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How to make a pompon on the cap using girlfriend?


How to make a pompon on the header? You can use sweater means, and some craftswomen are having their own fingers. Beginners easier to buy special fixture

Needlewomen engaged in knitting for more than one year, this article is hardly useful, because the manufacture of pumps or bubons is one of the first classes mastered in knitting lessons. But those who accidentally lost pompon from the cap or scarf may face a problem: the hat has lost all its charm and children’s pads, and how to solve this problem – know a few. How to make a pompon on the header?

Universal accessory

How to make a pompon on the cap using the girlfriend?Today, this headdress is popular than ever. Caps with large bubones or pompons are worn both men and women, because this accessory refers to unisex style. They are perfectly combined with down jackets and other dolfi jackets and coats, besides, such caps are incredibly warm and able to warm even in severe cold.

If you accidentally lost the main decoration of such a headdress – Pompon, or acquired a conventional sports cap, and Pompon decided to do their own, this article for you. 

How can you make a bubo on the cap

There are several ways to manufacture such a round fluffy glove, crowning a knitted hat. To do this, you can use any prickly means – a matchbox, a diary and even a mobile phone. If desired, your own fingers will be helped.

And in stores for needlewomen you can find special devices, allowing you to get a perfect round bubo. They can have the most different degree of convenience and design design, but with their task they will cope with 100%.

How to make a punch on your hat? If you are not going to put pump production to the stream, you can do without forces. Do not use any prickly means and templates, you can become the owner of a thick and beautiful pompon on the cap.

To do this, it is necessary to choose yarn in the color of the head of the head of the head and preferably the same composition, and act in the following sequence:

  • Pulling the tip of the thread between the fingers, proceed to winding the free end into several fingers of the same hand. The larger Pampon diameter you want to get, the more to the fingers in the process;
  • How to make a pompon on the cap using the girlfriend?hard to pull the thread fingers should not, but also weakly wind is not allowed. At the same time on the number of yarn, which will leave for the winding, will depend on the thickness of the bubon;
  • As soon as you decide that it is already enough, the thread needs to trim and associate with the remaining end so that the machines received the yarn turned out to be pulled exactly in the middle, in shape reminding the butterfly;
  • Now it remains to be cut by scissors of the tangle in the locations of the yarn. Straighten the yarn fibers, fluffy them, and if somewhere there are irregularities and individual threads are knocked out in height of the total mass, they need to be cut.

How else to make a bobble on the cap

This option provides for the use of cardboard, or rather two cardboard billets round shape. Depending on how the pompon diameter you want, drew one circle on cardboard. Of course, it is better to do it with a circulation. If this is not available, you can circle, a cup, a thermos and any other Round shape.

In the center of this big circle, you need to draw a very small circle, sufficient for when you cut it out, it was easy to dry into this hole and repeat these actions more than once.

How to make a pompon on the cap using the girlfriend?How to make babolans on the cap? For this, you will need two cardboard circles. That is, two identical billets need to be cut, make a hole inside each circle along the drawn line, connect them together and start winding the yarn, moving in a circle. The more denser the yarn will be located, the more lush it will turn out the bubo.

Having finished the winding process, you need to cut the yarn on the outer edge of the blanks and slightly push them. It is necessary to drag them in the middle thread. She must tightly pull the bundle so that it can be possible to remove the workpiece without fears and bring pompon to the proper look. Also, as in the previous case, all existing irregularities can be fired with scissors, and then sew a bubo to the header, scarf and another product.

You can make many large colorful bubices of different colors and connect them into a single scarf. It turns out a beautiful large accessory that can decorate your image even in the most cloudy days. Enjoy your needlework and cheerful pompons!

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