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Options beskozyrok own hands: Paper and cardboard


To make a cap of paper with your own hands, it does not take much effort. Enough little skill and following the instructions. And then everything will turn out

The capillary is a shaped capWithout a visor. This is the form of the headdress of sailors and soldiers, which has been used in the army since 1811. To date, it is an interesting accessory that you can create yourself.

How to create a paper cap for a boy?

Instructions on how to make a paper cap.

You will need:

  • Options beskozyrok own hands: Paper and cardboardWhite and blue fabric;
  • Satin ribbons of similar color;
  • Fabric on an adhesive basis (doublerine);
  • Paper and scissors;
  • Anchor application;
  • Thread with a needle.

To make a headdress pattern, measure the circumference of the head. Put this value on the paper horizontally and vertically at about 5-7 centimeters.

The resulting rectangle will be the cap of the cap. Next, you need to cut out the corrugated tulle of the appropriate diameter.

Ready-made patterns are transferred to a fabric with an adhesive backing.

As a result, you should get 3 parts of the cap: Band, top and thong. A band of doublerine is glued on a blue cloth, and a crown with a top part - on a white fabric. The details need to be cut, retreating on all sides to 0.5 centimeters on the allowance. The band is folded in half and stripped off with an iron. The part must be tight. When the fabric is soft, you can make several layers by folding them together.

The top part needs to be swept and fastened with the help ofPins, then sew in outer circumference. To make the cap keep the shape better, the edges along the circumference from the wrong side can be made serrated. The product must be turned to the front and ironed.

Options beskozyrok own hands: Paper and cardboardThe band around the edges should be sewn with threads, along the inner circumference note small incisions. It is necessary to make sure that all the seams coincide, and there are no folds, and only then you can stitch the product.

Ribbons on the headdress are mandatoryElement and sewn from the wrong side of the back of the horn. First, it is recommended to pinch the ribbons with a pin, and then carefully attach it along the perimeter so that the tape does not twist. It remains to place the anchor on the band, and the sea cap for the boy is ready.

How to make a beautiful cap for a girl

Instructions for this headgear byManufacturing technology does not differ from the creation of the male version, but, nevertheless, there are some distinctive moments. For a female cap, a small dark cloth and satin ribbons are taken. First, a pattern is made.

Options beskozyrok own hands: Paper and cardboardFor this purpose, 1/4 of the circumference of the head along the height, approximately 10-20 centimeters, is laid horizontally on paper.

The lines are joined to make a wedge. Then, cut the pattern and transfer it to the fabric. Four wedges are cut from a dark fabric and sewed together.

Then it is necessary to sew a band by sewing a satiny narrow ribbon on it. So that the headdress does not fall off from the paper, you can sew the strings on the sides.

How to make a cardboard cap

To create such a cap you need to cut fromCardboard circle with a diameter of 3-4 centimeters. Next, cut a strip 5 cm wide. This strip needs to be glued and done along its entire length of small incisions. Ready-made incisions need to be folded in and glued to the circle. Ready-made headdress can be painted with black water-color, to it to glue golden ribbons.

It is not so difficult to make paper from a paper. This interesting accessory will look original at a costume party or a children's matinee.

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