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How to make lampshade with your own hands from girlfriend?


How to make label do it yourself? In the course you can start any blowing materials – fabric, satin ribbons, plastic dishes, threads, yarn and other materials

Interior design can not be called finished if there are no accessories and other little things. Paintings, lamps and floor lamps, animal figures and vases – all this is inseparable part, without which the room looks boring. Repair in the house involves the replacement of old things to new, but you should not hurry to throw out the old lamp or lamp, because it can be updated without much material costs. How to make label do it yourself?

Abazhur of fabric and thread

How to make lampshade with your own hands from girlfriend?In principle, having a ready-made frame, you can make external design using a variety of materials – old newspapers and magazines, fabrics, satin ribbons and much more, including tie a new «Clothes» on the lamp with knitting or crochet. If you just want to wrap the old frame with a cloth, with the former plastic you need to remove the measurements. It’s easier to cook with a newspaper.

Later it is required to be transferred to the fabric and cut the blank with letters on the seams and bending. All further design depends only on your imagination. You can buy artificial flowers and rhinestones and decorate them the future element of the interior. And how else to make a lamp lamp?

Incredibly originally and originally lamp, decorated with burlap roses. For this, burlap must be cut into squares of the same shape and twist from each improvised rose using transparent glue. As soon as the flowers get dry, put them on the rows on the lamp, applying the same glue and stationery staplers for fastening.

How can I make a lamp to the threads? Balls made using threads have long been popular as elements of interior decor. Such inexpensive material will help to update and an old lamp or chandelier.

Here are the stages of its manufacture:

  • inflate the ball of round shape and the desired size and fix the thread;
  • Armed with a motk of threads, start carefully and slowly to wrap them with them, moving in various directions and following the thread tightened tight;
  • From how many layers of threads will be wound, the permeability of light depends and it must be taken into account. Having finished this stage of work, the threads need to be thoroughly soaked with PVA glue;
  • When they dry, you can proceed to the removal of the ball. It is not forbidden to burst it with a needle, and you can also just slow down the air and remove the element unnecessary already;
  • the place where the ball’s tail was, can be carefully cut with scissors. The hole must be sufficient to skip the wire with the lamp.

How to make a frame for lampshar

And what to do those who do not have a framework on which it would be possible to mount the work of art performed by her own hands?

Make it yourself, following the following instructions:

  • You will need two types of wire: one with a diameter of 4 mm, and the other is a diameter of 1 mm;
  • Make two rings of the desired size from thick wire. Places of fastening of the two ends wrapped with a thin wire and wrapped with glue «Moment». To work with thick wire, you will need a hacksaw, the slurry is easily smoking the nippers;
  • The ribs of the future of lampshar are also carried out of the thicker metal products, and they are attached to the rings on the principle described above;
  • Now it remains to secure the bulb cartridge in the frame. Make a loop from wire and wrap it with a cartridge, and outgoing «Tails» use for hanging for the top ring, as well «Insured» their thin metal wear and glue. All, frame ready.

Other options for making lampshar

How to make lampshade with your own hands from girlfriend?How can I make a lamp lamp? Per step can go anything. Look back around yourself and once again comb your old things and interior items that are already «Alumni» your own and dust on the balcony.

Maybe you have an old globe? Then it can be cut into two parts and do not make one, but even two table lamps.

Cork paper remained from something? It can also be put into running and decorate the old lampshade, following the instructions:

  • First you need old, in places the darkened and praying lampshade paint the gold paint in order to add it a presentable view;
  • Now from self-adhesive cork paper cut circles of different sizes. Go out into the street, block some thin twigs of trees and to cut them into small lumps;
  • Enclose lampshade with circles, and after around the perimeter of each of them, lay down the sheltered lumps from the branches. For fastening you can use glue «The Dragon»;
  • how to make a beautiful lamp lamp? Re-establish the base of these same stations by laying them in several rows. Such an unusual lamp perfectly fit into the interior in the style of country, which embodies the rustic spirit.

If you have a piece of felt and you would like to use it, but do not know how to make a lamp from this material, we will tell you about it. Here all elementary. Removing the cloth with the help of the race from the newspaper, cover her frame of the future lamp. But before this, on the template you need to draw on it, and then cut and stick flowers, butterflies, any geometric shapes and everything that will come to your mind.

However, it is not necessary to fully cut figures, it is important that they at least some part connected with the common web. As a result, the effect of multi-layered, and from small holes in the tissues formed by not fully figules, the light will unobtrusively penetrate the room.

How else to make lashore for lamp? For the decoration of the lamp, you can use a disposable dishes, such as cups.

Here are the assembly stages of such an original light source:

  • In accordance with the diameter of the frame, collect a circle from the cups, connecting them between them with clothespins;
  • How to make lampshade with your own hands from girlfriend?do a few such circles, and so that they keep together and have not disintegrate, each couple of cups need to be soldered together. If you have a wire frame, then fix all the design on it is just enough to wear it from above and all. Also, and in the case when the Torrsher already has its own old lampshade, and, if necessary, the bottom of several cups need to be melted with glue;
  • This design can be made and round. In this case, the ball is going out of two halves, and if you have an old Christmas Garland, then you can insert her light bulbs in the holes done in the bottom of the cups, and get an unrivaled beauty lamp capable of raising the mood on a cold winter day.

Successful to you needlework, creative ideas and inspiration for creating author’s unique lampshar!

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