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Clothes icons – decoding of conditional designations


What denotes clothes on clothes. Decrypt icons when washing and drying products. What to pay attention to the ironing? How to deal with icons during dry cleaning? Tips for washing

Not every hostess knows that there is a conditional designation – badges that are present on clothing labels. Many prefer them simply ignore. And very vain. After all, the testimony for washing and the iron, cotton, silk or tissues with synthetic fibers can be the most different. 

Clothes icons - decoding of conditional designationsAfter all, I do not want to spoil the thing about ignorance? Put a new and expensive dress in a washing machine, and get the clothes on a five-year-old girl from there?

Or find out that a bright red T-shirt for 99 rubles has become a fader-pink, polishing on things that are ten-twenty times more expensive?

What to talk about melted blouses, burned holes and so on. Therefore, let’s slowly find out what I mean icons pictogram on clothes to extend the service life of your favorite things. 

What do conditional badges mean on our clothes?

In addition to the composition of the fabric in the percentage ratio of the pictograms, denote information regarding the following modes: 

  • washing;
  • whitening;
  • ironing; 
  • exchanging;
  • drying;
  • Chemical cleaning. 

Marking, denoting the temperature and conditions of washing, even with the same composition of the tissue, can differ significantly from things of different brands. Therefore, even if you are sure that a thing can, without harm, to withstand washing at a temperature of 60 °, and the label costs 30 °, it means that the manufacturer’s recommendations should be followed. After all, he is about the properties of the fabric and paint, in which it is painted knows a little more than us. 

Whatever it was, and the recommendations are located right in the icon on the labels, each of which denotes what applies to. If they touch the washing, then the icon is a bath, ironing is indicated by the image of the iron, the bleaching procedure is a triangle, drying is hiding per square, and dry cleaning indicates a circle. 

If the image is crossed out by two lines, it means that it is forbidden to apply it to this thing. One line indicates that relaxing mode. Delicate care is marked with a double line. 

Icons-pictograms for washing on clothes

Degree washing inscribed directly to the icon. It is not recommended to exceed it, to avoid damage. The highest degree is 95 °, it indicates that this product is allowed to be washed with boiling at 95 ° C. This temperature is recommended for flax and white cotton things. 

But some manufacturers seek to confuse us even more, and instead of numbers fit.

Decoding points Next: 

  • Three points indicate that the limiting temperature for the product is 60 °;
  • Two points are hidden by 40 °, such a temperature applies to things from light synthetics with unstable color; 
  • One point corresponds to the temperature regime of 30 °, it is installed for woolen things. 

This is what concerns machine washing. If the product is intended only for manual washing, then on the label you will find an image of a hand. Value pictogram «crossed hand» – This product can not be washed. It is intended for dry or chemical cleaning. 

Decryption of drying icons on clothes

Clothes icons - decoding of conditional designationsDesignations for drying things apply the same principle as when washing, only the basis of the pictogram is a square. He denotes that drying is allowed.

If the square is crossed out, it follows that it is not recommended to dry a thing in a washing machine. The circle inscribed in the square means that in addition to drying in the typewriter and squeezing. If the pictogram is crossed out, it means that it is impossible to dry up this clothes in a typewriter. 

If the circle shown in the square is additionally inscribed, then they mean the recommended temperature. One point – drying is allowed at minimum temperatures. Two points – permitted drying at an average temperature, three – with high. 

Decoding icons-pictograms on clothes labels when ironing

As already mentioned, ironing is indicated by an iron icon. 

Iron enclosed in a circle – recommends when ironing use temperatures up to 140 °. The iron with one point denotes that a temperature of 100 ° is allowed for this product, used for products from synthetic materials. At the same time, if you state the product consisting of 100% of wool, then it is worth putting a moose for water moistened with water. Two points – 150 °, three – 200 °.

The latter is used for ironing linen and cotton products, which at the same time it is recommended to moisturize. Some products, such as sewn out of suede or velvet, is forbidden to disappear, it will indicate the iron icon with the ferry crossed under it. 

The value of icons-pictograms on clothes labels during drying

Dry cleaning, which is depicted in the circle icon, is not allowed for all things. Just like bleaching that is marked with a triangle. If the circle or triangle is crossed out, then these steps for the product are prohibited. An empty circle allows dry-cleaner only dry substances, which can only be done in dry cleaning conditions. 

Circle with title «BUT» Allows dry cleaning with any reagent. At the same time it is recommended to act extremely neat. A capital letter «R» means that it is allowed to use standard cleaners – chloroethylene, monofluorichloromethane or hydrocarbon. The circle with the symbol of F recommends dry cleaning or washing only with White alcohol. 

Recommendations effective washing

  • Clothes icons - decoding of conditional designationsNew clothes before washing it is worth soaring for several hours. The temperature should be not higher than that indicated on the label;
  • When washing manually, make sure that the detergent granules were dissolved, and after putting clothes there;
  • You can give freshness and whiteness with lightweight with boiling. Do not forget to scatter things in color scheme; 
  • Surely in each house there are sodes and lemons from which you can squeeze lemon juice. With these funds you can save white things from the effect of yellowness. They are used with manual washing. 

Nothing complicated? Use our recommendations, remember what you mean care icons for your clothing, and you will never have a disappointment from spoiled with a washing machine, dry cleaning or iron things!

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