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Accessories do it yourself – stylish and original


Why try to make a phone case if you can buy it? Because you want to have an original accessory who no one else!

Why know how to make covers for knife, iPhone, mobile phone, headphones? This accessory is easy to purchase in any souvenir or specialized store. And that there is not enough funds, not worth talking. They are even sold in stores «at ridiculous prices» – All per dollar.

Accessories do it yourself - stylish and originalIn the independently manufactured accessory, the gadgets look original.  If you know how to make a case, you don’t have to think about some small holiday where to get a little gift.

It is even difficult to say that it does not fit as a material for a phone cover. The only nuance is a bag for a knife better to produce leather in order not to injure yourself.

Knife in case

It is necessary to think about how to make a bag for a knife if it has to carry it with you. It must be said that the cover itself is very simple, more time will occupy case.

For the case you will need:

  • leather;
  • glue for the skin;
  • awl;
  • Durable or durable thread.

Get ready:

  1. First, the pattern is made – the knife blade will be burned on a piece of paper «With a reserve»  in 5-7 mm.
  2. A leather blank is cut on the contour pattern.
  3. The outer edge of the workpiece gluits.
  4. On glue pierced sequel holes, the beautiful seam is paved through them – through the edge or stitch «Rope».

Accessories do it yourself - stylish and originalAll, the case for the knife is ready, but now you need to think about the strap, thanks to which the knife can be hanging on the wall or fasten on your hand.

2 ribbons cut out of leather. The width of one slightly smaller blade width and approximately equal to the width of the case.

It can be fixed by the already described way – to glue and sew, but it is better to bore with special rivets. So fastened buttons on jeans.

Approximately in the middle of this wide bands are fixed by another tape – it is a little already in length 2 cm longer than the wrist girth. At the ends, rivets are fastened. A stylish case that can always be worn with me.

«Dress» headphones

How to make a cover for headphones so that they do not pollute and smaller confused?

So that the wire is not confused, it should be fixed on a dense basis in a rolled state.

You can cut any small tight fabric figure: Bear, Oval, Rhombus, Kitten – Fantasy is not limited.

The main thing is that the material was tight enough: natural or artificial leather, felt, cloth.

Accessories do it yourself - stylish and originalAction figurine is made in 2 copies, glue «back» and tummy.

On the front side, one end is fixed by the strip, and on the other they make a button for buttons. Button is sewn to the base.

Headphones wrap around the figures, fix them – now there is no chance to get confused at the wire.

You can sew a headphone case in the form of a handbag. In this case, the retainer is installed inside.

Case for expensive gadget

How to make a phone case? Manufacturing technology depends on material selection.

If the choice fell on the skin, a piece of velvet or a pocket of old jeans, then the accessory sew.

First, the paper gadgets on the contour – it will be a pattern. Do not forget to leave tolerances on the side surfaces – even the most super-modern flat phone has a volume.

Cut out the workpiece by pattern, edges stitch, processing the seams. The skin is first glued, and then flash – decorative large stitches look very interesting.

Speeciously looks at the leather case. Stripped loop.

Sew the case for the phone can be from any matter. Young girls can squeeze the exclusive case of rhinestones, boys – stick some thematic emblems on it.

Knitted products look original. The case can be raised with crochet and knitting needles, the measurements are removed along the contour.

Accessories do it yourself - stylish and originalMateled phone case sew like plenty. With this operation, even inexperienced seamstress or knitter will easily cope with this operation.

How to make a case for a paper phone and why? It is usually necessary to carry the gadget among things, and the packaging is lost. This precaution will help protect the product from squeezing.

To make a case from Paper, It is necessary to have a tight cardboard sheet at hand. The necessary dimensions are applied to it: the length of the gadget, width, the height of the ribs.

Central rectangle – by phone size. It is chosen to the ribs – the face, to them to admission to gluing, and the second rectangle.

When the pattern is folded, the gadget box is obtained. Now it is reliably packed, and it can be safe to pass into baggage.

Original Cases for Gadgets

Accessories do it yourself - stylish and originalHow to make a case for a telephone from rubber?

Fashion 2: Tie the usual crochet or weave on a special weaving machine.

Depending on the model of the accessory, it may be necessary from 500 to 800 colored rubber bands.

There are 2 methods of manufacturing a cover from rubber:

  1. Machine.
  2. Crochet assembly.

An experienced knitter can cope with the manufacture of an accessory in a couple of hours, and the product will look at the professional level.

There is a very original way, how to make a balloon cover. This cover will be not only original, but also the cheapest.

True, it is necessary to start with a partner:

  • To make a cover from the ball, you first need to inflate. Then one of the partners locks the hole for inflation, the other presses the iPhone or the phone to the ball back from the screen side;
  • Then the gadget is pressed into the ball, and the air is slowly produced;
  • When all the air is released, rubber tightly covers the case.

Accessories do it yourself - stylish and originalIt remains only to cut the hole to use the camera and connect the charger.

To make the original case for the iPhone or phone, do not need large spending on materials. Enough to connect fantasy and highlight a few hours of free time.

And when demonstrating an exclusive accessory, to the question «Where acquired?», You can mysteriously smile and reply: «There is no longer there! In a single copy, for me, handmade!». And after all, the only copy and handmade!

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