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How to sew an American skirt


Even a beginner needlewoman will quickly understand how to sew an American skirt. Magnificent skirt with elegant ruffles and abundance of stripes-rush, for sure, will become a favorite object of wardrobe

An American skirt is a great addition to the wardrobe, which can be combined with narrow tops, turtlenecks and t-shirts. Knowing how to sew an American skirt, you can perform an original outfit for yourself or your little daughter.

Master class beginners how to sew an American skirt with her own hands

How to sew an American skirtTo sew a skirt an American girl, you do not need to possess special skills. The abundance of rocks and layers should not scare. It is better to decide in advance with the style, color of the fabric and the material itself. Of course, to properly process each layer, patience and time will need. But the result will exceed all the expectations! 

Makes it easier to task the lack of need to design the pattern or customize ready for the features of the figure. Everything that the Master MUST make is to calculate the length of the ruffle and measure the length of the product. 

It will take to create a lush skirt light gentle fabric. Woman can be able to choose from organze. But for the girl it is better to buy fatin. This fabric is essentially the hardening nylon grid, to break the incredibly difficult. Therefore, such a matter of wardrobe, made with your own hands, will last a long time. 

Top, which looks like a coquette on a rubber band, is performed from a dense atlas. Additionally, it can be decorated with a beautiful color of contrasting color. 

By the way about color. The appearance of the product largely depends on competently selected shades. A monophonic skirt looks great in conjunction with a bright riding. If it is decided to use several colors in creating an American, it is desirable to limit ourselves to 2-3 shades. 

How to prepare a pattern

American women’s design is quite simple. It will take 3 wide ruffles, to the bottom of which Ryushi sews: 

  • To correctly calculate the necessary width of the lifts, you should measure the length of the future product from the waist; 
  • From the resulting value take 8 cm, the length of the coquette. Next, it is necessary to take another 3.5 cm, as this is the width of the products used. The resulting residue is usually divided by half. However, the skirt will look much more attractive if layers in the form of tiers. Therefore, the bottom layer is better to make 2-3 cm longer; 
  • To create a coquette, you need to draw a 122 cm long rectangle and a width of 20 cm. When the tissue is dropped, add 0.5 cm to fold and 1 cm for seams; 
  • How to sew an American skirtThe strip of the upper tier for a fairly lush skirt must be about 7 meters long. For the lower tier, the length should be about 1.5-2 times more. Length looked at 1.5-2 times more burock size; 
  • To cutting the strips is accurately, it is recommended to perform hard rectangles from cardboard with a length of no more than half a meter and the required width. Applying the billet to the fabric, you can cut the strips smoothly. For cutting Ryusha, you need to use a rectangle in a width of 7 cm. 

Prepare strips, you should smash them in the form of rollers. Now you can sew an American skirt with your own hands. 

How to collect layers and ruffles

Of course, this master class is designed for beginners. Having gained experience, it will be possible to sew an American on the hard belt.

While the main task is to learn how to collect layers:

  • Detail of satin coquette flashes by short side. It is necessary to leave a small plot free to subsequently turn into it a gum; 
  • The resulting ring bend in half and thoroughly smoothed; 
  • Separate parts of each ruffle are stitched by gentle sides. There should be a very long strip; 
  • Crumble switches to the length of the coquette. Better every ruffle to dwell separately, in this case, the American skirt, stitched for the girl, will be greater; 
  • The gamblers are estimated by the upper parts and sew to the bottom of the coquette; 
  • How to sew an American skirtIn the same way, they are stitched into a single piece of Ryush. Guarding Ryushi, they are laid to the lower edges of the ruffle. You can use several layers of Ryush; 
  • In the coquetka, invested with a wide gum and manually flash outdoor plot;
  • From the remaining atlas or the material of the contrast colors Mastery of a beautiful bow, which is sewn to the coquette. 

As you can see to sew an American quite easy. Do not fear to use so large volumes of fabrics.

The lifestyle looks like a skirt, the better it looks. Knowing how to sew an American skirt itself, you can significantly diversify your wardrobe, preparing beautiful ensembles for summer and even for a party.

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