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How to make flowers from paper napkins: step-by-step instruction


How to make crafts-flowers from napkins – carnations and dandelions, master classes for the manufacture of flowers and topiary from paper wipes for table

Flowers never bored, especially women love them. Especially since there are so many of them and they are so different. They can be created from various materials, and each flower will be beautiful. Simple paper napkins are a wonderful material for the manufacture of various decorative products, gifts and crafts.

How to make flowers from paper napkins: step-by-step instructionThey cost cheap compared to other materials for creativity and are well suited to create decorative interior items and truly unique and beautiful decorations. Very quickly and easily can make beautiful large flowers from ordinary napkins on the table. Such decorative crafts can be decorated with your home, give their friends, make a gift to kindergarten and school.

Let them be everywhere, decorating the rooms and creating a comfort and pleasant atmosphere in them.

If you never worked with such a technique, it is better to start with the easiest forms. Over time, you will simply receive magic compositions, you can transfer all your fantasies to paper, creating amazing beauty and similarity with the original product and excellent compositions of them for different occasions of life.

How to make flowers from napkins

Things that you need:

  • paper napkins;
  • scissors;
  • thread.

Flowers from napkins – step by step:

  1. How to make flowers from paper napkins: step-by-step instructionYou will need four napkins in one color and one – in the other, it is better to choose them so that they match each other and combined together. For example, blue and blue, red and pink;
  2. Expand them and place it carefully one to another;
  3. Cut the edge of the napkins of another color so that it was a little less than the other four, and place it in the middle of the stack;
  4. Now start to fold the paper stack of harmonica, as if making a fan or harmonic. Back up a centimeter and bend the paper on the flat line, then another centimeter and bend the paper in the opposite direction;
  5. Tie the resulting harmonic in the middle of a thread so that it tightly held the folded paper;
  6. Then you can round the edges or not do it;
  7. Now flexing the edges of the product, forming a blossomed bud, and gently spread it;
  8. Insert a wooden toothpick or a skeleton in the middle and glue it using two-way tape;
  9. In order to not be seen a tape, cross the flower stalk with a tape from a napkin or fabric;
  10. Paper Wipes Flowers Ready.

Such products will be similar to carnations. The legs and stalks can be carefully wrapped with ribbons of green napkins or paper of the same color, gluing them to a stapper from the skewers, so it turns out beautiful artificial paper cloves or chrysanthemums, a bouquet of which can be put in a decorative vase.

Dandelion from napkins


  • Three yellow napkins;
  • Stapler with paper clips;
  • green paper;
  • Wooden spanks for stalks;
  • Scotch bilateral;
  • scissors;
  • glue.

How to make a dandelion:

  1. How to make flowers from paper napkins: step-by-step instructionDivide the napkins on the layers, fold them together four times;
  2. Stapler Whole dandelion in the middle;
  3. Then cut the resulting square, spinning the edges to get a circle;
  4. Circle edges cut to the middle of small cuts of 1 cm long;
  5. Now carefully press the top layer with your fingers, as if we collect it to the center;
  6. We do the same with each new layer;
  7. From green colored paper cut out the leaves and thin ribbons wrap the skels stems;
  8. Stick bilateral tape stem to the bud and disguise the tape with green paper;
  9. Dandelion Ready.

In this technique, you can create a composition of colors by combining them together and creating beautiful bouquets on the table.

Topicia from artificial colors

From such flowers you can make a topiary – a small decorative tree of artificial colors, also make it from other decorative materials: coffee grains, shells, seashells, cones, chestnuts and other materials. Such a tree will be a decoration of the room, an excellent stylish supplement for a celebration or just can be a creative and good gift.

How to make flowers from paper napkins: step-by-step instructionFor Topiaria you will need a lot of flowers – about 20 medium size and about 30 are small, they will need to be glued to the ball made of newspaper. However, you can buy in the store for needlework a special ball of polystyrene foam, to which the buds will easily stick. It is preferable to stick flowers from napkins to topiary with a glue gun, it will be faster and stronger.

For the Topiary trunk, the tree branch is well suited, and the base will be a beautiful decorative pot with a filler, a vase or a large mug that can be decorated with decoupage and cover with varnish, plane ribbons from the fabric.

Finally, you can decorate the resulting tree as beads, decor from ribbons, sparkles, feathers – to all that the soul will wish and imagination will allow. So very simple and quick way we can create a very interesting decor for our house.

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