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How to make a photo album with your own hands: Ideas Hand Maid


How to make a photo album do it yourself? You can purchase all the elements in the store necessary for its manufacture, but you can do everything yourself, starting binding

Today, how ever in fashion crafts made with your own hands, the so-called «handmade». The demand for them is constantly growing and must be said that such things are quite expensive. Disclinished postcards and photo albums go to the past, and the original, unique products come to replace them. These products belong to «Book of cutting» or as it is called in the west – scrapbooking.

Such an idea allows you to implement the book of children’s quotation, memorable drawings and cuttings, you can write my own chronicle. And how to make a photo album do it yourself?

Binding books

How to make a photo album with your own hands: Ideas Hand MaidYou can find ready-made scrap albums on sale, but those who want to create their masterpiece from beginning to end, do not seek to facilitate their task.

Armed with special blanks from chipboard, acrylic and painted cardboard, you can start creating a diary, a photo album or invitation, and you can make a normal binding, for example, by 12 sheets.

How to make a photo album in stages:

  • First you need to purchase the lower and top of the cover and cardboard. Prepare paper bonding strips that can be made from photo or watercolor paper. Cut ready-made album pages. Perform bigovka. That is, outline by any pointed line of the line along the edges of the strips for gluing at a distance, approximately equal to 4 mm. It is necessary to flexing the binding. The more it is planned to use convex and volume decorations, the more it should be the distance, otherwise the album will simply not close;
  • Cut the corners at an angle of approximately 45 degrees. Bend the strip along the drawn lines and glue one of its edge to the page, and as soon as it gets up, glue the other edge to another page. As a result, all 12 sheets must be fastened with each other. The end of the future album to stick the bandage, leaving about 1.5 cm at the edges;
  • In accordance with the binding width cut two pieces of special ribbon. It will help hide all its shortcomings and strengthen the fastening of sheets around the edges. Now it remains to be done in the photo album the book of the root. If the used sheet paper sheet is too thin, it must be folded in two. With this design, two parts are used: one will be on the outside, and the other on the inner. The external must match the sizes of the root, but it is necessary to provide for another 1.5 cm reserve on both sides. Internal cut exactly in the sizes of the root;
  • How to make a photo album with your own hands: Ideas Hand Maidglue inner and outer parts and bend edges inside. To obtain a smooth bending, the unpiring rod hold vertical straight, withsting the distance between them 1 cm. Attach the resulting design to the binding, but not to glue;
  • on top and bottom to glue the cover so that it is adjacent to the external sides of the flashes of the root;
  • Disclose the cover of the album and glue the remains of gauze and edges of the strip used to connect the pages on the inside. The root to the lateral part of the binding is not glued, as it will not allow to open the page. He must move away from the end of the binding. And the role of braid is to close the interval between the lateral part of the binding and the root;
  • If you plan to make a photo album from color photos with a large number of sheets, it is recommended to use for fastening the root Special carnations Brads. Now it remains to stick the album pages.

Album design

How to make a photo album with your own hands: Ideas Hand MaidLooking for a way to make a photo album scrapbooking, just look around around yourself. When constraining in the means it is not necessary to spend money on special decorations, presented on the showcase of a specialized store.

To do this, you can use any healthy means that will be in the house – ribbons, beads, shells, pebbles, stickers, buttons, clippings from magazines and T.D.

If you wish, you can put the production of things on the stream and receive income from this, because to make the original wedding photo album, a collection of photos of my baby or even just a beautiful postcard forces not everyone is a whole art, but he can always learn.

There will be no penalty in those who wish to acquire such a thing, because Hand-Made is extremely in demand.

How to make an electronic model of photo album


  • To create a photo album in electronic form you will need a program called AntWorks Fotoalbum. After downloading it to the computer and opening, you must click «File» And choose the option «Create album». The opened window is intended for the introduction of the name of the photo album. After downloading a photo into it, click «Add». If you want to download the entire folder with photos, then the choice must be stopped on the options «Add folder». Now press «Create»;
  • To make a photo album cover and watch photos, you will need an option «View». For example, to create the cover the key is designed «F9», You can view the photo in full screen mode using the command «F5» and T.D.;
  • You can equip your photo album with the key using the key «F8». In the opened playlist window to choose the option «Add». And to save the selected melody, confirm your actions by clicking «OK»;
  • How to make a photo album with your own hands: Ideas Hand Maidhow to make a photo album in the form of a video? Choosing a photo album and go to the service «Create a video», simultaneously press on the keyboard «Ctrl» and «F». Window opens «Creating a video». Find tab «Images» and in it with the left mouse button to highlight photos without releasing the key «Ctrl». In the next tab called «Installations» Set the desired video settings and confirm your actions using the command «Create»;
  • To make a collage of photos, you need to go to the appropriate service «Create collage» and find the desired style, after which you save it.

Working with the soul, and using all the possibilities of his fantasy, you can create an album to which friends and relatives will envy and ask you to make them the same.

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