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How to decorate a dress with your own hands


There are quite a few ways to decorate a dress with your own hands. Skillful decor will make a truly royal outfit from a truly thing, causing envy and admiration

Sometimes a new dress stays in the wardrobe, since his purchase seems an error. Beautiful silhouette emphasizes the advantages of the figure, but it feels in the outfit some incompleteness. Fantasy and needlework skills can transform a thing radically by making it unrecognizable.

Several recommendations how to decorate a dress with your own hands

How to decorate a dress with your own handsIndeed, often the final stroke that makes the thing in demand, the original finish or addition of accessories becomes. Most often for this use lace.

Thanks to elegant laces, you can revive the thing from a monophonic fabric. The collar or cuffs are especially brightly brightly. However, openwork drawing looks good, if you decorate it a hem or cutout. For monophonic models it is better to select contrast colors. Especially popular decor of light fabric lace black.

With the task, how to decorate the collar dresses can cope even a beginner needlewoman. A woman possessing good skills in sewing, you can choose a more complex option. In this case, decorating the dress with lace, it is worth trying to insert in the side of the side or on the back.

To do this, you will have to cut a small piece of fabric and arrange lace outdoor. So that the insert looks neatly, you can close the seam of a satin ribbon or to re-establish it with rhinestones.

This is not the only way to decorate a dress from a monophonic material. For example, lately, more often, designers are resorted to a combination of simple tissues and perforated, smooth or textural skin. Why not apply the development of fashion designers in practice?

Glamorous chic – beads, rhinestones, fiberglass, fur

How to decorate a dress with your own handsTo decorate the dress rhinestones, it seems you do not need special talents. However, the abundance of sparkling elements can give things a vulgar tint. Therefore, you should not use beads in large quantities. It is better to emphasize the attention of girlfriends and men on separate details. For example, large beads around the dress cutting will become a worthy bait for a lonely cavaller.

Sew beads preferably in the form of a wide ribbon. To do this, first on the tissue draws the outlines of the improvised collar, and then begin to sewing the glass.

Ever easier to decorate things with rhinestones. It is enough to attach an acquired application to a plot selected for finishing, cover with a thin web and try the iron equipped with a pair function.

Although to get a decent outfit, you should approach the process creatively. Ready appliques are easy to use, but there is a risk that the rival will choose a similar drawing. Therefore, it is better to try your hand in creating an original pattern. If fantasies are missing, you can simply stick rhinestones in chaotic order.

How to decorate the dress to emphasize your status and sense of style? The answer to the question does not change for many years. The best option in this case will be natural fur. At all times, the fur finish was a fashion trend. Even a simple monophonic outfit will be a real decoration of the wardrobe, if the bottom and the sleeves are things to handle special fur ribbons.

Flowers and ribbons

If the above recommendations do not satisfy your aesthetic taste, try using the following tips:

  • Artificial flowers. To create colors use various fabrics: organza, felt, satin. You can sew the product to the bond of the outfit or let the floral ornament on the heal or the edge of the cutout. Naturally, the material from which the accessory is performed must fit the style and fabric. Heavy Flowers will delay the hem, deforming the silhouette. Incredibly, the original will look at the novelty – a flower of polymer clay;
  • Satin ribbons. It is believed that the popularity of this finishing material presented the legendary Jacqueline Kennedy, who had truly impeccable taste. Almost every dress was decorated with ribbon. If a woman is a fan of this style, there is nothing easier to decorate a black dress with colored ribbons, placing them with free waves along the hem;
  • If there is a desire to give your own shade of cute baby flirts, it is recommended to tie a ribbon under the breast of a neat bow. By the way, such a reception is incredibly popular among the brides who want to emphasize their own innocence.

If the decoration of the tissue dress does not represent a special difficulty, to the decor of knitted items should be approached with caution.

How to decorate a knitted dress: creating an exclusive dress

Naturally, in this case there is no way to decorate lace inserts. Yes, and simple lace, as well as rhinestones capable «get lost», If the product is made in a large hand knitting technique.

How to decorate a dress with your own handsHowever, in this case, designers offer a decent way out. A large quantity is perfectly harmonized with fur finish, as well as small details made of leather. You can use flowers and beads that should really stand out.

Dress made of thin knitwear can be diversified by resorting to decoupage technique. So designate the applique made of submitted materials. You can search in a specialized store Ready pictures. But as a rule, they do not differ in variety. The choice is offered endless floral motifs.

I want to get the original option? It is recommended to create a decoration of buttons of different sizes, shape and color shades. You can pre-put on the knitwear insert from the fabric. You need to perform work with maximum accuracy and patience, since the tighting of the web or its stretch will lead to the deformation of the silhouette and will have to start all over.

Decoration of black dresses for cocktails

Very often with the problem of decor faced ladies who are not presentation than can decorate a monochon black dress designed for cocktails. A small nuance – perfectly sitting dress practically does not need decorations. Most often accessories use to hide flaw figures.

How to decorate a dress with your own handsIf it seems that the image will be incomplete, you can use a cervical scarf, tagging it instead of a belt. Beads, embroidered along line decollete, waist and hemp superbly emphasize style. Especially if the pearls are used as a bead.

Popular option how to decorate a black dress, make lace inserts. And even easier, get a lace cape or lightweight prostine, which can be sketched on the shoulders.

If you need a radical change, the scissors are going to move. Cutting a hem or sleeves can be straightened to change the design. Short sleeves, on the contrary, can be equipped with a removable continuation made of transparent or openwork fabric.

A short dress can be decorated with a loop that is attached directly to the belt. Detail not only changes the style of things, but also visually lengthes the legs. Tired black color? There are paints intended for artistic paintings of the canvas. Why not create a copyright picture?

A woman with a developed fantasy will always find a way to make a wardrobe diverse, using outdated and not too successful items. Do not fear to spoil the dress, it would still continue to hang in the closet without. Having tried to change its design, you can get a truly fashionable thing.

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