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Learning to weave bracelets from colored ribbons


The weaving of multi-colored bracelets (Fenushek, as they said during the Hippie times) again enters the fashion. We offer you a few simple ways, how to weave bracelets from ribbons

Man-made bracelets from silk ribbons have long been enjoyed in high interest among representatives of different subcultures. For example, they were actively done and wore hippies, for which such bracelets even performed the role of wedding rings. Depending on the color of the collapsed tapes, these people could learn about the life position of their fellow.

Learning to weave bracelets from colored ribbonsFuenches, woven from a large number of ribbons of different colors, symbolized the unity of different social groups and status, while white-red bracelets meant readiness for relations without commitment.

The current generation renovates all the tricks of weaving tape bracelets with their own hands, understanding how simple, fascinating and interesting occupation, bringing not just pleasure, but also material benefits.

The simplest technique

To begin with, it will be enough to purchase two ribbons of the desired color and length. By the way, the latter should be at least a meter. Regarding the color of the consumable material, we can say the following: Choose contrasting shades that will give bright and catchy combinations, and provide ease of weaving.

Further, colored ribbon bracelets are wearing with their own hands on the following elementary scheme:

  • Learning to weave bracelets from colored ribbonsPut the silk stripes to each other;
  • As close as possible to their ends, tie a nodule ending with a looping;
  • The tapes will become the body of the future decoration, and therefore each of them also need to do a loop at least 10 cm in a circle;
  • Free ribbon is in the loop, the latter is delayed, and everything repeats again;
  • Such weaving must be continued until the fuzheka reaches the required length.

Please note that the bracelet is unacceptably tightened to the wrist, as well as hang out on it.

Subtleties of ribbon needlework

Before weave bracelets from ribbons for the first time in life, it still makes sense to familiarize himself with hidden colors. To get an accessory with a secret meaning expressing your mental state or attitude to peace, learn the part of the Hippie culture history, which tells about their homemade decorations, and the degrees of their significance.

Learning to weave bracelets from colored ribbonsIt should be remembered, you do not need to tighten the loops too much, fearing that Benchka will spread or loses the form. Freely fixed ribbons themselves will take the necessary abishes and make decorations neat and attractive. Do not be discouraged if the first handwriter does not please the excellent appearance or high-quality equipment. Despite all the flaws, it will definitely be the most beloved, and will never be in the garbage bucket.

For beginners, it is difficult to immediately learn to weave ribbon bracelets, and therefore they can be recommended to help themselves with several pins. They will prevent the loop stretching, and make their size identical.

Weaving on the pins: detailed description of the technique

Before making such a bracelet, from all available ribbons, select two as easy as possible, approximately 0.6 mm width. The length of each must be greater than the meter, and the coloring is the brightest and diverse. Silk strips are necessary so bend so that the tips could remain 15 cm of stock for the future node fixing the decoration on the wrist.

Then you need to do the following:

  • Ribbons are located on each other, and fastened with pins;
  • The upper strip begins through the bottom, thereby forming a kind of looping;
  • Through the loop, the free ribbon is passed;
  • Manipulations continue up to obtain the bracelet of the required length.

Weaving options for beginners

Learning to weave bracelets from colored ribbonsTo begin with, try to make a simple bauble with decoration.

For her you will need:

  • Tape itself with sewn edges – 0.9 m;
  • Button, suspension or other decorative element.

The whole process is as follows:

  • Ribbon Clean Through the button of buttons or suspension so that the decor marks it the middle;
  • Tie a dense nodule that will fix the decorative element;
  • Watch your wrist ribbon until you make sure that the decoration reaches the desired length;
  • Mark the place of the second nodule, which will hold the accessory on hand;
  • In the marked place, make another node;
  • The last nodule knits with such a calculation so that a button or suspension can pass between it and the second node.

If this option seems too wisdom, then weaving from ribbons can be turned in its favor, creating bracelets for beginners from one silk strip of meter length, and an accessory with a separate existing clasp.

For example, an openwork metal flower is tied to one end of the ribbon, and its skeleton performing the role of the retainer.

Having mastered this method, you can start trying to weave ribbon decorations with beads or glassware on this technique:

  • Silk strips are burned at the ends, so that it was convenient to be trained in the narrow holes of the bead;
  • Then they are boujins themselves, each of which both sides are fixed by nodules;
  • The decor is located on a ribbon in a strict or random order until a product is obtained;
  • The edges of the bracelet are tied in a neat bow.

These are just the simplest and most affordable techniques that will help beginner masters to get used in «tape» business, and enter the taste, so to speak.

In fact, weaving options There are a great set, and all of them are amenable to implement, if you have patience, perfection and accuracy.

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