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How to sew curtains yourself?


Tailoring the curtains with your own hands is a great opportunity to improve sewing skills, as well as transform the interior of the room. Stitching curtains easy and exciting. Try and see for yourself

In our time, everything is sold in stores, and the choice of goods is just stunning. Despite this picking curtains is problematic, they may look beautiful and elegant, but at all will not fit to your interior.

Or you can find the perfect curtains, but the cost of them will be translated. What to do in this case? Perhaps the optimal output from the situation will be the purchase of suitable fabric and the personnel tailoring of the curtain.

How to sew classic curtains?

Sewing curtains is not very difficult, especially classic. Even having only initial skills in the art of sewing, you can create a real masterpiece.

For sewing curtains, the following materials will be needed with your own hands:

How to sew curtains yourself?

  • curtain fabric;
  • wide curtain tape;
  • Rule, roulette;
  • Threads under the color of the fabric and white;
  • pins;
  • scissors;
  • iron;
  • sewing machine.

The first thing to be done is to determine how much fabric will need. It should be borne in mind that the width is added about 10 cm on the seams, and to a length of 6 cm on the tape and 10 cm on the submachine. The resulting height must be measured by the side slice of the fabric and make an incision.

Then pull the thread and by the resulting dotted line cut off the excess fabric. Start sewing Curtains with your own hands with side seams. Switching seams can be from 1 to 3 cm. You need to expose the side edge, fought it, then turn it out again, stick with pins. Start sides.

Next, you need to go to the bottom of the curtain with your own hands. To do this, turn out 5 cm fabric, fought, turn it once again by 5 cm, pinch the pins, firm on the typewriter. The curtain is almost ready, it remains to deal with the riding.

It is necessary to put the curtain face side upstairs. The side cut of the curtain ribbon should be adjusted by about 2 cm inside out. Next, put the ribbon loops up on the front side of the curtains, combine the upper cut of the fabric and ribbon.

How to sew curtains yourself?

Cold tape pins to fabric in checker. Crop the tape is about 2 cm and adjust the inside so that the edges of the fabric and the curtain tape coincided.

IMPORTANT: You need to change the threads on the typewriter, shuttle and top thread should be white. Now it is necessary to shoot the tape along the inner edge with an indent of 1 mm. Next, you should get the pins and beat the tape to the wrong side of the fabric.

Thus, the line made just that will be top. Again the tent of the tape to the tissue with pins, change the shuttle thread on the one that the side seams and the bottom were stripped, to sew a bastard with an indent of 1 mm.

Then you need to shoot the side edges of the tape to the curtain, drove the laces in advance. It remains to make a line in the middle of the tape, trying not to firm the shoelaces and loops. In the end you need to remove the pins and link the shoelaces with each other on each side of the tape.

Now you can manage the speed to go and pulling the shoelaces, give it the desired width. Everything, the curtain is officially ready to take its place in the house.

Having learned to sew classic curtains, you can proceed to more complex variants with all sorts of drapes.

How to sew a roman curtain?

Roman curtains is designed to protect the room from sunlight, it closes only a window and does not hang up to the floor as ordinary. Roman porter can be lowered and lifted with a special mechanism.

How to sew curtains yourself?

Her charm is that it looks great, protects the room from excess light and sews quite simply, besides, it takes quite a few cloth.

Roman curtains should enter the window to the window, so before measurements the cloth needs to be rejected.

Before starting the sewing of the Roman Curtains, do it yourself, you need to decide how it will be attached. There are two ways of fastening: inside the window opening and outside.

Inside the Roman cloth fasten, when the window has large windowsill or when it complements the curtains.

On the outside of the window, it is attached when the window opens along the entire length, it has flaps for airing. In this case, the curtain should close the window opening completely and cover the slopes by 5-10 cm.

Sew a simple Roman scope can be hand.

To do this, you will need:

  • the cloth;
  • lining;
  • velcro;
  • Pins 7-8 pcs.;
  • plastic rings;
  • Lace 3 pcs. two times the size of two times the height plus the width;
  • Planck-sleevener;
  • Planck for hanging;
  • Hooks and carnations.

Before starting the sewing work, you need to measure the window opening and add 5 cm in width and 12-15 cm long. It will be the size of the fabric. Depending on the height of the window, it is necessary to determine the number of folds on the table.

Next, it should be noted the lines of the sovereign on the involving side of the folds and places for the rings. Rings should be located at the same distance from each other in three rows.

Roman’s sewing starts with fabric edges. Then it is necessary to process the upper cut and sew the velcro to it. From the bottom it should be concluded and flashing pockets for a weighting plank.

On the line of folds from the inside, fed the finishing kaym and insert in the rake pockets. Then sew on the markup of the ring. Shutter itself is ready.

How to sew curtains yourself?Now you need to make a mount to the window. To the bottom side of the bar, you should navigate with cloves or furniture stapler Velc. Then, with the help of nails to attach to the carriage brushes.

Next, attach the curtain to the bruus by velcro. Believe the lace in the rings should be started at the bottom, on the first ring it is necessary to tie a nodule and copper it with glue for strength.

Take the cord through all the rings, it is necessary to bring it on one side, the same to do with the rest of the shoelaces and bring their ends to the same side. Tightly pull cords so that folds formed, now the speed must be fastened with ribps.

Next, you should attach a wooden timber to the frame. Remove ribbons and lower the curtain. Align the tension of the shoelains, and keep them together to tie so that the node gets immediately at the last ring.

Turn the ends through the handle to lift the curtains, tie another node at a distance of 46 cm from the first. Free ends trim. The fastening part of the cord should be fixed on the frame and wind the lace around the part for fixing the curtains.

Roman Curtain is ready for use! Now you know how to sew the curtains do it yourself. And it turns out that this pretty simple and exciting occupation.

In addition, with the help of new curtains, you can decorate the interior of the room, give him a raisin and surprise the guests of handmade.

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