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We make flowers from denim with their own hands!


Nowadays, even the most «Exclusive» clothing models are produced by thousandth batches. Individuality You will add accessories, for example, Denim Flowers

In the history of world fashion, it is probably not a clothing that would be popular and loved by all for several centuries more than jeans. The appearance of this clothing We are obliged to Liebi Strauss, better known as Levy Strauss, the son of a tailor from Belgium. Pants of dense cotton fabrics sewed precisely he sold them to one Italian sailor, earning for lunch.

We make flowers from denim with their own hands!The whole districts soon learned about durable and comfortable pants, so the first orders appeared.

Soon the son of the tailor, remembering everything that his father taught, could open a small studio. There was a lot of work, and the tailor took to my assistants Jacob Devis. Devis made his contribution and offered jeans to roll rivets to the pockets, thereby making them even more reliable. In 1873, Levvi and Devis could patent their product. So jeans appeared in history.

Centers went, the fashion changed, but in the wardrobe of any fashionable or fashionista, there was always a place for denim trousers. And today products made of denim in trend. Every year, all new models of this practical clothing include, and these are not only pants, but also vests, shirts, skirts, dresses.

Denim Flowers – Stylish Accessory

Surely in the most distant corner of the cabinet you have long forgotten abandoned jeans still school times. Do not hurry to say goodbye to them. After all, today the fashion dictates not only the use of jeans as elements of clothing, and various denim accessories can be relevant. For example, denim flowers.

Yes, yes, a denim brooch in the form of a flower will look great on a blouse or light summer dress. Moreover, make a similar decoration under the power even the smallest fashionista.

In order to make a denim flower we will need:

  • needle with thread;
  • scissors;
  • any paper or cardboard (for stencil);
  • glue;
  • And, of course, the density itself.

There are several technologies for which you can do bright Denim Flower.

How to make a rose

You can take a strip of tissue with a length of about 30 centimeters and the required width (but still at least 5 centimeters), twist it into the roll, the bottom base to pull the thread. Thus, the flower is obtained in the form of non-dissolved bud.

Make a leaning rose in the form of brooches from old jeans can be both in another way. Dense paper or cardboard can be useful for this:

  • We make flowers from denim with their own hands!Cutting stencils in the form of rose petals of various sizes. After that, we carry stencils on the fabric cloth and cut them out several pieces. The more the petals you have, the more and the lush will turn out to be a flower;
  • When petals are ready, you need to connect them. Choosing Basic for brooches, It is better to take a cardboard range of the middle diameter, to which will be attached to the glue denim petals. Start gluing from the biggest base. The second row consists of smaller details that glue the same in a circle, while slightly moving towards the base center. Such rows need to do three or four minimum, then the rose will be lush;
  • With the treatment of edges, you can dream – they can not be processed, but, on the contrary, even stronger «Warm down». Mahra is very convenient to do using thin sewing needles. Gently engaged the threads of the canvas, pull them out;
  • Make a flower creative, you can and processing the edge of its petals. To do this, you can use any loose fabric (chiffon, cotton, even sitherium). The segment of the fabric should be long and, preferably carved diagonally (oblique beyk). This beaker is sewn separately to the edges of each petal. First, the edge of two parts are seeded with small stitches the front sides inside;
  • After that, Beyk turns over to the other side of the edge, fenced and stitched again. If there is a sewing machine, the edges can be treated with a small zigzag, taking multicolored threads.

How to make a chamomile or arrest

From old jeans, you can make a fun chamomile:

  • Cutting fabric on strips of different lengths, the width does not have to be big. Here you should be patient and cut the strips as much as possible, it turns out something like a denim tape. These tapes should also be attached to the glue to the cardboard base of the flower;
  • By the same principle you can make the Astra. True, the strips are tremblied thin and there should be a lot of them, they can be not only denim, but also fabric, leather. When connecting all elements, you can use a needle with a needle. First sew a few parts of 10-15 strips. Then taking a thicker needle, combine all the details into the whole composition.

Collect Brooch

We make flowers from denim with their own hands!As a middle for roses, chamomile or astra, old beads are perfect, buttons (by the way, by the way, can be covered with cloth).

If you took old jeans, you can throw out a zipper from them, twist it, fix a thread – that’s another option for the design of the middle.

Beautiful flower of fabric on jeans background will look great on a monophonic shirt, dressed in conjunction with denim pants or skirt.

Make your own hands this accessory is just as easy:

  • We take the flasks of lightweight, well frumable fabric, form a flower or butterfly from it;
  • We apply the resulting creation to the denim base (round or square shape);
  • We fasten it all the pin and rude to clothes;
  • Stylish brooch ready!

To the flower is more interesting, you can use denim roskuts different color and texture. For example, in the manufacture of roses, alternate the rows of dark and light material. Or fold the flower of petals with an invalid and face.

We make flowers from denim with their own hands!Small accessories (jewelry, brooches, bargains) are able to completely change the image. For example, a strict jacket with a jangle flower on the collar will look romantic. Bag of dark shades with bright colors is quite suitable for socks in summer.

And even more pleasant to realize that the carcock accessories are made with their own hands. It gives them a special value, and you will be sure that your image is really unique.

Please the flowers made of denim, made with your own hands, can, of course, not only yourself. If, you have prepared for someone a gift, you can come up with an unusual packaging for it, decorated with a composition of flowers and a denim ribbon.

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