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How to shoot measurements for tailoring dresses?


If you want to sew a dress yourself or a child yourself, you will definitely have to master the science of reliating measurement. How to remove measurements with dresses, will tell our article

Sewing dresses – the process is very laborious and difficult. And before proceeding to the direct process of manufacturing the dress, it is necessary to accurately remove all the necessary measurements, taking into account the characteristics of the model. To the dress sitting on a person well, in the process of determining the parameters, you need to follow certain rules. Only in this case the sedentary product will look at a man well.

Rules of removal measure

How to remove measurements for dresses?

First of all, you should listen to the general recommendations of experienced specialists who will help you with minimal errors to do all the necessary measurements:

  • How to shoot measurements for sewing dresses?Absolutely all measurements are made using a centimeter tape. In this case, it should not be strongly delayed on the model or weaken;
  • Man from which Remove Mereks, obliged to stand exactly and not sludge, while the heels must be together, and socks – apart;
  • All the necessary measurements are made only in linen, because extra seals will give too large errors;
  • Paired parameters are determined exclusively on the right side;
  • Permissible errors in the measurement may not exceed 0.5 cm.

Measks for creating patterns

Consider the foundations explaining how to shoot the measurements for the pattern of the dress. Before proceeding to the measurement, make the model of an inelastic thread on the waist in such a way that it is placed only horizontally. In this case, the line on the waist will be reference, because with it most of future measurements are connected.

To create a pattern, it is necessary to carry out such measurements:

  • How to shoot measurements for sewing dresses?Growth. Measurement comes from the highest point on the head to the floor;
  • Pog (1). If it is necessary, the semi-coupling of the chest, the measuring tape should run at the level of the armpits and above the breast;
  • Pog (2). The measurements are made in the same way as in the previous version, but only in front of the measuring tape must pass through outstanding points on the chest glands;
  • SWEAT. When measuring the waist, the measuring tape is placed extremely horizontally;
  • Pok. In the process of measurements, the tape passes through the buttocks, and in the front part – through all abdominal bulges. The thigh semi-cup obtained will give;
  • SG. When measuring breast width, the ribbon is located above the base of the chest to the axillary depression;
  • DSDT. The distance from the shoulder to the waist measured from behind, determines directly the length of the back;
  • DPDT. The distance from the shoulder of the waist in front indicates the length of the transfer. It is measured in taking into account the relief at the chest level;
  • SS. The distance between the armpits during the commercial measurement determines the width of the back;
  • SG. The measurement is done in the same way as at SC, only in front. So you can find the width of the chest;
  • Vg. The distance measured from the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder, to the breast bulge determines the height of the chest;
  • GP. The distance from the upper edge of the armpits to the point of intersection of the neck and shoulder shows the depth of the arm;
  • Dr. On the outer surface of the hand, from the shoulder to the required length, determine the future length of the sleeves;
  • DI. Starting from the 7th vertebra on the neck you need Measure length Future Dresses.

What basic standards take off when they want to kill a sewing dress, You already know, however, it should be borne in mind that in most cases, when measuring breasts, hips, neck and waist take up the basis ? obtained, t.E. semi-cup. These parameters are much easier to operate when it comes to building patterns.


How to correctly shoot measurements for sewing dresses? This question is asked by many novice seamstresses, since not only the future type of product depends on the accuracy of measurements, but also whether the dress will sit on the figure.

That is why when building a pattern-Basics, need to follow these rules:

  • How to shoot measurements for sewing dresses?So that the patterns were built correctly, make measurements in the same bra. After all, the laundry change changes not only the amount of the chest, but also the height of the breast. Comply with this rule is an extraordinary important when sewn products with appropriate sweeps at the chest level;
  • It is desirable that during measurements a person keeps the right posture, otherwise the results will be distorted;
  • The model should not draw the stomach in the measurement process, because then the sewn outfit will be close and inconvenient.

All recommended recommendations Need to know and take into account, because it will only be so possible to sew the outfit, a suitable person in size.

Measurements for sewing baby dresses

How to remove measurements with baby for dresses. First of all, you will have to armared by the well-overtaking braid and the measuring tape, which during the measurements should be quite tightly clasped separate parts of the child. If the kid for which you need to sew the outfit is too small and it is difficult to measure it, just use it. So you can calmly shoot the measurements without much distortion of the results.

And yet, you should read more in detail how to properly remove the necessary measurements for the child’s dress:

  • How to shoot measurements for sewing dresses?The kid should stand exactly, shifting his legs together;
  • For greater amenities, assimilate the waist of the child with a flaky braid;
  • It is desirable that on the girl there was only underwear, otherwise errors in measurements exceed the permissible value;
  • Make measurements: Pog, Cope, Pot, SC, SG, VG, GP, DR, DI, DSDT and DPDT, as described above.

Measurement model – not easy and responsible occupation. From how exactly you will define all the necessary parameters, in the future will depend on how well the dress will sit on the figure of a person. Therefore, it should not take the measurements from the model without hurry, because if the centimeter tape is measured too stretched or weakened, the structured patterns and patterns will be inaccurate.

In addition, not to get confused in the results of the measurements carried out, try all the values ​​to immediately contribute to the table, only so you will be able to correctly transfer all the results on the pattern and build the pattern of the desired size. Beautiful you like styles and luxury dresses!

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