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How to make skin decoration with your own hands?


How to make leather decoration with your own hands? Beautiful decorations from leather and stones on the neck. What you need to buy for skin decorations? Is it possible to do home decorations at home

Leather jewelry looks beautiful and original. This material is very plastic and durable, so it turns out excellent necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets and mobile covers. All this can be done with your own hands, you just need to gain patience and «turn on» fantasy.

Making a bracelet

How to make decorations from the skin with your own hands?The simplest is weaving leather bracelets. To create such a decoration you will need stripes or laces from natural suede and skin. One of the options is to weave the usual pigtail for 3 tapes and several times wrapped around the wrist to link the tips of the start and end laces.

The second option, take one wide strip and glue it with glue or hot glue guns a few stones. You can choose the design more comprehensive, with beads and shiny, it all depends on your imagination. At the edges of the strip, it should be slightly less than the wrist girth, do 2 holes. Thin tapes are inserted into them, «clasp» Ready.

If you are familiar with the basics of weaving Macrame, then make a beautiful and original bracelet for you will not be difficult. For those who undertake this case for the first time, we offer a variant of weaving for 4 laces. Better if 2 ropes are the same color and 2 other, it will be more interesting.

Laces are connected using a node, leaving the desired length for the fastener, then fix on some surface. The center is left 2 strips of the same color, along the edges of the other. For convenience, enter them from beginning to end – 1-4.

The first rope is echoing through the top 2 and 3 tapes, they will roll under 4 and rolling return back. It turns out a loop. Cord number 4 passes under 2 and 3 stripes, pull out before number 1. On top, capturing the beginning and end of 1 lace, return back, again passing the tape under №2 and 3 stripes. End of 4 strips are inserted into the loop formed by 1 cord. Gently tighten the knot, pulling for 1 and 4 edges.

Thus, only extreme ribbons participate in weaving. They form 2 loops around the middle ribbons. All subsequent ranks are made similarly. Slowing the bracelet of the desired length, on the end they make a knot again, and the tips are left for strings. It is worth considering, as the workers are extreme stripes, their initial length should be more medium cords.

Such a decoration of the skin is perfectly suitable as a stylish gift to friends and loved ones. Youth loves such «Fenusheki», And they are not always cheap. In addition to bracelets, you can make a stylish belt.


Beautiful belt can be bought, but you can make it yourself. The last option is more preferable for those who love originality and something to make something. It looks beautifully a wicker product with multicolored slice suede and leather.

For it, a certain number of identical billets cut out. This can be done using a template. Draw on a sheet into a cage «bow» 10 cm height, along the edges of 6 cm width, in the center of 1.5 cm.

Smoothed the corners from the center and the edge of each of «ears» Banta retreat 1 cm and painted a truncated triangle (2 cm base, clipped top 1 cm), make holes. Cut ready stencils. For convenience, it is transferred to the cardboard and on the resulting template prepare «bows».

How to make decorations from the skin with your own hands?

It should be borne in mind that the material can be taken from various products: boots, bags, raincoats, but its thickness should be about the same. The number of parts is calculated simply. Defined with the form of clasp and fasteners. It is approximately 5 cm on each side. The length of one link is the same. The required amount of waist is divided by 5 and minus 2 details. In the course of the case, it will be possible to adjust this amount.

By making the workpiece, proceed to assembling the product. The bow is folded in half. The following part in the center is inserted into the center in the center and fold twice again. Thus gain the desired length. To extreme elements, or fasten leather ties, or tipped fasteners purchased in the store. All is ready. Just this decoration from the skin to buy somewhere it is unlikely to succeed!

Pendant and necklace

This material is suitable not only for the manufacture of belts and bracelets, but also for elegant jewelry on the neck. With it you can make a beautiful pendant, beads or necklace. For the manufacture you will need suede and leather cords, pieces of multicolored genuine leather, glue, scissors, a bit of rabbit or mink fur, beads or pebbles.

To begin with, the basis is preparing, the various components will be attached on it, the form of arbitrary. On the reverse side, in the upper part is glued or sewed for a rope. Using a hot glue gun along the edge, beads are fixed, after a certain period.

Next, the colored lace is well absorbed by PVA glue. Arbitrary curls around beads or stones are formed from it. In the center of glue glued fur. The basis is ready, you can proceed to the manufacture of the core.

Flowers are best made from colored soft material. 5 circles are cut, these are petals. In order to make bets, they must be heated. Suitted match.

The petal is taken by a tweezers and the bottom, the darling side holds over fire. Natural material does not burn, but the bottom, heating, makes the petal volume, the main thing – do not reverse. Having received the detail of the desired form, take the following and do the same manipulations.

Since we have a decoration of leather and stones, then pebbles glued as the core of the flower. Only not in the center of the coulon, but a little side. Around it from petals Flower is formed. Fields are cut out of the material of another color and glued at the base of the composition. On top of the lace is formed by a vine on which you can «Plant» Buds beads or small sparkles.

It remains to insert a leather rope and pendant Ready. If you wish, you can make a necklace of colors, only not so small, and multi-layered. Technology will be a bit different. First you need to draw a sketch of the decoration.

The basis can be made in the form of leaves or branches, on which multi-layer flowers are available in random. For the manufacture of 1 units, 3 parts of different sizes with 5 or 6 petals will be required.

By the way, their number and shape can be different as who likes. Each subsequent detail should be less than the previous one in Polrase. Form of the leaves is also arbitrary. Carved spare parts by the terry side are put on a preheated frying pan, naturally, without adding oil.

How to make decorations from the skin with your own hands?After some time they will become voluminous, and, it means, ready for further work. Collect the flower so: on the base glued the biggest blank smooth side up, then smaller, the last, small, put up up with an invalid. It turns out, the petal bent up. Boujin or pebbles are glued in the center. In the same way, the remaining details of this decoration of the skin on the neck.

When all the flowers are ready, they are placed according to the sketch based on, but not gluing. If everything looks harmoniously, all parts are put on glue. The composition can be diversified by beads, curls of leather cords and sparkles.

Origine and unusual

Such unusual decorations will suit many outfits. Their advantage is that they are unique and made with their own hands. These decorations always pay attention, and, it means, on their owners.

Wear not that everything, stand out from the mass and at the same time look elegant and modern, would like many. But not everyone has the opportunity to purchase original things, because in most stores the range is monotonous. But, make decorations from the skin can anyone who adds, thus, thus their headsets. Dare and you will succeed!

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