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Wedding champagne and glasses: how to decorate with your own hands?


Decorating champagne used for a long time. This drink is one of the main attributes of the celebration, so all the couples seek to decorate a bottle with it with various elements.

Any wedding attribute deserves special attention. Bottles of champagne, glasses, of which will be made of newlyweds – Some of the main items of entourage. They are decorated using a variety of elements. By tradition, wedding champagne decorated as the bride and groom and the bride. On the bottles you wear analogs of festive outfits and accessories. They are sewn, draw, sometimes they appliques.


Wedding champagne and glasses: how to decorate with your own hands?Currently, photos of newlyweds with their autographs, names, wedding dates are often combined on the vessels with a drink. If you want all attributes to look original, you can use other decoration techniques.

Fantasy and your own hands will help you make the most exquisite entourage. To be more creative solutions, you should familiarize yourself with the existing ideas that can push on interesting thoughts.

Using atlas

If this fabric is present in the dress or groom’s dress, this way of decoration will be very appropriate. Instead of sewing outfits for bottles, they can be performed by satin ribbons.

To do this, you will need:

  • White satin ribbon – about 10 m;
  • Black satin ribbon – approximately 8 m;
  • Lace (you can use a brocade tape) – 10 cm;
  • Glue «Second» or «Moment»;
  • Glue stick;
  • Rhinestones (you can beads or small stones);
  • BANT – approximately 3 m;
  • Champagne – 2 bottles.

Just in case, take a larger number of necessary elements – Suddenly, during operation, something will deteriorate.

First of all, we remove stickers from vessels, but we leave foil on the necks. Immerse the champagne wedding bottles in about an hour, and then carefully remove the labels and wipe the glass so that it is absolutely clean.

Enter the lace from which you will do «collar» For neck, superimposed. Excess fabric gently cut, and glue the right piece with a pencil glue.

Wedding champagne and glasses: how to decorate with your own hands?Next, proceed to one of the most responsible stages – the manufacture «Wedding Dressing» From the tape. To do this, parallel to the collar apply it to the neck and cut off such a piece that is needed to make one full turn around the top of the bottle. He must have to go to the bottom «collar», but not to close it.

In the same way, we attach the other coils that will begin in the middle of the previous. From these elements we will make wedding champagne «dress» do it yourself, and so that it is good «Sitelo», Foundation (glass and lower part of each layer) Lubricate glue.

«Sailed» Approximately 2/3 bottles, we continue to wrap it up to the bottom, but in a straight line, and not by mast.

Next, from a wide bow, we perform skirt. If you have to cut the edges for this, they need to gently sew, but it can look rudely, untidy. Therefore, it is better to use the soldering iron and with it to connect the edges. The edge can be treated with gentle embroidery.

Now the bow must be collected by the thread so that he takes the shape of the skirt. Preparing 2 more of the same items. To one of them (which will be the top) joins the brocade tape. The latter will serve as a décor for skirts, as well as hide their assembly places.

Ruffles can also be glued, but first try it to be at the desired level. To skirts well kept, you can also «Crack» their thread, but it is important to take into account that it should be in the tone of the Golden «belly» Rolly.

Of course, zone neckline «Bride» must be decorated, so and the neck of the bottle is decorated, gluing to «Collar» Necklace rhinestones.

Now we need to decorate a vessel with a hat. You can build it from cardboard and slices of satin. Cut the circle with sweeps in the form «rays» and a rectangle of about 1 cm wide, length equal to the length of the throat of the bottle. Rectangle glue to get a cylinder, and connect it with a circle, bending the inside of the fold, which will allow you to connect two details.

Wedding champagne and glasses: how to decorate with your own hands?Cut from the cardboard another circle with «rays», But they should be inside. From it we will make the hats fields, gluing the cylinder with the help of extracts. Now the hat must be attached to the atlas and decorate the bows of the same material.

That’s how you can decorate wedding champagne in style «bride» do it yourself. «Groom» You can dress in the same way, but it is not useful to a skirt, a necklace, instead of which he will have a butterfly.

«Collar» We do strict – binding White Satin Ribbons Decoral. Further suit we do through the same weave, but black satin ribbons. From large rhinestones, you can make buttons on a suit.

We use decoupage technique

This type of decor looks elegant and stylish. To implement it, you will need such a set:

  • Alcohol;
  • PVA;
  • White acrylic;
  • Postcards – a few pieces;
  • Acrylic varnish;
  • Two bottles of champagne.

Perform decoupage wedding bottles champagne for newlyweds do it yourself start with cleaning vessels from stickers. We do it with water and knife. Next, with alcohol degrease the glass, we apply two layers of the white acrylic on it.

Postcards from both sides cover acrylic varnish, dip them half an hour in warm water, after which the paper base from them will easily go away, and there will be transparent pictures at our disposal.

Wedding champagne and glasses: how to decorate with your own hands?Cut the parts you need to create a song. PVA is weaving with water and with a mixture glue fragments of postcards. Complete the decoupage should be smoothing the gaps between pictures and glass. This is done by sponge and paint, which is most suitable for color under a specific image.

The composition is more interesting, if you add it to any bulk elements (beads, stones, rhinestone, modeling and t. D.). Vessel can be lacquered, giving him a brilliance. If the picture turned out to be elegant in the style of minimalism, you can add a little shine that is a bit «Vitribitis» her.

One of the best ideas for a wedding decoupage of a vessel with champagne and glasses, which you can perform with your own hands – Implementing the idea of ​​marriage itself. Pick postcards depicting the rings, brides and groom, pigeons and t. D.

Krepim Beads

Very concise, but gentle, elegant decor. We need:

  • Champagne;
  • White paint in the form of an aerosol;
  • White contour on glass;
  • Small artificial flowers;
  • Beads (imitation of pearls);
  • Glue «Moment».

This vessel decoration technique also suggests the cleansing of glass from the label. Next we apply an aerosol on it, let it dry for 2 hours.

Mark the pattern circuit on the bottles – on one half of the heart on each (in the mirror image), dear this place with glue. With the help of tweezers, apply all the elements on the vessels, alternating them in order that you like.

Around the decoration can still do some kind of optional monotony patterns. Better if it is just small emptiness on a general background.

Create knitted cases

Great idea for decorating vessels with champagne. Pick up a delicate pattern performed by crocheted thin threads, tie with your hands the canvas, narrowed up in the shape of the neck.

You can supplement the decor with rhinestone, stones, beads, ribbons, but do not overdo it – the knitted pattern in itself looks very smart and catchy.


Wedding champagne and glasses: how to decorate with your own hands?The easiest way to decorate their decoration is a hitch with silk or satin ribbons.

Often Decor Boxes «consonant» with the style of vessels with champagne, so you can choose for yourself any technique described above.

If there is a desire to highlight them, you can apply other ways. For example, you can put rings, pigeons, silhouettes of newlyweds, names or initials of the bride and groom, securing the materials with rhinestones or beads.

Elegantly looking glasses decorated with fatin, lace, organza, veil.

In the wedding decor never excess flowers. They can be natural or artificial, drawn, engraved or volumetric (for example, winged).

As for engraving, it is also possible to apply the initials of the young, the date of the wedding and T. D. It is very good with painting.

For originality, you can combine various ideas and styles, but remember that the attributes should not look too clean. Otherwise they may look vulgar, tasteless.

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