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Home dressing with her own hands


What and how to sew a robe with their own hands? How to sew a bathrobe without pattern do it yourself? How to sew a summer home bathrobe with their own hands? Is it possible to sew a children’s bathrobe on their own?

Home coast – this is an important component of the daily wardrobe. His children and women and men are happy with pleasure. It can be thin and sexy or warm and soft, it is convenient to shit in it after the bath or throw on top of the pajamas in the morning. In stores many different models, but if there is time and desire, then you can sew a robe yourself.

Where to start?

Home dressing with her own handsSew home bathrobes do it yourself not so difficult. This is the case of even a newcomer. To perform work, you must be able to use the sewing machine and have minimal seamstress skills.

In the process you will need:

  • Textile;
  • Tape measure;
  • Scissors;
  • Number;
  • Threads and needle;
  • Sewing machine;
  • Iron.

When choosing a fabric, consider the purpose of the product. Kimono and Summer Bathery are sewn from silk, sits, bath and winter hoods of their terry, flannel and woolen fabrics. Models can choose different, but the most simple in the sewing product with the smell.

To calculate the required amount of matter, you need to decide on the style. For sewing a robe without sleeves 46-48 sizes from a tissue with a width of 150 cm, you will need 1 length of the product + 2 cm on the binder, at 80 cm. 2 lengths will be required. But for the product with a long sleeve of matter it is necessary more.

Cutting fabric

How to sew a bathrobe with their own hands? Before applying marking fabric, definitely scream so that there are no chances. Finished matter decompose on a flat surface. A wide fabric folds in half along the longitudinal line of the front side inside, narrow – on the transverse line. Next, shallow or piece of dry soap apply markup.

On narrow matter on the left side, retreating 1.5-2 cm, swipe the line down – it will be a seam on the back, for a wide fabric it is not necessary to do this. Build a pattern of a dressing room more convenient from top to bottom.

From the left edge, go down to 1 cm – this is an indent for the line, from this place to the right to spend a straight line. On this horizontal marker from the fold to the edge, measure 9 cm, and come down 2 cm from the left corner and set the label. Smoothly connect these two points. It’s a neck neck.

The width of the Kolata will calculate according to the formula: Pok + 20 cm, where the victim is a semolin. The resulting value to postpone right from the fold. At this point, draw a straight line down. Early cutout on it.

To do this, it is necessary to measure the distance from the shoulder to the waist. Put this magnitude on the built direct. On the top horizontal line to the left from the edge, mark 9 cm, and put the point. Now smoothly connect these two tags.

Home dressing with her own hands

It remains to make arm for arms and cut the details. Upper horizontal straight divide in half. From this point down on 26 cm Draws straight, it will be necessary to make an incision. Scissors carefully cut the parts on the lines.

Sewing Kolata

Sewing the summer bathrobe with their own hands specialists are recommended in such a sequence:

  • The edges of the fabric are treated on overlock. If it is not, processed by a zigzag;
  • Then sew the back;
  • Before and back to face the face and, alive on the shoulders, make the back, then step up;
  • Over the edges of the sleeves and bottom, proceed and encircle, if everything is fine – boldly strain;
  • Oblique baking or finishing material process the edge of the transfer and the neck;
  • From the remains of the fabric cut the belt.

Rabbit, stitched with her own hands, ready! It remains to stroke it, remove the backbar and you can wear. Sew the bathrobe to the child, too, just for this fit … terry towels!

Bathrobe baby from towels

To sew a little easier for a child. First, dimensions are small, fabric consumption is less. Secondly, patterns are simple.

Send a children’s bathrobe with your own hands from old things or bath towels. To build patterns, fold the cloth by half the outline and spread on a flat surface. Measure the width of the towel and divide this value in half, get a central line (symmetry axis). Left and right from it at the very top measure 5 cm – this is the width of the neck. On the back, go down to 1 cm down – is the depth. Smoothly connect the points.

Along the axis of symmetry down, measure 15 cm and set the label. From the extreme points of the throat of the neck to the mark on the center line, spend direct. It will be a cutout on the chest.

From the fold line along the edges down, step 20 cm, this will be the width of the sleeves. Children’s balachon can have arbitrary sizes. In order to calculate the width of the robe, you can use the formula: COP + 10 or 15 cm. Deliver this value to 2 and postpone the obtained centimeters to the left and right from the central line.

Up from these points Spend parallel straight lines. Perpendicular to them to lose line by connecting the width of the sleeves among themselves. At the point of intersection on both sides (in armpits) smoothly round the corners. Pattern ready. It remains neatly cut and you can proceed to the leisure.

To sew such a kamono robe with their own hands to start the corresponding seam, gook, bending, bottom, front strips and edges of sleeves. Examples of a gown on a child, take all these places for the typewriter and pull out extra threads. Finishing ribbon Treat the neck. Fabric residue make the belt. Ready product!

Home dressing with her own handsIf you wish, you can not cut the fabric completely. Just enough cut hole for the head and process it. To wear a robe will need to be through the head. This option will be convenient for older children.

What to pay attention to?

If you see with a loose material that the robe turns out a short or sleeve, these items can be easily increased due to additional strips.

It looks very pretty when they are cut from another color fabric. In essence, it is rectangles of the desired width and length that are sewn around the edge. For sleeves, the strips will have a length of 40 cm, for hemp about + 20 cm.

Sewing a bathrobe with your own hands you get real pleasure. Doubly welcome to such a gift will be children. Even the savings will succeed, because it will be more expensive to buy a product, and it will help to give old things «Second life». Dare, mastelase and everything will surely come out!

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