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How to tie a vest for a boy?


Vest – a universal wardrobe subject that is suitable for almost any clothes. The vest for the boy knitted with the knitting needles is beautiful and very easy

Vest – a universal item of a small gentleman’s wardrobe. It allows you to successfully complement not only everyday, but also festive outfits. Knitted vests are perfectly combined with clothing in classic and sports style. At the same time, strict skinless can be worn with turtleneel, trousers, jeans and t-shirts. How can you connect the vest knitter for the boy yourself? It is about this that will be discussed in this article.

Knitting sleeveless needles

Even beginner needlewoman can make a vest for a boy knitted. The main thing is to be patient and strictly follow the knitting scheme. To independently tie a vest for the boy with the knitting needles, you need to purchase two sets of spokes with different thickness No. 3 and No. 4 or No. 5 and No. 6.

Smaller spokes are suitable for knitting rubber, and more – for the main web:

  1. How to tie a vest for a boy?First of all, you need to accurately remove the measurements from the kid for which you need to tie a skinless.
    To do this, it is necessary to make the thighs, as well as the waist and chest;
  2. The obtained values ​​should be divided into 2, so we will learn the width of the future product;
  3. For these parameters, it is necessary to determine the amount of acclaimed loops;
  4. To do this, it is enough to soar a pigtail up to 10-12 cm long;
  5. Now you need to accurately measure the resulting elastic length. This will calculate the amount of looping per 1 cm. For example, 1 cm sample contains 4 loops. In this case, the width of the future sleeveless should be equal to 30 cm. To do this, multiply 30 by 4 and get the total number of loops that will have to dial;
  6. Usually, the resulting result is added a couple more looplines, which are needed to build all parts on the seam;
  7. The required number of Nakudov is made on 2 folded spokes. Then one of them pulls out and the knitting of gum begins;
  8. At the same time, it should be alternately knit 2 outcomes and 2 facial loops;
  9. It is desirable that the height of the kayma amounted to about 8-10 cm;
  10. In accordance with the length of the workpiece, the shelf rushes. Its size can be easily determined by making measurements for the baby;
  11. In addition, it is necessary to determine the distance from the arm of the hands to the hips and from the shoulder to the armor;
  12. Based on the results obtained, the rear shelf is assembled;
  13. Close the loop uniformly on each side of 1-2 pieces. in a row;
  14. Then you need to knit the workpiece in accordance with the resulting sizes to the shoulders;
  15. After that, close a number again. Now the first shelf is ready;
  16. The front of the product is assembled in the same way. The difficulty will consist only in knitting the neck;
  17. How to tie a vest for a boy?For boys, who turned only a year, she should not be too deep. Therefore, S
    The form should be decided even before work;
  18. A beginner needlewoman is much easier to make a V-shaped neck. At the same time, it is necessary to closely monitor not to skip the desired place for cutting cutting;
  19. At the final stage, the front and rear parts of the workpiece are connected. Usually they are simply stitched together;
  20. To complete the work be sure to handle cutout and arm. To do this, a knitted gum is sewn to them, the assembly process of which was described above.

The scheme presented in the figure will allow you to easily understand the sequence of knitting processes. In this way, you can make a vest for a breast-boy with knitting needles for 1 year and more. The main thing is to correctly remove the measurements from the kid and strictly follow the stages of work.

Knitting sleeveless crochet

The schematic process of knitting the pattern is shown in the figure: it is good because it is not too large holes in the sleeve, and the canvas itself turns out quite soft and pleasant to the body. The vest for a small boy knitted by crocheted in this way is much better than made using simple mating from Nakudov and Stakes.

In this case, the whole process can be divided into such steps:

  • Assembly backrest and transfer;
  • Having a gum;
  • Connection of parts.

Backboard assembly:

  • How to tie a vest for a boy?First of all, you need to evan the pigtail made of air hopes, in our case it will take 85 pieces.,
    After that, knit the main pattern in 54 rows;
  • To form armies for hands, in front rows it is necessary to subscribe to 4 loops 2 times, and then 2 more loops twice;
  • According to the received posts, check the connecting columns;
  • As a result, you will have 61 loops. After that, insert another 44 rows of the canvas;
  • Then, to form a neck, leave 25 hinge in the middle;
  • Then reduce 4 and 6 loops in front rows on each side;
  • Ultimately, on the shoulders will remain 10 loops.

Assembly transfer:

  • Similar to knitting the backs collect the front part to the arm;
  • Through 6 rows before the final formation of the Proucy, begin to knit cutout;
  • To make a V-shaped neck, from the central loop on both sides, begin to reduce the amount of looping on 1, but only from the front side;
  • After crossing the crochet on each shoulder there should be 10 kettles, like on the back of the workpiece.

Connection of parts:

  • How to tie a vest for a boy?Shoulders are harvested with connecting columns, and then side seams;
  • Then you need to tie a gum on the bottom of the product. To do this, check 6-7 rows of crochet;
  • Next, in the same way, impose cutout and armies, but the number of rows reduce to 3;
  • Ultimately, you will get such a wonderful helpet.

Purifiedly related things are good because they can be made practically any colors. It all depends only on the aesthetic preferences of the author and its fantasy. The main thing is that you have a unique product made with love. The vest to the boy knitted with a detailed description can even make a beginner needlewoman.

This does not require any specific skills and skills.

In addition, it is already ready to need to be complemented by some interesting knitted items, which will make the baby in your dress just irresistible.

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