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Quilling: Create paper masterpieces


What you need to know, starting to perform crafts in a quilling technique? What can be made of multicolored paper stripes, and how to make quilling interesting

We are already accustomed to the fact that children and adults are so dependent on the Internet and computer technologies that they do not have enough time for something else. But it is not. To date, needlework has become so popular that many are fond of embroidery with cross, beadwork and weaving ribbons. But now on the Internet you can find so many materials by queen, although many have not even heard of such.

Therefore, we will try to correct the situation and wonder what it is.

New flow in needlework

Quilling: Create paper masterpiecesQuilling is a specific direction in needlework. Its essence is that with the help of special paper tapes of different widths, you make Calling Crawling. So the product made in this technique is a paper handicraft.

But this lesson quickly found her fans that the variety of crafts multiplies with an amazing speed. So, in a quilling technique you can make a butterfly, a flower, a box, and besides greeting cards, vases and even accessories.

Now on the Internet you can find many clear instructions how to make quilling.

What can be done from the queen?

The main technologies for performing a variety of drawings are the same, they do not change, but here are the crafts that can be created from ordinary paper ribbons are increasingly replenished. Therefore, if you search for what you can do from the queen, you can find many different schemes for advanced masters, and for beginners. This technique can make a butterfly, casket, heart, pendant, vase, flower and even Easter eggs. They look so original that any such snience will be a gorgeous gift for a celebration or just to surprise a person and make it nice.

We have already figured out that from paper you can do almost anything, let’s consider several examples of work performed in this course.

How from queening you can make a hat?

If anyone thinks that the hat is simply impossible, then you are deeply mistaken.

To do this, you need:

  • Quilling: Create paper masterpiecesBalloon;
  • roll toilet paper;
  • glue;
  • newspapers;
  • paper in the tone of the future hat;
  • Paper strips.

First of all, you need to create a frame for the future product. To do this, you need to inflate the ball and stick it with three layers: first toilet paper, then pieces of the newspaper and at the end of the paper of the same color like a hat. After that you need to wait a day so that the frame is good, and remove the ball.

At the next stage, we prepare the lower part of the Watman hats and glue it in the top. Next we twist with a set for queening the required number of strips.

For the top in the form of a circle, and for the bottom in the form of a droplet. What we need to do next is to stick the twisted strips on the hat and, if you wish, decorate with flowers and leaves made in the same technique. And our hat is ready!

Quilling butterfly: how to make it?

The first with what you need to decide is a paper color. Next, with queen tools twist the butterfly wings from light to a darker shade.

After that twist two spirals and make of them oblong rollers. Glue two rolls together – it will be her torso. In conclusion, we attach two large and two small wings with glue, add a mustache and get the finished butterfly.

How can you make flowers from queen?

Quilling: Create paper masterpiecesIf anyone thinks that the flowers are very difficult to do, then, perhaps, you can argue with it. Of course, making this for the first time, choose Flowers less complicated in execution.

Since, for example, tulip make much easier than a rose. But in principle, everything is possible. After all, good execution technique comes only with experience, with errors.

But if you recently engaged in this direction in needlework, then try to make a simple flower. For this you do not need something special, some special skills. You will need only a set of paper stripes and glue.

First you need to make leaves. You simply screw the paper strips with tools and give them the shape of the petals. Solid Flower We make from swirling round shape stripes.

And then you can be braided from the same pieces to give colors the desired form.

How to make a casket from the queen?

In addition to flowers, postcards, hats You can make a chic box of paper twisted ribbons. She looks just amazing and will be a wonderful gift for any girl and women. If you make your mom, sister or girlfriend such a gift, they will not only be surprised, but also pleasant happy.

Quilling: Create paper masterpiecesMany just seeing such a casket, think that it is simply unreal. But this is not the case, since you need all the same materials and tools.

For her manufacture, you need some reason – round or square, depending on what form product, you want to get.

Next, you will need to wind all the same strips of paper and glue them to each other. You can decorate the most diverse flowers and butterflies, hearts and droplets.

We hope you were convinced that the queening technique is quite popular among young, creative people.

It is not so difficult as it seems at first glance. Therefore, if you want to try to create your first craft, take confidence.

All of you do, and detailed schemes will help you with this. Quilling is fashionable and modern!

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