Master the circular knitting is not difficult if you follow the basic rules.


To understand how to knit on circular spokes, you need to start with a set of a certain number of loops. This can be done on the usual needle, but her number must match the circular number that will be used for knitting. After you need to transfer them to circular.

Distribute all loops evenly on the fishing line. Spokes should be free. Check that the hinges do not turn into different directions, they must have one direction.

Take the needle on the right hand to which you gained the last loop. It will be more convenient to track the number of rows if you put a label. To this end, it is convenient to use plastic rings or a darker color thread. Knit in a circle before the place where the label is installed. After it can be transferred to the end of another knitting needles and continue the process.

Useful advice

How to tie a sneody? Knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seamsOften the needlewomen complain that the fishing line twists. It slows down the process and delivers
the discomfort. You can avoid this problem, if you pre-ignore the fishing line in very hot water so that it straightened.

Initial loops, which are made on the first row, you need to be written with the free and working end of the thread. Then the hole will not be formed when docking. You can also apply another method. Type an excess loop in the initial row and transfer it to another needle without checking.

Close the circle by sticking with the first loop. There are several ways to knitting: reverse and straight rows. These methods are especially convenient if the product has a lot of weight. No seams – another plus.

Knit sweater

Knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seams – it’s easy and convenient. You need yarn, ordinary and circular spokes. Start needed from the neck. Dial on 4 knitting needles 120 loops and knit 2 facial rubber bands, 2 Pointing. Distribute for 4 knitting needles: 2 to 20 loops for the sleeve and 2 to 40 – for the back and pass.

Knit thus 26 cm. On circular needles you can move with increasing loops – it is much more convenient. The sleeve should be done on 4 pieces (42 cm, 4 cm gum). Every 4 rows remove 1 loop. You can decorate its harnesses of 6 loops. Between them you need to do two irons.

Before and the back stick together. Putting pattern: alternate facial and invalid, 20 kettles.

Knit sind

Scarf-Clamp again enters the fashion, because it is warm, well protects against wind and cold, and, moreover, it can be used as a stylish accessory. Therefore, needlewomen think about how to tie a sind-clay, or a circular scarf, knitting needles.

How to tie a sneody? Knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seamsThe main difference of this scarf – it is closed in the ring. It can be both inextricable and closed with hooks and buttons. Equally important is yarn. If you take thick soft threads, it will turn out warm and volumetric. Thin yarn allows you to create a feminine and gentle slander.

Experienced craftswomen recommend novice to tie a trial sample to make sure the pattern will look as you imagined. One of the popular drawings – «Rice». It is better to choose dense yarn, which includes wool. You will also need Spokes number 10.

To get a scarf 60 cm long, you need to dial 72 loops. After you check out one row, you do not need to turn. The second row is made on the front side.

The first – alternate the facial and involving loop, and in the second in place, do the wrong one, and vice versa.

Knitting beret

It is convenient to knit on circular, because it is not necessary to collect product details in one whole. All models are based on the scheme of classic beret.

Measure the scope and type the required number of loops. Rubber can be from 3 rows. After add 1 loop every 8 pieces.  To reduce, it is necessary for each fifth loop to lies on two.

Knitting schemes on circular knitting needles you can come up with yourself, if you connect fantasy, or watch online.

«English rubber»

To tie an English elastic band, you need to take a thin woolen thread, the knitting needles number 9. Type the desired amount of looping, depending on the length and width of the product.

Drawing diagram:

  • How to tie a sneody? Knitting sweaters with circular spokes without seamsFirst row: facial, nakid, reset without tissue;
  • Second: Nakid, reset without tissue, loops and nakid;
  • Third: Nakid, loop from another row, nakid, reset without tissue;
  • Subsequent rows – alternation of the second and third.

Each respectful needlewoman should know how to knit English elastic band on circular spokes.

Then she can surprise those surrounding their masterpieces. You can combine several methods of mating – then things will be not only practical and durable, but also original.

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