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We sew a beautiful dress for the girl


Agree, for a girl outfit has a much greater value than for a boy. And goes like a girl outfit usually more expensive. But you can save, if you sew a dress with your own hands

What Little Girls love? Of course, dress up in all sorts of dresses and sunders. Unfortunately, not every mother can afford to regularly buy new clothes for daughter. But this is not at all a reason for the disorder, but the best incentive to learn how to create everyday and festive wardrobe items with their own hands.

This publication presents options for how quickly and cheap update the image of a small lady, not possessing deep knowledge in the sewing business.

Preparation of the basis

We sew a beautiful dress for the girlThis seemingly difficult task, how to sew an elegant dress for her beloved girl, simplifies the angularity of the children’s figures, and the lack of signs of femininity – an outstanding breast.

Since small ladies have no well-pronounced lines, waist or chest, even the most elementary and exclusive dress involves the use of elementary pattern, which does not require complex and specific measurements. Again, the same nuances obligate to decorate the outfit with all sorts of decorative and thematic elements.

So, how can you sew a beautiful dress for the girl, if there is no desire to search and customize already existing patterns. It turns out that you can do without them, and as the main tailoring material to use a female or men’s T-shirt of the right color.

Like that? Everything is simple, follow the instructions:

  • So that your daughter appeared Simple, But a comfortable and original summer dress, from the thing you need to cut off the top, making it on the axillary line;
  • Sliced ​​matter should be fine, and the residue is to postpone, it will still need it;
  • Cut is applied to the girl’s back to set the length of the future outfit. It should be measured from the line of the armpits;
  • All sections are processed with seams, and if the length is shortened, it is added by the sewing of flutes and rolling.

We sew a beautiful dress for the girlAs you can see, sew a summer dressSpruption for a girl according to such a scheme – simpler. It remains only to think about the stray. They are knitted pigtails, woven from the same strips, sliced ​​from the remains of T-shirt. Then the edges of the braids are cooled, and they themselves are inserted to along.

Additionally, you can sew small decorative elements in the form of flutes, primitive applications, pockets and other things. For them, trimming all the same T-shirts, or the remains of another, bright matter.

Festive option

What do you think will work out without special skills and tools to sew a magnificent solemn dress for a girl who is being prepared to survive the first graduation in kindergarten? It turns out that there is nothing complicated in it, the main thing is to follow the proposed instructions. For the main detail of the vertex, cotton tank with openwork finishes, to which the tailor.

Sew it as follows:

  • We sew a beautiful dress for the girlFrom dense and opaque matter you need to cut a rectangle approximately meter long and centimeters 30 width. Its bottom is fed, the bending is made from above for gum, and he is stitched;
  • To give the girl’s present magnificent princess dress, you need to make a lot of additional attributes from the fate of two gentle flowers – white and pink, for example;
  • Each fatine layer lies and stitches in the same way as the main attitude is formed. That’s just the width of the strips you need to do different, so that the skirt came out the most magnificently;
  • In principle, to sew such a solemn dress with a girl with their own hands, you can shelter every fatin attachment oblique baker, although you can do without it;
  • All tiers are stitched together, for which they are fixing the pins. Do not forget to form folds;
  • Then the belt is sewn, and rubber band is drawn into it;
  • From the remains of the pink fate, you can form many roses, which are decorated with the top of skirts and shirts;
  • The outfit is complemented by gloves purchased in the store, or those who are crosslinked on their own, diadem and other decorative elements.

That’s all the wisdom of how you can decorate the little Girls, Wishing to be at the festival real princesses.

Christening outfit

Now let’s look at how to sew a baptismal dress for a newborn girl. In this responsible moment of the sacrament of baptism, the girl should be especially elegant and beautiful, for which they are closed in special outfits. Dress them just once, but stored throughout life.

It is believed that a baptismal dress is an overlap, able to heal from diseases and defend the future woman from a bad eye. It is clear that you can just buy it, but much more pleasant to sew a simple baptismal dress for a little girl.

This can be done by this algorithm:

  • We sew a beautiful dress for the girlTake a dress that is suitable for the size of your daughter;
  • Fold it in half, attach to tight paper, and circle the bodice. If necessary, the improvised pattern can be made longer or wider;
  • Be sure to consider the allowances for future seams, change the neckline towards the rise in the back of the back;
  • Add a couple of three centimeters to the center of your pattern. It will be needed so that you can sew butt and make response loops for them;
  • Roll the fabric in half, cut out of it two parts for the back and pass. The shelves should be left solid, and the backs – cut in half;
  • All items are processed along the edges and stitch. Rear left prepared incision for butt;
  • Live can be considered ready. Optionally, the sleeveners or lanterns are sewed to it, patterns for which they take from the same old dress;
  • The lower skirt is sewn similarly to the festive option described above. For top, it is better to take the atlas, for Niza – all the same white or gold fatin;
  • After that, it will stay to connect the bodice and skirt, decorate the outfit with an embroidery embroidery or homemade colors from the satin residues, turn down and try on the girl.

By the way, using similar tips, you can diversify the games of your daughter, and for her dolls, sew not one elegant or casual dress. Try to do it together, and then textile games will be able to grow into a hobby or even the main profession.

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