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How to make a bulk star from paper?


If you want to originally decorate your accommodation for the new year and Christmas, make a bulk star from paper. We will tell you simple ways of making such a decoration

You can decorate your home to a solemn event using homemade accessories that will certainly create a festive atmosphere and a good mood. Thanks to the master classes discussed in the article, you will be able to assemble a bulk star from colored paper with your own hands.

Surround sprockets of small sizes

This way of decorating space will allow to transform the house both to New Year’s celebration, and for the birthday or any other holiday. In addition, the process of making crafts can be attracted by children who will certainly rejoice in an exciting lesson.

How to make a bulk star from paper?

To create small jewelry, you will need materials:

  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • Dense colored paper.

The process of making crafts looks like this:

  1. How to make a bulk star from paper?First you need to cut the strips with a width of 1 cm and a length of 30 cm;
  2. Then you should make a small loop, then wrap one end of the ribbon to get a nodule;
  3. After that, tighten the nodule so that a neat pentagon is formed;
  4. Next, wrap the sticking short end of the strip in the opposite direction so that it does not go beyond the face of the pentagon;
  5. Then turn over the workpiece;
  6. If the short tip of the strip still looks out, hide it inside the product;
  7. Then start wrapping the workpiece from all sides by the remaining long end of the strip;
  8. A total of 10 wraps will be obtained, as a result of which a five-pointed asterisk is formed;
  9. Peering end need to be hidden in the product, if necessary, you can use glue for better fixation.

The process of assembling such a decoration is quite laborious, because you have to deal with small details, but the result justifies expectations. Detailed schemes for creating such a craft you can see below:

Big five-pointed star

Volumetric five-pointed star from tight paper will be the perfect decoration of the Christmas tree. Make multicolored crafts with your own hands very simple, but despite this, they look very impressive and attractive.

To assemble an asterisk, materials will be required:

  • colored sheets of paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • Multicolored markers;
  • scissors;
  • Print with template.

Process of making crafts:

  1. How to make a bulk star from paper?Cut the star and show off with a marker at its discretion. In the same way
    Make the second workpiece;
  2. Using a stupid object, sell dotted lines, which are depicted on the template;
  3. Bend to the opposite side of the island designed for gluing;
  4. Then connect both half of the workpiece together with the glue;
  5. At the top of the decoration, make a small hole to tie a thread;
  6. Ultimately, you will get such a pretty Christmas decoration .

Asterisk origami

This master class allows only a few minutes to make a surround star origami from a thin paper of different colors.

To create homemade accessories, you will need:

  • sample;
  • scissors;
  • thread.

Process of making crafts:

  1. How to make a bulk star from paper?To begin, cut out the workpiece by the template;
  2. Then bend it from a stupid corner to acute;
  3. The same procedure is also performed for other parties: make neat bends on the ground, which are indicated by a dotted line;
  4. Then at one end of the product, do the hole to attach to the decoration of the rope.

Due to the very simple technology of manufacturing accessories, one hour can be made from 20 to 30 such jewelry.

Schemes of the surround star origami from colored paper you can see in the figure below.

Printing the desired number of templates, you can create a huge amount of Christmas decorations of different colors that will allow you to organize the desired festive atmosphere in the room.

Vintage asterisk

Vintage style decoration will look beautifully as a Christmas tree toy. In fact, technologically, the process of making crafts is not much different from the previous version, but has some features.

To assemble a vintage product, you will need:

  • Cardboard sheets;
  • ordinary notes;
  • sparkles or gliters;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Process of making crafts:

  1. How to make a bulk star from paper?Print the template and transfer it to the cardboard sheet;
  2. Then cut the workpiece;
  3. Carelessly brush the musical sheets into small pieces;
  4. The surface of the workpiece lubricate glue on one side;
  5. Stick to the product pieces of musical sheets;
  6. Next, apply glue to the workpiece for decoupage;
  7. All unnecessary parts of the scribe cut;
  8. Now transfer all lines depicted on the template to your workpiece;
  9. Bend the asterisk over the drawn folding lines;
  10. Then wake everything «seam» glue and sprinkle them with multi-colored glites and sparkles;
  11. Ultimately, you will get here such a vintage New Year asterisk .

Multifaceted star

The bulk star from the paper, presented in this master class, will be an attractive home interior decoration. It can be used both as a Christmas tree and as an accessory to decorate gifts.

To make a multifaceted toy, you will need:

  • Colored cardboard sheets;
  • ordinary pencil;
  • thread;
  • scissors;
  • PVA glue.

Process of making crafts:

  1. How to make a bulk star from paper?The process should be started with two cardboard sheets. It is desirable that they were square shape;
  2. Each square must be bent in half both vertically and diagonally;
  3. Then the workpiece must be bent twice diagonally, as shown in the picture;
  4. Next, you need to make cuts on perpendicular lines from four sides;
  5. After that, bend the edges of the workpiece and wake the sides of the four beams with glue, as demonstrated in the figure;
  6. Similarly, collect the second workpiece;
  7. Then take both halves of the future decoration;
  8. As a result, you will have this original product .

Turn on fantasy!

How to make a bulk star from paper?Volumetric homemade decorations made using Origami technology – an excellent way to decorate the interior, allowing you to create amazing crafts of various forms and colors.

This exciting occupation does not take away from you a lot of strength, but the result will certainly exceed all your expectations.

Thanks to the master classes discussed in the article, you can collect original stars, which, if necessary, it is easy to decorate sparkles, satin ribbons, glites and rhinestones.

Such decorations will be a highlight of the festive interior and be sure to delight your households and guests.

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