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How to make a belt for dresses?


Belt – a small strip of matter capable of completely change the appearance of its carrier. If you want to know how to make a dress for dresses with your own hands, this review for you

The belt is a stylish and practical accessory that is able to supplement the outfit and make the necessary emphasis when forming the desired image. In this case, correctly selected accessories can drastically transform pretty boring dresses and make a figure more elegant and sophisticated. But the situation when no belt is suitable for the selected alongside, there are not so rarely. However, you can cope with this problem by making the original decoration with your own hands.

Needlework creation, sewn in accordance with the style and color of the dress, will add the charm to the formed image, which will make you irresistible and attractive in the eyes of others. How can you make a dress for dresses with your own hands? It is about several interesting master classes and will be discussed in this article.

Leather Product

Moisturizing the belt on the principle that is considered in this master class, you can wear an accessory not only with the dress, but also with a classic suit or autumn coat. How can you make a belt from the skin with your own hands? To create a stylish product, you will need either an old leather jacket or just leather pieces with knitted cloth.

Sew the strap for the outfit can be literally half an hour, but at the same time you will get a very original and extraordinary product that is perfect for your along.

To make a belt personally, you need:

  • How to make a dress for dresses?Cut 4 pieces of leather and a fairly wide piece of fabric;
  • From the material, capture 2 billets of one size for each of the parties, as shown in the photo;
  • Make a small fabric assembly and put it between leather inserts;
  • Still the product on a typewriter with a small step;
  • After that, on one side of the workpiece, we enter two buttons, and the other – do holes below them;
  • Ultimately, you will get such an original belt of leather and knitted insert, which is suitable for any outfit

Bead product

How to make an original belt belt with your own hands? This version of the accessory for the dress is made significantly longer and requires some beading skills from beads. To make it necessary for at least 2 hours a day for two weeks. Of course, the process is quite laborious, but the final result will be appreciated not only by you, but also others.

Necessary materials:

  • Multicolored Czech beads №11;
  • The usual line with a thickness of up to 2 mm;
  • Special needle for beads weaving.

Manufacturing process:

  • How to make a dress for dresses?Type 2 beads on the fishing line so that the tip length is approximately 25 cm, and then
    Commit them in the ring, as demonstrated in the scheme;
  • Next, type the third bead and closer to one ring with the previous one;
  • Then drag the end of the fishing line through the last bead;
  • By the same principle, dial at least 16 pieces of beads, after which go to the weaving of the second row;
  • From this stage, 2 beads should be rolled on the fishing line at once;
  • Type 2 2 and start the end of the fishing line in a bead number 9 of the previous series;
  • Then drag the end of the fishing line through the bead number 8;
  • Next again, ride 2 beads, withdrawing a fishing line through the beads No. 7 only from above, after which they drag the end of the fishing line from the bottom through the beerink No. 6;
  • According to the described technology, finish the second row of weaving;
  • Then all subsequent rows collect in the same way;
  • When you collect a fairly wide belt, insert the buckle in the resulting product;
  • As a result, you will have such a wonderful and bright accessory.

Website products

How to make a beautiful belt from sequins with your own hands? This is a pretty simple master class, so for the assembly of the original belt, some specific skills will not need. In addition, it is possible to make a beautiful accessory not from scratch, it is enough to take an old rag belt and simply split it with sequins of various colors using a thin line. Otherwise, you can sew a strap, and then simply decorate it using sequins.

Necessary materials:

  • Sequins;
  • double-sided buckle;
  • Wide rubber.

Manufacturing process:

  • How to make a dress for dresses?Measure the required length of the gum, taking into account the allowances for buckles;
  • Insert both parts of the buckle from each end of the gum and give a line to the typewriter;
  • If you do not want, during the sewing seam seams, you can see, use the technology with secret stitches, as shown in the diagram;
  • During the sewing «Scheek», Each subsequent will overlap the previous one by half. Thanks to this, you are formed a smooth and uniform surface of sequins;
  • As a result, it should be such an original strap with brilliant finish.

Strap for embroidery

How to make a stylish belt for embroidery with your own hands?

There are two most common versions of straps suitable for embroidery:

  • Belt lace with leather tassels;
  • Strap, embroidered either by sequins or beads.

How to make a dress for dresses?The last option has already been reviewed in previous master classes, so it is worth staying in more detail on the lace with tassels.

You can easily make such a decoration in half an hour, but it looks very unusual and harmoniously looks with traditional embroidery.

Necessary materials:

  • 2 m cotton rope;
  • 2 large beads and 2 nuts;
  • 2 small pieces of leather;
  • Adhesive Pistol.

Manufacturing process:

  • First you need to cut a fringe for future tassels at the ends of the strap;
  • Cut the two rectangular pieces of the skin of 11 cm in size;
  • From the wrong side of the pencil, swipe the control line at a distance of 1.5 from the edge of the workpiece;
  • Then draw the vertical cuts of the cut, which should be located at the same distance from each other;
  • Next, cut the skin pieces on the fringe, as depicted in the photo;
  • How to make a dress for dresses?On one end of the rope, bind nuts and beads so that their diameter decreases to the ends of the strap;
  • The uncut part of the fringe is abundantly lining with glue and wrap around the end of the lace;
  • At the twisted tassel, put the nut and glue one bead to it;
  • Similarly, process and the second edge of the lace;
  • Ultimately, this is such a stylish and cute accessory .

Homemade belts and straps are ideal not only for dresses, but also for other outfits. Beaded products can be worn with jeans or skirts, and wicker belts are perfectly combined with autumn and winter coat.

The master classes discussed in the article will allow you to create unique and unique accessories that will not only complement the image, but also become a bright accent, which dress you wouldn’t wear. Bright images and stylish belts!

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