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Soviets of needlewomen how to make a dress with your own hands from girlfriend


Copy stock of old shirts and t-shirts – a great reason to update your wardrobe. We will tell you how to make a dress from a T-shirt or shirt with your own hands

To dress originally, it is not necessary to spend money on the purchase of new clothes. In this matter, the main thing skillfully use the fir-handed materials from which you can sew interesting and fashionable outfits. This article we will talk about how to make a simple dress with your own hands.

Where to begin?

To do this, you do not have to master the art sewers, the proposed ideas can embody even those people who never sat for a sewing machine.

All you need to create interesting things:

  • shirts;
  • T-shirts;
  • stationery gum;
  • paper.

Product from T-shirts

To make an original dress you can use T-shirts that are great on you.

To do this, you will need:

  • Soviets of needlewomen how to make a dress with your own hands from girlfriendT-shirt;
  • roulette;
  • scissors;
  • Normal sewing machine.


  • To start, measure the width of your hips;
  • Divide the value obtained by 2 and make the appropriate mark on the T-shirt, laying the length from the center;
  • Mark the outline of the future tunic, but at the same time note that you need to make a small allowance for the processing of seams on each side;
  • Since the T-shirt has a flashes, wash the edges of the zigzag;
  • Now we sew a T-shirt on both sides;
  • Ultimately, you should get such a damned robe:

Now let’s see how to make a dress from an old t-shirt on a rubber band. This option is even easier than the previous one, because you will need only to reduce the width of T-shirt sleeves.


  • Mark on T-shirt the desired width of the sleeves and cut more superfluous;
  • Then we walk the sleeves, pre-sewing the edge of the product so that it does not dissolve;
  • Spit t-shirt and sew a gum of the desired size with an inside;
  • As a result, you will get an interesting outfit that can be decorate with accessories

Paper outfit

How to make an original paper dress? It is about this that will be discussed in this section. As a material, you can use not only cardboard or newspaper, but also napkins. Of course, such a product will not be able to wear daily, because the material is quite fragile, but for some thematic event it will definitely fit.

Outfit from the newspaper

If a large number of newspapers accumulated in your house, do not hurry to throw them out, because of them you can sew a dress.

To implement this idea, follow these steps:

  1. Soviets of needlewomen how to make a dress with your own hands from girlfriendRemove all the necessary measurements;
  2. Make on sheets of newspaper folds with a width of no more than two centimeters;
  3. Carefully scroll all the folds;
  4. Connect the sheets of the newspaper to each other so that the skirt will come of;
  5. The edges of the newly minted skirt can be seen on the typewriter or glue by conventional glue;
  6. So that the outfit can be removed without damage, on the seam, located behind, attach the velcro;
  7. Similarly, collect a blank from the folds for the top of the workpiece;
  8. Make the appropriate cutouts in the neckline zone;
  9. With the help of a pin, collect the vertex components;
  10. Glue or step up the top of the outfit;
  11. As in the version with the skirt, attach the velcro at the rear;
  12. Cut two strips that will serve strapels (width no more than 2.5 cm);
  13. Attach them along with the help of glue;
  14. Similarly, assemble the belt for the dress;
  15. At the final stage, you can paint out the outfit with ordinary colors or decorate it with sparkles.

Obviously, the paper cannot be called durable, but in originality he will definitely not refuse. If you have some kind of not too serious event, you can easily surprise your acquaintances, appearing in such a dress.

Dress from rubber

Soviets of needlewomen how to make a dress with your own hands from girlfriendTo consider this one in detail, because it is very difficult to make a full-fledged gum dress. Yes, and the process of creating a rubber masterpiece you will have no less than a month.

Pretty original outfits made of rubber band makes designer M. Milev, whose works are considerable in demand.

To create one such product in a girl takes at least three months. For the manufacture of products, it uses only gum and nothing else. But despite this, her dresses are obtained impressive.

Beautiful outfits and creative ideas!

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