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How to make a music card?


Once, musical postcards were a huge rarity that fell to us single specimens (from the mysterious country of the GDR). But today you can even make such a postcard yourself

In the Soviet times, the post office was literally littered with festive and congratulatory postcards, which rarely reached the addressee exactly on time. Today it has become possible to remind a memorial or solemn event by telephone or the Internet, while some people still have no lost desire to collect memorable little things in family albums.

In this publication, we offer the basic recommendations on how to make a real musical postcard with your own hands.

So, you can advise a newcomer?

How to make a music card?If you are taken for the same case for the first time, and to the number of radio amateurs you do not feel, you can go easy, and all components are purchased in specialized stores. Again, the goods for manual creativity in them are quite expensive, and therefore it is worth looking for similar consumables in the outlets implementing the office and sewing fittings.

There you will need to choose rhinestones and beads, felt pieces and ready-made applications, cute stamps, etc. The final set of fixtures and consumables will depend on what type of card you are going to make. Wonderful if the idea of ​​its appearance and content you have long hatched in my head. You can also take advantage of our advice.

To make the postcard sing, you need to search for a music element, the text and the pronunciation of which will be fully. To this end, you will have to elap a lot of finished products and choose something that meets the event and personal requirements.

Gift Recommendations

As the basis, the most often used dense monophonic or colorful double-sided cardboard, paper for scrapbooking and invitation letters. The basis of the necessary parameters and forms are attached, after which you can start decoking.

How to make a music card?This is the most responsible part that requires an understanding of the combination of colors and shades, basic and auxiliary elements, the subject of the holiday and personal preferences of the recipient.

In the role of jewelry, anything can act: ribbons, feathers, lace, beads and buttons, beads, butterflies or animals cut through stencils.

On top of all this it is important not to forget to apply the congratulatory inscription itself, for which you can use markers, markers, acrylic or gouashe paints, pasta of gold or other color.

Fabric option postcards

More cozy I «warm» The way to make a greeting or invitation music card with your own hands, looks like this:

  • A sheet of thick paper or cardboard bends in half;
  • On the entire surface of the base, ordinary PVA glue is applied, better if it is in the form of a pencil, so more convenient;
  • Then you need to quickly glue the tissue loskutka paper by imitating a Scottish cell, a patchwork blanket, or just create a background of one shade and invoice;
  • How to make a music card?Such a musical craft can be decorated with everything that sticks to it or prick. One of the options will be fabric petals and flowers, vegetable patterns of ribbons and beads. The main thing is to make the outline of the future pattern using a copy paper or a stencil taken from the site or invented independently. So that the petals and buds are volumetric, you need to cut several of the same billets, after which glue them to each other and secure. For example, if the postcard declares the application in the form of a bouquet, then the stems of the colors can be embroidered, twisted from the tapes or cut the desired color from the tissue and glue;
  • Do not forget to attach the musical element elongated from the postcard of industrial production.

Embroidered greeting card

Even if you do not know how to embroider at a professional level, do it yourself to really create the original and spiritual offering, in which every stitch will be made with love and good promise. To do this, it will be enough to purchase a CANVA in the store with a schematic image of the desired pattern and the necessary inscriptions, acrylic or moulin of threads, thread (just in case), and stock patience. The main thing in this check is not to depart from the diagram of any millimeter, because it will only work out to create a really accurate gift.

How to make a music card?You can make the finished handicraft on the basis of cardboard or tight paper, and you can make a move of a horse, and enter into an embroidered picture into a wooden frame. The last permissible to paint into a bright color, wrap with ribbons or sisal, plane shells, butterflies, flower, beads and artificial pearls. Do not forget that there is a sufficient number of literal schemes on sale, thanks to which you can embroider congratulations to the recipient or just his name and patronymic. Well, if you are a confident PC user and the Internet, you can create a personal virtual music card using the appropriate software.

It will take it a few minutes, and the finished result can be placed on social networks or email.

Dare and delight people loved ones!

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