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How to choose a wedding outfit


Wedding – Undoubtedly, key event in the life of each woman. And so I want the love of all the love of love on this celebration, including the awake of the bride. How to choose a wedding dress?

What should be the perfect wedding? Noisy or modest, on the tropical islands or in an old church, with lush walks or gatherings in the circle of relatives? In principle, all this is not so important, because the most important thing is that you finally find a person who is ready to spend the rest of your life, and you are ready to answer him the same.

It is clear that in this significant day, the future custodian of the family hearth tries to look as beautiful as possible.

Flour of choice

How to choose a wedding outfitAnd the main claims concern not even hairstyle or makeup, but a wedding dress. Agree that men in this regard are much easier, but women have to seriously prepare for solving the problem as to choose a wedding dress.

We hope that ours will be able to facilitate the fate of the bride, since it contains the basic recommendations on the choice of a style, colors and style of such a dress.

It would seem that with the current abundance of wedding salons and boutiques, it will not be difficult to buy a dress. But after a few days, unsuccessful searches it becomes clear that nothing of the proposed looks like the outfit of your dreams.

Why is this happening? We dare to assume that you are picky or picky, expose clear and stringent requirements for the quality of the material and tailoring, the uniqueness of the finish and the relevance of the style.

Under such circumstances, your path lies in the studio or to private seam, which will choose a good pattern, the height of the landing and depth of the neckline, the puff of skirts and other parameters. As a result, it will turn out the perfect dress that advantageously emphasizes the subtleties of the figure and hobs her natural flaws.

Ordering an individual tailoring, you will get the opportunity to harmoniously look with your fiance, because the experienced seamstress will take care of the features and his costume.

Choose a dress on the type of shape

Solving the question of how wedding dress to choose, decide to which particular type of physique you feel. It can be a figure «Sandhashes», «Grub», «Inverted triangles» and «Apple».

Then should be clarified, the outfit of which size is to buy. It is important here to be honest with yourself, and not buying too narrow or spacious option, which will have to visually make you slimming or veiled disadvantages, respectively.

If you are going to marry a pregnant woman, the dress is better or sewed to order, or pay attention to the purposely developed outfits, originally intended for the brides in «Interesting»Position.

Now about how to choose the right wedding dress if you have magnificent parameters. As a rule, the solution to the problem is found in outfits with corsets and lacing. But here there are their unpleasant moments.

One of them lies in the fact that the laces perform more decorative function, and are able to break / break into the most inappropriate MIG. In addition, a strongly tightened corset makes a figure unnatural, and the process of socks – uncomfortable and stinting.

How to solve the problem: buy an outfit that will make your completeness soft, cute, gentle and natural. Take care of products with a-shaped silhouette and longitudinal cut. Avoid tight stuffing styles, circular, swollen, wide sleeves and ruffles. Let the fabric be matte, bust – emphasize wide straps, and the waist is riveted in a reliable and comfortable corset.

Choose a dress based on growth

And now we choose with you a wedding dress not only on the figure, but also in growth. Regarding this, the following recommendations can be given:

  • If you are low, then it is better to prefer the model with an overwhelmed linen of waist and deep neckline on the chest. Such additional accessories, like high gloves, short sleeves or long beads, too, visually lengthen growth;
  • With a normal figure and average growth, problems with purchase should not be at all. If there is at least a minimum fullness, it is better to choose a simple outfit with a minimum set of decorative elements;
  • Tight dresses – prerogatives of ladies with growth, which is above average. In this case Wedding style Relations must emphasize the harness of the physique. Measure models with wide belts, bulk sleeves and a low waistline;
  • Wedding fashion Prepared festive outfits and high girls with a thin body. Such brides are recommended to choose lush products, with multiple drapets and ruffles on the hips, in the chest and shoulders. If such styles are not to face or do not like, choose those that are sewn from moire or satin.

Types of Stamps

How to choose a wedding outfitNot each of us causes the envy of their ideal forms, but this is not at all a reason to hide in shapeless outfits. It is enough to just understand the type of physique and navigate in the existing shafts of solemn outfits.

So, what can they be:

  • «Ampir». Such models are distinguished by an overwhelmed waist, located slightly below the bust, and smoothly turning into an intertwined or lush skirt. They are sewn from weightless fabrics, or can be combined, summer options have straps or even do not at all, while winter is done with wide sleeves. Holders of a small bust can advise dresses «ampir», in which the top sews from dense fabric, and the bottom – from the air. Square cutouts visually reduce bust, as well as volume decorations of the branch. In general, such dresses are more likely to choose the low brides, pregnant women or those who have determined the type of figure «Apple»;
  • «A princess». This style resembles the letter A. In fact, it is universal, and at the expense of minor alterations can be adapted under each figure and different growth. For example, «pears» Ideally fit the model model with a clearly defined waist and trapezoidal bottoms, while «Apple» Requires a high waist, and expanding the book skirts. In this case, the main sewn materials are silk, organza or atlas, and beads or rhinestones are used as scenery;
  • «Sheath». The dress tightly fits the shape, focusing on all its bends. For a romantic appearance, it can be added to the cut in the form «Boat» and elongated sleeves, and the floor length helps «Pretty»;
  • «Ballroom». Similar outfits are very easy to face brides who have a luxurious bust, taut and elongated figure, or the type of body type «Grub». They are relevant for any growth, emphasize the waist and hide a pregnant tummy. Sew «Ball» You can dress from any material, but it is better to use Chiffon, Atlas, Tulle and Organza. Permissible to make loops;
  • «Mermaid». Such vestments are permissible only with ideal parameters or physique «hourglass». For sewing you need to use transparent and light fabrics, and the style of making the most fitting.

As for the color ..

How to choose a wedding outfitRegarding how exactly the color to choose a wedding dress, I want to say that white outfits are traditionally bought. But traditions can be compared with dishes, since both exist in order to be broken. If you don’t want to do this, remember that there are many shades of white color, and therefore, measuring, festive vestments, take a look at it and in daylight.

Today there is no place to condemn and prejudices about the fact that the bride should be exclusively in white.

In fact, it is quite possible to fit in the outfit from pink, blue and even red material, focusing on the style of celebration, their tastes and other circumstances. And even better, go choose your wedding dress with a fiance, and then you will definitely be the best in his eyes.

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