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How to sew jeans?


Ideally sitting on the figure jeans – the dream of every girl, but to buy them extremely difficult. Learn how to adjust jeans on your figure and look in them for a hundred!

New jeans were great or maybe the diet finally brought the fruit and the figure began to decrease, and clothes to increase? In this case, pants will have to sew. There are several ways to sew jeans.

How to sew jeans?If the pants are well sitting on the thighs and icers, but great in the waist, you can take them on the rear seam and belt. If jeans have become more sized, then it follows the side seams. If you just want to approve them to the bottom, you can sew in the inner.

How to sew jeans in the belt?

Girls with a narrow waist and wide hips it is difficult to find perfectly sitting jeans. As a rule, they are wide in the belt and need to be sewed. There are two ways to reduce products in the belt. The easiest way to make fallows on the waist. There may be two, three or more.

First, you need to fret the belt, then flash the outturles and again sew a belt, having previously reduced it to the desired length. Very carefully you need to do swelling in the area of ​​the priest, if they are too long, then the ass can be touched.

The second way, how to stomp jeans in the waist, more complex and long, but also better. To begin with, you need to fract out the rear bump and the string belt for 8-10 centimeters in each direction from the middle seam.

Next, the steps of stepping seam (the one between the legs) is about 8-9 centimeters. Space middle, but do not deploy it, but to stick with pins to not shifted.

From the wrong side it is necessary to fix the seam pins. Now you can get pins from the front side. Seam must be sipped iron.

How to sew jeans?Put the trousers in each other, retreat from the middle seam on the waist line 2 centimeters and spend the line so that the triangle is turned out, T.E. not in parallel and at a low angle. On this line you need to make a line, the edge to spend. Remove on the front and give two lines in the middle.

Next to sew a stepping seam from the wrong side and with the facial recovery double line. Belt cut in half, attach to jeans, excess on both parts cut off, leaving the allowances. Then you should add it to the front parties, flash, deploy the seam to two sides and sip the iron. Combine the belt and the rest of the pins and flash. Sew back to bump.

How to properly sew jeans in hips

Seam pants in hips need to be sumps. To do this, wear them from the wrong side and the pins out the distance that you need to remove. Or you can simply attach suitable pants and draw on them to line.

Before proceeding with the process of reducing the thighs, you need a fracture belt. Then the sides of the sides, flash them for new standards. Sew back belt.

If it is necessary to sew jeans both in the hips and in the waist, you can not disappear belt, but fully breaking the trousers on the sides and sniff out in a new way. Surplus cut, edges.

It’s even easier to make fallouts on the sides. So jeans will become a little less in the hips and better sit down on the figure. This method is suitable only for fine tissue, because on thick sweeps will be strongly noticeable.

How to Ugage Jeans

Fashion very changeable, not so long ago in the trend were the broken models of the trousers, now everyone is nervous. Throw away old, but your favorite trousers do not want, and appear in the street uncomfortable. In this case, it is necessary to know how jeans in the legs.

It is recommended to wear their colors-ski and with the help of a pin to fix almost on the legs, leaving several centimeters for shrinkage after washing. Carefully remove pants and put on the table. Fit on the mappings, try, if you sat down perfectly, to cut off and strain the typewriter.

How to sew jeans?Edges to be treated with overlock or zigzag. Novice craftsmen when stuck trousers in the legs are not recommended to break them in the crotch area, because it is difficult to properly sew. If you need to remove a lot of excess fabric, it is better to go to the repair of clothes.

If the pants are wide not only in caviar, but also hips, then jeans are sutured by side seams. You can customize them in a figure for yourself or by other your jeans that are well sitting.

In case the product is very large, you can completely alter it. For this it follows the pants on the side seams, centered, fracture belt. Attach the pattern or pants of the desired size, completely spin on the part. Redraw the details and dig.

Try, and if everything is fine – you can start sewing. First, the front seam is striking, then rear and side. Particular attention should be paid to the inner seams, it is quite difficult to combine the crotch, it is better to sew it first by hand, and then strain on a typewriter. After jeans are collected, it is necessary to put them from below and sew a belt, loops.

If you doubt your abilities – it is better to refer to specialists or practice on cheaper models. I wish you success! 

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