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Fatina skirt: Create a fashionable detail of the wardrobe with your own hands!


Learning to sew a magnificent fate skirt with your own hands stages: collecting materials and tools, pattern, sewing process

Fatina skirt – Truly universal wardrobe subject for every woman. Perhaps you think – «Well, what I have this ballet pack?!». But in fact, this thing can really diversify your image and bring a highlight to it.

An indispensable detail of the female wardrobe

Fatina skirt: Create a fashionable detail of the wardrobe with your own hands!You can wear a skirt anywhere – on the city promenade, a picnic, a date, and even in the office, if it does not have a strict «Suit» dress-code. In it, you will always look feminine, air and romantic, as befits a real representative of a beautiful sex.

And if you have a daughter, you can make a real princess from it, groining a unique, unique, man-made clothes.

How to sew a fuel skirt? Contrary to visible «capriciousness» This material, you will not need special time costs and puzzles with cuts. Certain with this task can even amateur, the last experience of which began to tailor pillowcase in the school lessons at school.

So, if you have found a firm intention to make a lush skirt with your own hands, we will gladly tell you how best to sew her.

As we have already noticed, this item of the wardrobe is guaranteed to get you even if you are a faban in cutting and sewing. To sew a beautiful skirt, first of all, you need to choose the appropriate material. Because the thing will be original and «prominent» By itself, we recommend that you do not overdo it with the brightness of the selected shades.

Prefer black, white, gray, coffee, graphite tones. Then you can wear it anywhere and for anyone. However, this rule does not apply to children’s wardrobe.

Where to begin?

So, if you decide to sew a beautiful fate skirt with your own hands, you will have to think about our idea and prepare for the technical process of its execution.

To create a skirt with your own hands you will need:

Fatina skirt: Create a fashionable detail of the wardrobe with your own hands!Grand idea. How do you imagine a ready-made thing? Will it be a multi-layer skirt like a princess? Whether you want a long skirt to the floor, or very short, to wear on top of the losine? What colors will prevail in the product?

Will it be monophonic or multi-colored? What kind of pomp you are waiting for him? Would you like to sew a skirt with a lining or a conventional bundle? Answer all these questions, and even better, sketch an exemplary sketch, how do all the fashion designers and tailors do;

Qualitative material. Fortunately, a modern range offers a wide selection of fate. It happens different colors and rigidity, varies depending on the diameter of the mesh cells. May be transparent and weightless, dense and matte. Fatin may contain easy shimmer and blur in the light. Note that if your choice fell on thin fatin, the material will need more. You can also buy a knitted grid that excellently replaces the classic hard fatin;

Two rubber bands – dense and thin. The first will be located on the waist and will become a kind of support for your entire lush design. The length should be selected depending on the waist girth, taking about three centimeters from this value. As a second, thin gum, Spandex will fit. Can be used silicone or hat rubber bands.

You must have already armed with everyone listed and consider yourself completely ready for creativity. But do not forget about additional tools and materials.

During work, you will be guaranteed:

  • Fatina skirt: Create a fashionable detail of the wardrobe with your own hands!Ruler;
  • Santimeter tape (tailoring meter);
  • Pins (choose those that you are most convenient);
  • Paper, pencil and soap for cutting the future product;
  • Threads in the tone of the main fabric;
  • Tracing;
  • Scissors;
  • Sewing machine.

How to sew a lush fate? We will proceed to the technical part of the process!

Master class on creating a fatin skirt

First of all, before making a fashionable product, you will have to remove two measurements – girth of your own waist and the estimated length of the skirt. For example, if you want «midi», Measure the length of the waist to the knees.

Next you need to produce simple calculations:

  • To the estimated length of the thing add five centimeters;
  • Waist girth divide by 3.14, then multiply the resulting digit. This is the radius of your waist;
  • Summarize both obtained values. Remember this number and name it «BUT».

Fatina skirt: Create a fashionable detail of the wardrobe with your own hands!It is also worth paying attention to the width of the rubber band. It is desirable that she was tight enough, and normally kept on your waist, not rolling and not deformed in the process of active socks (for example, when you sit down). The optimal width of the supporting gum is five centimeters.

If the total value succeeded less than 27, you will need a cut of the material by parameters of about 6 x 1.7 m. If more – take fabrics with a margin, not less than 10-12 m.

If you happened to buy too hard fatin, and you are upset about this, do not be mistaken, for everything is fixable. A little soften the fabric will help washing, drying and ironing.

How to actually sew a skirt pack of fate? To do this, you, of course, need a pattern.

The order of work is:

  • Draw a double semicircle. The first semicircle should be equal to the radius of your waist, and the second – the length of the product;
  • Cut this template with scissors or stationery knife;
  • If value «BUT» In your case, it was less than or equal to 27, fold the fatin twice. If more – skip this step;
  • Now fold the material like a book, and then once again in order to get eight layers of fabric. Surely you already think about how difficult it is to sew a multi-layer fate skirt, but we are in a hurry to calm you – soon you will understand that it is for you on the shoulder;
  • Create cloth with pins at the base of the assembly, and then cut the blanks;
  • It turned out four circles with holes in the middle. Fold them in pairs and notify the edge of the hole in the center;
  • Now put the blanks on each other and fix the pins at four points on the waist: on the sides, rear and in front;
  • Two the tips of the rubber material and sew their brass, letting 2 cm;
  • Prepared fabric fasten the supporting gum in the inside and place a zigzag-like seam throughout the radius;
  • Send the cut of the fabric under the case in the form of a rectangle. Fold it in two and place the side edge. Sew the lower skirt can also be from the fate, the main thing is that the material does not lure and kept tightly;
  • Treat the note on the top edge, then tighten the thread so that the tubular cover tightly sat on your waist;
  • Connect the lower layer of fate with a kind of lining, and then cut down its lower part, so that it is not visible due to the hem;
  • Your man-made product is ready!

Fatina skirt: Create a fashionable detail of the wardrobe with your own hands!You learned how to sew a classic fatery skirt with a lining, however, if you decide to wear it on top of leggings, manipulation with a case can be omitted.

But how to sew a long fate? Act on the same principle, but be careful with the design length of the product. Remember the wedding (your or your girlfriends).

Surely you had to watch how the hem of dresses from a fate with a long-term sock flies. Therefore, we recommend that you give preference to moderate length so that the hem of the thing does not drag on the floor and did not cling to the shoe heels. It will be great to look like ankle skirt.

You can also diversify the product with accessories to your taste. For example, some love to decorate a belt of satin ribbons, decorate beads and decorate beads. Skirt itself can also be made even more attractive, chaotic reducing it with pearls.

You can use anything for your soul, right up to decorative feathers. Case for your fantasy! Be the most beautiful and fashionable!

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