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Tilde doll: how to paint cloth at home


Want to make a tilde with your own hands, but you can not find a light brown fabric? Today we will tell you how to achieve your shade you need using fabric staining at home

Today, the tilde doll is becoming increasingly popular, which can be used not only for the game, but also for interior decoration. And if you make in this way of home, he will become an excellent mascot of your home, able to protect it from everything bad. In addition, in the process of creativity you can relax the soul and tune in to positive.

You should not forget that you can give your own Tilda my good acquaintances, and believe me – it will be a great presentation. And do not think that Tilda can only be in the form of a little man. Not at all! You can give it the form of all sorts of animals. The main thing in its creation is a fantasy! Yes, and colors can be original if you decide to paint the fabric at home with natural dyes.

Features of the manufacture of dolls Tilda

Tilde doll: how to paint cloth at homeAs for the history of the emergence of these amazing dolls, then, most likely, our grandmothers created something similar in childhood. But only in 1999, the production of Tilde was delivered to the stream and they began to be used for decorating the room. When buying such a doll for the purpose of decorating, you can purchase a Tilda packaged by the collection of fragrant herbs capable of filing your home with pleasant flavors.

In the manufacture of such a doll, keep in mind that this work requires painstuff. You must carefully sew even the smallest details. Don’t forget that thin handles and legs also need to fill with sinteps, and then gently sew. Pay attention to the seam, which traditionally passes in the center of the face. Try to make the heads of the head equal, otherwise the face will look asymmetric.

If we talk about clothes, then it is usually sewn to the body.

It is necessary to do it very carefully that the seams are not noticeable for an extraneous eye. If you want your doll sitting, you should make a few stitches under the knee. In this case, the Pose Doll will not look tense.

As for the seams, all parts of the tilde need to stitch the secret seam so that it looks like. And as we said, in order for Tilde not only adorned your interior, but flavored it you can invest in the middle of special sachets with fragrant herbs. Moreover, you can add finely sinny cinnamon or vanillin.

You can fill the tilda sea salt. But before mixing it with the filler, it is necessary to flavor it. For this you can simply add a few drops of essential oil to salt.

Tilde doll: how to paint cloth at homeAnother embodiment is to add to the sea salt of a small amount of crushed mint, Melissa and other aromatic herbs.

One of the features of the manufacture of these dolls is the light brown color of the details.

Unfortunately, it is with him most often and difficulties arise, because it is quite difficult to find the desired shade. And so today we will talk about how to paint the cloth in the right shade at home.

This can be done by adding such ingredients to the water:

  • Tea;
  • Coffee,
  • Green.

And now we will consider the technology of coloring using the presented ingredients.

How to paint cloth with tea

In the method of painting tea there is nothing complicated. First of all in this case you need to weld a special solution. To do this, you will need an enameled saucepan, several spoons of custard black tea and cold water.

We do the solution as follows:

  1. In a saucepan, we pour cold water. There are several spoons of tea. Attention! The amount of tea will be directly dependent on what color you wish to get in the end.
  2. Water with tea put on fire and bring to a boil. At the same time, watch not too much water, because in this case you will not have to paint the fabric.

Tilde doll: how to paint cloth at homeAfter the solution is ready to be filtering it through two- or three-layer gauze. Add a slight salt into the resulting liquid. This is done so that natural dyes are harmful and practically did not wash away.

To paint our future tilde, you need to read as follows: Just lower the tissue into water and boil in the solution for an hour and a half.

Attention! During the boiling process, do not forget to periodically stir the cloth so that it does not paint divorce. And one more thing: never dry fabric in a vertical position, because in the place of contact of the fabric with rope or clothespins, spots are definitely formed.

How to paint cloth with coffee

Before starting to paint a tilde cloth in this way, consider that the doll after such a procedure is likely to smell coffee. Give your Tilde the color of the light tan can, prepare a solution from coffee, which should be applied to the cloth using a conventional brusie.

The solution in this case should be prepared as follows:

  1. Tilde doll: how to paint cloth at homeIn half a glass of water, dissolve from three to five spoons of ground coffee. Attention! Coffee should be natural, not soluble, because, otherwise, to predict the color of the fabric will be almost impossible. By the way, at will, in this solution, you can add half a teaspoon of vanillina to give the fabric of an even more refined and multifaceted fragrance. Also pay attention to the fact that before use the solution must be thoroughly strain, because dark brown spots or divorces may appear on the tissue lumps on the fabric.
  2. In order for the fabric to be painted evenly, be sure to push it well before staining with the help of household soap.
  3. Before painting the cloth, it is better to fully form all parts of the body of the Tilda. If the color turned out to be too saturated, you can simply press the part with a wet napkin or gauze. And then all the extra color will remain on it. And one more nuance: when dried, try to do so that the fabric does not come into contact with other surfaces, because in places of contact, the color will be less saturated.

How to paint the cloth with green

Tilde doll: how to paint cloth at homeIf you need to paint some details of your title outfit in the emerald color, then for this you can use a green.

In this case, you only need to mix a few drops with warm water and lower the piece of cloth in it. Color will depend on the concentration of green in water and duration of staining.

Color in this case turns out quite nice. Fashion notes: in the same way you can paint and sneakes from the fabric. Attention! Remember that you need to paint not all sneakers, but only the rag. Therefore, lower them into the water with green horizontally, trying to the sole as the water.

If the edge was slightly painted, it is possible to fix it with a small amount of liquid for removing varnish.

And one more thing: if you hold them in water literally a few seconds, then they will be quite gentle. But if you keep them ten minutes, then the fabric will be dark emerald.

As you can see, today we figured out, how can you paint cloth at home. At the same time, remember that the saturation of the color with the like painting depends on the concentration of coloring substances in water, and on the time of soaking.

So, perhaps, at first, you should experiment on small pieces of fabric, which in case of unsuccessful painting will not sorry to throw.    

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