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Surprising guests


The wedding can be both a bright memorable event and a vulgar collection of suede traditions. How to surprise guests, leaving only pleasant memories?

Today it is quite difficult to surprise guests invited to the marriage procedure, something like salute or a chic restaurant. But the desire to kill and force all those present for a long time to remember the holiday does not cease to torment the head of young people and their parents. Today we will try to file a few fresh ideas about how and what to surprise guests at the wedding.

Photo booth

Surprising guestsRemember how once you passed through the city park, and saw special photobuds offering to make an instant photo? So, today it is possible to take a similar device for rent, supplement it entertaining and funny attributes in the form of wigs, glasses, mustache and costumes, after which give all the invited chance to their own cheerful photoset.

These most you do not just raise the mood to your guests, but also get an original photo report about how your wedding passed.

Such an idea can be made even more interesting and memorable if you place an order for the manufacture of wedding photo album in advance. In the process of the feast, it is allowed in a circle, and every guest fits their wish concerning newlyweds. There are also instant pictures from the photophob, which is successfully able to replace the usual Polaroid.

Hawaiian themes: what to surprise?

Thematic weddings are a familiar business: it is enough to impose guests in advance about the need to come in specific costumes, order the appropriate music, menu and decoration of the hall. Planting and sultry Hawaiian parties are particularly popular, especially when celebrating the wedding fall in the summer, and there is no desire to sweat in a suit or a multi-layer dress. But what can I surprise guests, In addition to typical flower wreaths or exotic cocktails?

Order Carving, which is able to diversify and decorate a festive party desk, conceived in sea, flower or other style. Real masters are able to prepare fruit and vegetable dishes in the form of peacocks, butterflies, tropical animals and other. And this design of the feast makes it possible to save the bored vases with quickly fading colors.

Gorki, fountains and other sizes

Continuing the topic of something to surprise guests, It is impossible not to remember the possibility to roll «Pir Mountain», then you mean, order a mountain from champagne glasses. Yes, smacks something familiar, but such a chic will definitely remember all those present. It grips only one thing: it is worth it that is not suiced, and the spectacle lasts only a few seconds.

If there is no desire to repeat the experience of each third wedding, try to order a chocolate fountain. Real Sweets will appreciate his presence, and will not be able to move away from him. For a consistent effect, put the fruit and cheese cut next to the fountain, so that there is an opportunity to do improvised fondue.

Another idea is the arrangement of Kendy Bara, which you dreamed of in distant childhood. A similar sweet corner can be decorated in any style, the main thing is that every present can gain so many slough of all taste shades and masters, how much he needs to fully satisfy.

Love story in the new interpretation

Surprising guestsIt is likely that most of the invited even strangers with the history of your joint acquaintance and life before the wedding. Standardly, Tamada stars witnesses to tell guests about where and under what circumstances the first date happened, how events developed, and what difficulties were overcome.

And you are very lucky if the narrator does everything in humor-style or force all those present to break away from the envy and tiering history.

But there is another, much more sensual and heartfelt option: Invite a person who perfectly owns sandsography. It is he who can fascinating and touchingly drawing the history of your dating in the sand, and all this miracle will be broadcast on a large monitor and accompanied by the corresponding musical composition.

Follow the colors and presents

Wedding cakes and other attributes gradually makes up itself, and you have to seek new options for how to surprise the invited. In fact, the problem can be solved surprisingly easy: Prepare for guests exclusive mini-presents in the form of commemorative magnetics, keyfobs and other things.

At the same time, you can organize an improvised floral station, applying to which everyone wishing will be able to decorate yourself with a floral boutonniere or miniature roses bracelet.

So that your wedding did not turn into a series of standard toasts and congratulations, order a cocktail show. An experienced bartender will prepare all the individual variant of the alcoholic beverage, given the taste of human preferences.

Tips finally

Finishing such a wide topic, I want to emphasize the attention of the marriage on the following:

  • Surprising guestsDo not try to embody everything and immediately, put the Irish pudding and sushi, carved watermelon and chocolate fountain. Otherwise, you can simply turn the day in a series of circus ideas and demonstrating your material wealth;
  • On some tables there should always be a light snack and drinks for those who do not want to constantly run from the table to the dance floor and back;
  • Take care of the province for those who are going to with you in a wedding trip at commemorative places;
  • Be careful to trifles, because it is from them and will depend on the overall impression of the holiday. Carefully think about the guest circuit and eliminate the unpleasant neighborhood.

Do not forget that the success of the entire event depends largely on the experience and mood of the lead. Therefore, it is recommended to study all applicants in advance and choose the most worthy.

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