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How to sew a handbag made of felt and a denim handbag for the girl do it yourself?


How to sew handbags for girls do it yourself? Make it easy if you have a pattern and necessary materials. Handbag can be made of felt, jeans or other fabric

Little girls – big fashionista. They love beautiful outfits, beads, bracelets, rings and, of course, handbags. Such accessories cause real delight among girls, because they immediately feel adults and beautiful as mom. Therefore, a handbag for a girl, made by your own hands, will become an excellent gift for her.

There are a lot of options for its creation, but if you master the subtleties of this case, you can easily bring the most difficult ideas into reality in reality.

Handbag with pocket

How to sew a handbag made of felt and a denim handbag for the girl do it yourself?For sewing this product it is better to use adhesive tissue on a knitted basis. Pattern handbag for a girl, sewing with your own hands, can be made independently or use ready-made schemes.

Singing fabric, do not forget to make breakouts on the side seams. On the top cuts you can not do. Actions should be the same for the front side, and for the subdrance.

Cut the adhesive used for valves equally for inside and face. Conveniently when smoking immediately bend and stroke up the top edges. Then the material will not be «move» and the product will be neat.

Connect two details face inside, secure. The top is not needed, it is enough to sew three sides. After it is necessary to trim the excess fabric. Remove the product, end the edge, and enter the velcro (its rigid part).

To close the line on the front side, enter the decoration. If you want to decorate the product, decorate it with a pocket. Take out two parts so that they match the bag valve template, proof, fold the front sides inside and place. The upper part should be open. Remove, drive inside the free part and place. From above there will be a valve of the fastener, and below – pocket.

Side pocket to lining, face face, and then position the side sutures of the bag. That bending that was fed, you need to bend. Scroll seams by follow the bending.
Flashing corner, you need to challenge the pin so that the lines do not shift. Remove the handbag to the face to outward, inserting the lining inside, and equal to the top edge. For convenience, you can challenge pins.

How to sew a handbag made of felt and a denim handbag for the girl do it yourself?Connect the front part with lining. So that the males do not interfere, they are better to place closer to the top of the product.

The handle can be carved from any fabric, the rep to the decor will be suitable. She will close the seam. Find the middle of the rear wall of the bag and the valve center. When you define a place for the handles, fix them with pins.

After you die all the details, you can sew the second part of the velcro. Handbag made of fabric for girls, created by hand, ready.

Bag of jeans

Denim handbag for girls to sew your own hands easy.  The pattern can be made of paper, sizes – approximately 20 by 15 cm. Put it on the fabric, circle the workpiece, make it in a double copy.

The length of the outer edge will be about 45 cm, and the width of the bottom – 5 cm. You can carve it right on the fabric, and immediately cut out.

Make a snowdrop of paper. To do this, put the stalk on the green material, make it the outline and cut down. Blue denim is useful for bud. Collect the applique on the bag manually or using the machine using the seam «zigzag».

How to sew a handbag made of felt and a denim handbag for the girl do it yourself?You can decorate the product by sequins by laying out the pattern of them. This work is quite painstaking, but the result is worth the effort spent.

Hot seer Do all over the perimeter of the bag and bottom of the hole at a distance of 1 cm from each other. From the edge should be about 0.7 cm.

Fit the product with a cord convenient for crocheted knitting. Details Connect the lilac cord, and the top is blue. Gossip the handle by the usual node macrame. In the center, place the lilac cord, and on the sides – blue. The length of the handle must be about 20 cm.

Felt product

Very original looks handbag made of felt for a girl made by hand. Prepare paper pattern. Impose it onto a sheet of felt and with the help of a shame, spend the contour. You will need two such details. Do not forget to leave the allowance 1, 5 cm.

Look for a suitable embroidery scheme, for example, a delicate flower, and transfer to a sheet of paper. Cut on the contour and try on the product.

The next step is to consolidate the pattern on the handbag. It is convenient to make a shallow or pencil, you can pinch her pins. Cut the seam «Back needle», so that it was easier to attach it to her smooth.

All thin lines make a decorative seam: after you make a stitch, output the needle under it, go on top and start to get a loop. Next move by contour. To fill empties, use another row of stroit.

Doing flower petals, follow the rules:

  • How to sew a handbag made of felt and a denim handbag for the girl do it yourself?The first row of stroit is the contour;
  • The second repeats the form of the petal and gives the volume;
  • Stitches must be shorter at the edges and longer – in the center;
  • Each row is better to perform threads of different colors so that the drawing looks natural;
  • You can use beads and beads as decor.

To the base and top of the pin with a plug and set it on the typewriter. You can pre-schedule manually. The upper part attach to the base so that the embroidery and the part with the velcro were different. Connect all the details of each other.

If desired, you can enter zipper. Contour and emptiness re-adjust the edging seam and beads, you can decide the original elements.

Attach the pattern to the lining fabric, circle the contour, leaving one centimeter to the allowance. If the material «Running», then process edges on overlock. Get away all edges, prepare a handle and secure it. Gently sew all parts by inner contour.

Sew a handbag for a girl without any assistance with their own hands is not so difficult, as it seems initially. Best patience, attach a little effort, and your creation will definitely please the little fashionista.

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