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How to independently sew a summer female jumpsuit without pattern?


Sew overalls without pattern – is it possible? It turns out yes. We just need to take advantage of our advice, and you will definitely work out

Few of the modern fashionistan knows that the summer overalls beloved happened from men’s work clothes. Prederpev significant metamorphosis and temporary tests, this item of the wardrobe has become a pet for a modern woman, appreciating comfort, convenience and a sense of style. Depending on the model, the jumpsuit can be appropriate on a business meeting, beach party, a romantic date and just on a city walk.

How to independently sew a summer female jumpsuit without pattern?I am glad and the fact that the patterns of such a robe can be completely different, and with their help you can make a jumpsuit with a narrowed or, on the contrary, deliberately wide pants, with shorts, top or t-shirt in the role of the top, with straps, on elastic bands and so on. Whatever the option is selected, it sews quickly and without any particular problems, according to a single pattern, in which the required changes and additions are made.

Before you sew a jumpsuit with your own hands, go back easy, but not transparent cloth of the desired color. You will need somewhere 1.5 meters atlas, satin, silk, flax or cotton. Do not forget about threads in tone, bugs, decorative rubber bands and wide elastic bands and waist.

The final set of consumables is completely depends on which model of the product is selected, which will serve as a decorative finish, and what parameters the person has it to be updated.

Building a baseline pattern

Prepare to the fact that it is decided to solve the question of how to sew a summer female jumpsuit, will not work without a pattern made by its own hands. Fortunately, it will have to create it not from scratch, but using already ready-made drawings, according to which details of dresses and narrow trousers are reproduced. From the dress, we will need the pattern of the back and transfer, and from the trousers – absolutely all measurements.

With all these developments, it is necessary to do as follows:

  • How to independently sew a summer female jumpsuit without pattern?Lines of sedalence seam and deepening need to be increased by a couple of centimeters, which will do
    Subsequent sock is more comfortable;
  • The value of the step width of the rear and the front half will also add 0.7-1 cm;
  • Folded together the pattern of the back of the dress and rear half of the pantian, seeking a single pattern of a combination with a clearly designated waistline;
  • The outlines of the future update must be supplemented with auxiliary strips of lateral sections;
  • Folders do not provide, because this guide relates to a solution to the problem of how to sew any female jumpsuit with direct silhouette.

Semi-overalls with straps

Using the basic pattern, you can create a layout of another thing, namely the lung semi-overalls with pants, length to the middle of the ICR.

It is done like this:

  • How to independently sew a summer female jumpsuit without pattern?The height of the seating is deepened by a pair of centimeters, and the width of the rear and front half steps increases by 0.5-1 cm;
  • Strip of oguzhki or fold shifts towards stepper sections. The value of the offset is half the added width of the step of both half of the trousers;
  • From the newly formed fold, the elected width of Niza Trouchin is measured. The latter is divided by 4, and then from the value acceptable to the first half, take 1 cm, and to the value that is relevant for the rear halves, on the contrary, add all the same 1 cm;
  • The new step-down slice is drawn up for a changed front half-grade;
  • The side slice is adjusted on the rear halves of the trousers, excavations on the knee lines are transferred;
  • A new step slit is drawn up for a changed rear half of the semi-commitment;
  • The waist line draws on the facade of the trousers, under it, at a distance of 3.5 cm, another strip is carried out. It will serve as a place to connect the transfer of things and the front half of the shortened pant. The upper line remains simulating a seam or a real seam (optional);
  • The cuts of pockets are drawn (if necessary);
  • The back of the middle cut is aligned;
  • Draws the upper part of the thing, which is the top of the dress patterns;
  • Punches are made on clasp and accessories, drawn straps, the width of which should not be more than 3 cm, and the length is more than 55 cm.

Cutting and tailoring

Go to how it is better to cut out and sew a summer overalls for a woman or a girl. Patterns fold out on a piece of fabric, taking into account the location of equity threads. In all edges, centimeter allowances are made on the seams, and the shorts or bottom of the trousers increase by two centimeters, for the pent.

The general algorithm of how to sew overalls with their own hands, whether he is at the bottom of the shorts, full or shortened trousers, looks like this:

  • How to independently sew a summer female jumpsuit without pattern?The edges of all individual components are processed using overlock;
  • Face to face folds both facial parts. The seating line is initially stepping, and only then it is stitched to. Similar actions are made with the rear parts of the trousers, after which everything is stroking;
  • Face to face there are already stitched front and rear part of the pantian, the sides are stepping and stitching, after them there is a turn of step-down sections;
  • The bottom short or trousers is fed, mocking and paste with a machine;
  • The top is estimated, stitched, strokes and decorated with Ryusha, stripes, buttons and other elements. Processed straps are sewd to it (if the model implies their presence);
  • The bottom is stepping with the ride of the pantian, the clothes are collected and the clothes turns on the face. Finishing line is made by 0.5 cm below the main, and a narrow or wide elastic band is used between them.

What to wear?

How to independently sew a summer female jumpsuit without pattern?As soon as the female jumpsuit will be ready, time comes to think with what can be combined with. With short models, everything is very simple: they are a self-sufficient thing, beautiful without any additions. But the maximum length of the product should be combined with a wide strap, cervical handkerchief, jacket and classic boats. On the event of an informal format, you can wear a combat with long brothers in the company with ankle broth, massive neck ornament and a bright strap of any color.

Business version of the shortened overalls or school model for a girl is appropriate to beat with blouses, jacket, dense tights and shoes on the platform (resistant heel).

Otherwise, the jumpsuit is a universal object of the wardrobe, appropriate in any life situation, and loyalty literally to all other clothes. Be sure to get such a thing, and not only its summer, but also a warm version.

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