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Crafts from seashells – Beautiful memories of summer


Shells – Beautiful Material for Creativity. You can make different beautiful crafts from seashells with your own hands and decorate the interior. To this occupation it is easy to attach and children

The most popular souvenir that everyone brings from rest to the sea is shells. Most people at home just hide them in a wardrobe. How to make this little souvenir can remind you of bright summer days, a pleasant breeze and fresh sea wave? Let your imagination and create beautiful crafts of their seashells with your own hands.

Cooking shells for crafts

Crafts from seashells - Beautiful memories of summerProduction of seashell products is an exciting and simple process for both adults and children. Shells are the most different in size, and their unusual relief and beautiful patterns they allow you to mentally return to the warm summer.

Sometimes it seems that they are created by nature specifically to make some beautiful thing or decoration.

But before proceeding to this, it is necessary to prepare material for work:

  • wash well;
  • If the remains of mollusks are visible – the material must be boiled at least 1 hour in a slightly salted water; Otherwise, you will get an unpleasant smell;
  • Sharp rubber edges to handle sandpaper, you can also use a nail file or a file;
  • To give the gloss and brightness of the paints, the seashell surface is smeared by baby oil or cover lacquer.

Those who have already worked with this material know all the subtleties of skill. For beginners, you must first of all assimilate how to glue the shell.

This can be done using several options:

  • Adhesive pistol. Working with him, it is necessary to comply with such rules:
  • The use of silicone glue is a simpler and safest option. Since it will dry for a long time, it is the perfect option for making crawl crawls to beginner masters: one or another part of the composition can be easily replaced. Silicone glue is applied abundantly so that shells can drown in it.
  • Not bad option – glue «Moment». If you didn’t like something, you can gently tear the shell and then stick again after cleaning.

Crafts from seashells - Beautiful memories of summerSince transparent glue, there will be no traces:

  • glue do not overheat, otherwise he will yellow;
  • Special care, working with small details, as the glue from the nozzle is very hot, its temperature is 200 degrees, so you can accidentally burn;
  • if it happened that you burned – quickly remove the glue from your fingers, as it will quickly freeze on the skin and remove it will be extremely problematic.

Sometimes during working with a shell, you need to make holes. To do this, use the drill. But before drilling, wrap the material with scotch and drill on top of it. Even if the shell is small, it will not split.

What can be made of seashells?

Paintings, souvenirs, boxes, photo frames, candles and candlesticks, appliqués, figures and many other crafts from shells you have the opportunity to make with your own hands.

The easiest, and at the same time a beautiful craft, is the decorative vase. To do this, in the transparent glass container, smeared sand, and on top beautifully stacked seashells of different shapes. Such a drawing diversifies the interior of your home. An excellent addition to romantic evenings will be candlesticks and candles of seashells.

It looks very beautiful to a photo frame from marine materials. You can simply enclose this material a simple photo frame. The result is an interesting thing that you can decorate your home or raise the original gift to loved ones.

Using seashells, you can diversify the interior of your home. Crowded trees or flowers can accommodate on the coffee table, hang picture or panels from seashells on the wall. We can decorate a mirror frame or clock with solubular marine mollusks. Crafts from seashells and stones can decorate a balcony or bathroom.

Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity will delight stylish sea jewelry – beads, bracelets, pendants, brooches and other products. They look very beautiful and original.

Crafts from marine seashells for children

Crafts from seashells - Beautiful memories of summerSimple shell crafts you can make with your baby. Start with such products in which you only need to supplement one or more seashells with small elements (you can cut them out of plasticine). For example, you can make snail.

To do this, take a spiral twisted shell. From light plasticine tack all parts of the body of mollusk. Then connect them between themselves, make eyes from small seeds – and the snail is ready!

Another shell handicraft for children – a turtle. Choose a shell for a shell, from light plasticine tones. Make a head, tail and legs, then connect all parts, modify the muzzle and eyes and together with your child admire the little sea turtle.

As you can see, shells can be used with benefit. To do this, it is enough to find free time and enable fantasy. Create, and let your creations please you and give a good mood!

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