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Self replacement runner – easy and simple


Just insert a dog zipper if you know how it is done. First, you need to have a new dog and tools necessary for work, secondly – know some secrets

It’s a shame to wear a thing and discover that the castle broke. Change clothes and carry a thing in atelier? But changing the castle is expensive. In most cases, it is enough to replace the dog, and wearing a thing again. That’s just not everyone knows how to quickly fix the dog on the zipper. To change the slider, you need to know which runners come and what to do in case of breakdown. 

Runner on zipper

Self replacement runner - easy and simpleHow to change a broken dog on zipper? First you need to decide on the type of breakage. 

If the teeth were cut on the lightning, then the lock itself is fully changed. The dog change when it is diverted when zipping or unbuttoning the fastener. 

When you have to think about how to replace the dog on the zipper?

  • Clasp type does not fit to things – Textile tape too thin for this product. When loaded, even if it was long, the slider’s cheek is moved away. Constantly jumped by passatshams impossible – break. Especially often the breakdown occurs if the slider is made of plastic;
  • When wearing the slider on its jumper, cracks are formed. In this case, it is chosen, it is required to replace. 

By material from which the teeth are made, you can divide the fasteners for such types:

  • Tractor – most often the teeth are made of plastics;
  • metal;
  • Vita. 

It is impossible to solve the problem, how to make lightning if the lock is not suitable for it. Sliders have different sizes – most often they are applied to the opposite direction. Metal sizes vary from 3 to 10 or more. From the reverse side, the slider on the form resembles a triangle.

Runner of tractor lightning with inside has the shape of a trillery or oval, and indicated number 3 and further. In the twisted lightning form of the slider only oval, numbers from 3 and further. 

BThe ledbles that are knocked out next to the numbers indicate the following:

  • X – zipper in-block, cast, locks 2;
  • L – the fastener is not unclipped, the lock 1;
  • N is an in-point zipper, lock 2;
  • D – the fastener opens, 2 locks with 2 connectors;
  • A – lock without connector;
  • B – connector with 1 lock;
  • C – connector, 2 locks. 

To cope with the task, how to quickly fix the dog with a zipper, you need to know the types of sliders:

  • Self replacement runner - easy and simpleThe machine – the mechanism inside the dog does not give to the teeth of the teeth at any position of its tongue;
  • semiautomatic – after zipper button, you need to fix a special stopper, with a raised polarlet, the lock will disperse;
  • haberdashery runners – they are put in lightning for bags, they do not have consolidation. 

Replace the runners on the zipper of different types 

In order not to be distracted from work, you should prepare in advance:

  • Passatia or pliers;
  • screwdriver;
  • nail scissors;
  • threads;
  • needle;
  • New slider. 

Sometimes it may take, except for the dog, to purchase a limiter, and add universal glue to necessary materials. 

How to put a dog on a metal detachable zipper:

  • First you need to remove the limiter on one side. To do this, it is necessary to bite the side. If the limiter enters the fabric, it is carefully necessary to pose it with a screwdriver or manicure scissors;
  • These scissors make a lashing, cut the castle thickening. It must be done in order to remove the old slider and put on a free new. Slider should be slightly shown if he goes tight. Tissue is preferably marked with oil. It is undesirable to apply force – you can damage the teeth or a new clasp;
  • To insert the slider, it must be kept a little at an angle;
  • Both halves of lightning are connected, insert into the slider, check how it works;
  • Looped seam – it is also called groping – tighten the edges of the lashing. 


  • First you need to look at the type of limiter. Wpayan he, or just fixed. Remove the plastic limiter can only once. Only with the reinforced limiter you can solve the problem how to remove a broken dog with zipper;
  • In order for the slider to become in place, it needs to be slightly. After installation, it is pressed;
  • Bowls in the runner the second half of the castle, check, how it closes the teeth, then the limiter is installed, pursing the passages. 

Protesses of plastic tractor lightning so that the dog is easier to move, lubricate dry soap. 

How to put a dog on vituya zipper?

Self replacement runner - easy and simpleThe algorithm of work is no different from the already proposed options.

But in front of the other types of fasteners, the screw has some advantage – it does not have a certain direction for fastening. Instead of a limiter you can put 2 runners that can freely ride in both directions. 

Nuances of the technical process 

How to insert a dog in a delicate zipper? Work technology is the same, but without a sewing machine to repair the thing will be impossible. 

We will definitely need to pour seam to free the edges of the textile tape, which are then inserted into the slider. If in the future fasten the clasp with the help of manual stitches – the thing will look untidy. 

Moving runner when replacing you need very smoothly. Sometimes the teeth under it have to direct fingers, aligning them, so as not to disperse. By the way, metal teeth can be pressing pliers so that they are better covered by fabric.

If there is plastic teeth, even after they coped with the task – how to wear a dog on their own way – the castle will last long. When breakdown plastic teeth or their discrepancy, it is better to entertain a new castle. 

Self replacement runner - easy and simpleIt will prevent the runner of the stopper, which can be purchased in the store, or replace with several large stitches. Runners for double-sided clapsings installed from different sides. The movement of dogs should go towards each other. 

The guide during operation is destroyed, the textile tape on which the teeth are installed, quickly wear out. How to dress a new dog with a zipper that is already starting to wear out? 

The damaged place is treated with glue – the universal fit is best «Moment». The glue is applied to the tip of the needle, and with its help, the space between the teeth is neatly wet. It should not go out for the teeth, otherwise it will prevent the lock normally function. 

Cope with the replacement of the running running woman independently. To squeeze the dog under the passports, the rough power is not needed. Fasten the slider so that he moves freely to the tooth. If you take it, the lock will not work.

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