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How to properly sew the belt-sauna with the effect of weight loss with your own hands?


Is it possible to sew a belt-sauna with your own hands? What aspects of his wearing for weight loss is worth considering? How important it is to play sports with a belt? We make a device yourself

Slimming belt – excellent auxiliary tool for those who want to remove excess liquid from the body. Of course, with such a fitting fat will not begin «melt» In the eyes, but the moisture present in the subcutaneous fatty tissue and accumulating glycogen, will leave quite quickly and naturally – through sweat.

How to properly sew the belt-sauna with the effect of weight loss with your own hands?It is in this liquid that polysaccharides are concentrated – one of the main perpetrators of overweight. Therefore, women often use neoprene belts to remove stagnant water from problem areas.

In addition, the body area covered with such a belt is actively sweating, and therefore, blood flow is enhanced. As a result, the reinforced microcirculation stimulates natural lipolysis (the process of splitting fat) and normalizes the work of lymph – this «Sewer» of our organism.

The pulling belt can be done with your own hands, especially if there are appropriate materials at home. Even if you have to purchase them – it will cost much cheaper than the finished product. Meanwhile, the budget belt can simulate even the usual food film, universally used for the wrapping procedure.

Is it important to use the belt for weight loss?

If you are constantly staying in «mode» hypodynamines, and move little, use such a device for you does not make sense. Belt is an auxiliary option for those who practice home training, or engaged in the gym. Do not use this product to those plans to fix it on the stomach, having problems with the reproductive system. In this case, it can provoke overheating of fabrics, and it will adversely affect the course of the disease. Special attention to this item should be paid in that it has polyps in the uterus or cystic neoplasms in the ovaries.

How to properly sew the belt-sauna with the effect of weight loss with your own hands?For unknown reasons, some people sincerely believe that, putting on their body belt, they will reach the local correction of problem areas without any effort. But this is not so. Note that the belt will in no way help you if you put it on and tell me on the ottoo in front of the TV.

But you can easily wear this thing if you make a general cleaning, or do similar things that require minimal motor activity.

Then you kill two hares with one shot – and the house is clean, and the fat on the body is rapidly melting.

Why was the error that the belt for weight loss is capable of solving the problem of excess weight in just a few weeks and no effort? Such attractive models advertising expensive products of this character. An adequate person will immediately understand that to get the cubes of the press, like the model from the advertising of the belts, is simply impossible, if you do not apply to this purely sporting effort.

But still, some gurgleable buyers really believe that there are miracle pills and magic belts capable of saving them from the fact that they copied for years. Or even decades. Make a mistake immediately – in order for the belt to really work, you will have to make certain efforts for our part.

If you do not like aerobic or strength training, and from one type of simulators in the gym you have characteristic pain in the muscles, we advise you to start running.

How to properly sew the belt-sauna with the effect of weight loss with your own hands?This is useful not only for figures and health, but also for spiritual balance. Just arrange yourself jogs every evening. And of course, before going to the stadium, do not forget to wear your bought or man-made belt with a sauna effect.

Let’s deal with whether fat is leaving?

No, then only water, sodium salts, minerals and some toxins, which are planned to accumulate in our fabrics.

Fill those nutrients that are eliminated in this process can be used with isotonic. They can be made independently, or buy in a specialized sports nutrition store. But what is the line of weight loss, which promises the wearing belt during training?

The fact is that the belt has a sauna effect on our soft tissues, warming up muscles on local areas. Due to the fact that the musculature is heated, it begins to draw energy resources from nearby objects, namely, subcutaneous fatty fiber. Thus, local metabolism increases, fats are heated and lighter split.

The blood lipids are spread over other muscles, which are used in the process of aerobic load. Oxidizing the remaining fat cells turn into carbon dioxide and are sent to the lungs, from where are output from naturally, in the process of breathing. This is how the effect of weight loss comes. And now you understand that an aerobic load is required to achieve it.

Fat burning in the process of wearing a special belt

How to properly sew the belt-sauna with the effect of weight loss with your own hands?Immediately designate that fat is a kind of reserve of our body. In case of hunger, war or cataclysms. Therefore, it is consumed very reluctantly. First there is a decay of carbohydrates (of course, when they are restricted in the diet). Then, experiencing a shortage of energy sources, muscles begin to eat fat «reserves».

We can sweat differently. For example, in a sauna or bath. Many people rejoice at seeing that after visiting the steaming lost a couple of kilograms. So to speak, combines pleasant with useful. But it is a big misconception. During staying in the sauna, the body does not turn out to be aerobic load, and therefore the muscles do not draw energy out of fats and do not break them.

Only water takes out only, and nothing more. Fixed kilograms are almost instantly replenished with a natural need for drinking.

Aerobic workouts – a prerequisite for those who dream to lose weight with a belt. Only in this case, the heating muscles of the abdominal region is really useful – fats «melt» and enroll in blood, and during training they feed all the muscles of the body. If it is not strained – it does not need food, which means that the last minute lipids occupy the former positions, or, worse, distributed on others «Problem» Potions.

So, as you understand, workouts when wearing the thermopoyics are mandatory. And now you can proceed to the manufacture of this interesting product.

How to do «magic» Belt do it yourself?

How can you make a belt for weight loss do it yourself? Follow a simple instruction.

You will need:

  1. Thermal insulation tissue (Lycra, neoprene, elastane, terosel);
  2. Food film standard (in a small roll);
  3. Velcro (for subsequent dense locking belt on the body).

How to properly sew the belt-sauna with the effect of weight loss with your own hands?Finding Termotkan is now easy, because it is from her that most sportswear sews.

So, remove the measurements from your own body. Do not forget to take into account the fact that the volumes will constantly decrease, therefore it is desirable to sew a velcro in the appropriate order. Start the edge of the fabric on the sewing machine, using high strength suture for this purpose.

After the base of the belt is ready, attach it to the waist and mark the future «fasteners». Now the adhesive of the velcro in the places marked, taking into account the gradual decrease in volumes. In principle, send several lipuchki at once, but it is worth leaving several pieces of material for subsequent over-checking.

You can also use the usual food film. Use such an Light version of the thermophoto optimally after training, because in the process it will interfere with the movement. You can also wrap your stomach with a film, and on top of it wear the belt – the effect in this case will be intensified by half.

Some women want to know how to make an ordinary pulling belt do it yourself? That is the most that only visually hides. It is manufactured by a similar principle. But in this case it is worth picking up the most thin fabric. And it is very desirable that she was a bodily or other neutral shade. Green and black belts can come through clothes and become notable for prying eyes. Also such products do not wear directly under the dress. It is better to wear a pulling belt under the body, and only then put on ordinary clothes.

Be beautiful, and lose weight with the mind!

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