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How can you connect a stylish poncho with knitting and crochet?


You can tie poncho with knitting needles if you can already be able to have some experience of knitting, have a necessary tool and yarn. But newcomers can try to fulfill the simplest model

The first who came up with this element of the clothes were the Indians – it was they who appreciated the convenience of wearing capes, not a migratory movement and allowing to warm in the cold. Modern poncho protrude an excellent alternative to familiar jackets and pullover. They can be worn both women and small girls, with any complexion. Tie poncho It is not difficult to connect, the main thing is to enlist patience, suitable yarn, knitting or crochet.

How to tie poncho with your own hands

Before you start work, you need to decide on the model and the size of the future cape. With the size, as a rule, there is no problems, and the finished cape can try on as a woman 44 sizes and the one that wears the 50th. Length can be varied along the knitting, and yarn and its color to choose based on individual preferences.

Stages of work:

  • How can I associate a stylish poncho with knitting and crochet?It does not matter whether you want to tie a poncho knit for a girl or dream of an original cape yourself, you need to carry out a mating single web, moving in the direction from top to bottom. When creating both mating, work on circular spokes – this will significantly simplify the process and will allow you to distribute a greater number of loops of the base for poncho;
  • You can separately connect before and back, and then sew them into a single canvas or impose many small squares, circles or billets of any other shape with the same pattern and also sew them with each other suitable in color threads;
  • Now take the needle with the last end-made ear in the right hand, and in the left needle with the initial loop. Start working with that loop that was performed first, slightly pulling the thread, preventing the formation of the hole. Move to the marking ring with which you end the mating of the first circle;
  • Move the ring on the right spoke and start tissue the following circle. If you need to tie with poncho with ducts for women, you need to dial the number of loops on them by adding one additional. After removing it on the adjacent needle, continue to ride the required number of eaves from the thread already on the rest. In this case, this tool to work should be placed so that a triangle formed. Typing the last loop, lay the marking ring;
  • free needle make the first loop, slightly pulling the thread. As soon as one circle is cluttered, the ring should be moved.

Assembling poncho

How can I associate a stylish poncho with knitting and crochet?Tie poncho – this is another floor of the case. It is necessary to collect it, following the attached instructions. If you enjoyed thick or textured yarn in your work, you need to sew the blanks with a thin thread, which is ideal for color.

If you have imposed a lot of small details, then use the thread left after the initial row of one of the workpieces. I have traveled it in the Ishko Cottage Needle, position the workpieces face up. Skip the needle through the extreme loop of the second detail from the bottom up.

Now it is necessary to describe the thread «Eight» And again skip her through the extreme loop of the first part.

The canvas need to be slightly pulled to connect the edges. Poncho models can be the most different, but only you can make a thing unique, decorating it with fringe, brushes or pompons. At the festive version, rhinestones, beads and sequins will be guessed.

How to tie the original poncho crochet

The original poncho grid can be associated. It will take 300 g of yarn, knitting needles No. 6 or 5 and hook number 5.

One of the crochet poncho knitting schemes:

  • first need to tie collar. And for this we need the needles. Gaining 83 L. NS., Tie 4 rows of stroke on face, and after a rubber band, moving 1/1. After having completed 6 centimeters of elastic bands to get down to the reduction on both sides of 2 ears from the thread. In each individual row 4 times, ranging from 17 medium loops. It is necessary to produce one double broach with a central edge and on the front side. On the wrong side you need to produce one double barrel with a central edge in;
  • How can I associate a stylish poncho with knitting and crochet?Cape knits with a mesh pattern: enter the hook at the seam level and produce 1 b / n column, * 6 in. ears from the thread, not taking into account 2 of them. Run one b / n column, in the subsequent loop, repeat from * to * 27 times. Third B. NS., 1 column with / n first column. 6th n. row;
  • To fulfill the second row 1 column 6 / N in the loop, fasten a column with an attachment * 6 in. NS., 1 column 6 / N in a subsequent arch *, repeat, from * to * 27 times, three in. NS., 1 column of C / H in the initial loop of the row;
  • To fulfill the third and fourth rows 1 Stage 6 / N in the loop fasten the st. s / n, * seventh in. Loeting, 1 column 6 / N in a subsequent arch *. repeat from * to * 27 times. 4 B. NS. Further, as in the previous paragraph;
  • To fulfill the rows from the 5th to the 8th 1 Stage 6 / N in the loop, fasten the last row. * 8 B. eats from thread, 1 column 6 / N in the next arch *. repeat from * to * 27 times. 4 B. loops, 1 column C / 2N in the first loop of the row;
  • To perform next to the 9th to the 13th 1 column 6 / N in the loop, fasten the C / 2N Stage, * 9 V. loops, 1 st. 6 / N in the subsequent arch *, repeat, from * to * 27 times, 5 V. NS. Further, as in the previous paragraph;
  • The remaining three rows do this: 1 st. 6 / N in the loop fasten the last row, * 10 V. loops. Further, as in the previous paragraph. C / know first n. row (just 47 cm); tear and secure thread.

Now it remains to collect poncho and attach to the fringe. If you do not know how to connect the baby poncho crochet, you can take this scheme for weapons, simply by reducing the size.You can perform various crochet patterns – it all depends on your imagination and skills.

If you are not new in this case – you will succeed, and those who decided to take the knitting needles or hook for the first time, you should not be afraid: with proper patience and perseverance you can achieve amazing results and knit for the joy of yourself and your loved ones.

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