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How to organize a small wedding


Wedding celebration requires certain financial, physical, emotional costs. Is it possible to spend your wedding yourself and inexpensive, so that everyone liked?

Prehistory: a few days before the new year called son and said that I would soon be a grandmother, after which I wanted good night. As you understand, you have not succeeded, first from surprise, and then from thoughts «how is this all celebration to organize with the least losses», T. E. inexpensive.

Option 1: Standard Wedding

How to organize a small weddingSince it is possible to organize a wedding yourself and inexpensively and cheap?

Consider how the stages can be organized a wedding celebration yourself.

Let’s start with the appearance of newlyweds. But how can it be saved on the closures of newlyweds?

Possible options:

  • Order in Pornmichi. Wedding dress, veil, gloves, garter, cape and newlyweds costume more expedient to order in the dressmakers – minimum costs for embodied fantasies;
  • Order via Internet. Now youth often practices the order of goods through the Internet, for example, from China, such things will cost inexpensively, but they will still have to be customized under themselves;
  • Take outfits of newlyweds hire. Rent a new or used dress and costume will cost 2 times cheaper of its purchases;
  • Buy in stock stores. New wedding, high-quality shoes offer stock stores at a price 2 times lower than in the salons. The minus is that the appropriate version of the clothes will have to look for a long time;
  • Buying jewelry and wedding attributes on the market and in the supermarket. Inexpensive, but high-quality jewelry and attributes can be found in network supermarkets or on the market;
  • Hairstyle, makeup and manicure is better to do the most, so there will be less surprises in such a solemn day, and much more economical.

Wedding rings

Economics will make rings from unnecessary, outdated gold products. Alternatively, jewelry stores offer the exchange of precious metal scrap for finished products with surcharge.

Order festive dinner

The largest cost of expenses, as it turned out, is the order of the banquet hall. On products to save difficult, as the quality product is always in price. What to do?

  • Choose a restaurant or cafe on the outskirts of the city, and better in the suburbs, after adjusting the main menu;
  • As an alternative – arrange the celebration at the cottage (as a last resort – at home);
  • Main products, delicacies, juices, water and alcoholic beverages, get in wholesale store. Alcohol should be taken at the rate of one or two species of each drink;
  • Cake can cook mom or grandmother in your favorite recipe, and top to cover it with mastic, similar video tutorials is replete. In the extreme case, instead of the cake, you can offer guests cakes, for example, meringue. They will cost inexpensively. Dessert Calculate about 150 grams per guest.


The design of the banquet hall is actually carried out on its own, of course, with the help of girlfriends and relatives. Guests will be pleased to see their name on the festive table, for this you can use small boxes with gifts and the name of the invited, which will serve also and landing cards.

On the tablecloths elected fatin, sublected in several places. Perfectly complement table setting Bouquet of artificial colors with candles. Fire cleans the space and promotes communication.

And the monetary chest with a slot or mounted lock is easy to make from a cardboard box, saving it with wallpaper, or cloth, decorating with flowers, tapes following a common room style. How to do it right, you can look at special sites.

How much will cost the rental of transport and decoration of the wedding cortex?

Car for newlyweds on average costs 2000-4000 rub. in a day. Cheaper will book it for several hours. And you can ask the guest with a beautiful car about the service. With this option, expected spending only on fuel. For guests without personal transport, you will have to order a minibus for several hours. And this is an extra – 1500-3000 rubles.

Master and musical accompaniment

How to organize a small weddingIf you are tired of the same type of festive contests offered by Tamada, you have the opportunity to try yourself as an entertainment organization organizer. Will facilitate the task of helping friends, girlfriends and relatives.

The worldwide network offers a lot of examples of scenarios and video of weddings. Pre-thoroughly thinking every contest, instruct your «Copodes» Conduct them. And do not forget to purchase or cook prizes.

Option 2: Wedding together

From the evening, cook (wash and challenge) a robe in which you intend to go to the registry office.

On the appointed day, the bridegroom buys a bouquet of flowers, takes the rings with him, drives over the bride, together the marriages are sent to register marriage.

After it would be appropriate to go to nature, ride on the yacht, go to the rink, jump on the trampoline and make funny selfie smiles, legs, collapsed hands.

Complete this significant day preferably dinner with candles, for example, on the roof of a high-rise house, on the shore of the reservoir, on a river tram – here Flight Flight is unlimited!

Option 3: Wedding in Nature

How to organize such a wedding yourself and make everything correctly tell the Internet. The network has a lot of useful tips.  We offer one of the options.

After the redemption ceremony of the bride, the wedding procession, making the honorary circle of the inlate places of the city, leaves for a pre-prepared platform for the celebration, somewhere the forest zone of the suburbs, on the shore of the lake or river. Here will harmoniously look at the arch of flowers. Plastic chairs and tables It is advisable to re-establish a cloth with bows.

Young can let go into the sky of pigeons, balloons, ride water transport, ignite a large bonfire, drive away dances around it or dance aboriginal dance, organize horseback riding.

Instead of contests, offer competitions: dragging the rope, orientation on the area – to hide some item, and through rebuses and riddles to task it to find, for example, the chest for money, and then start the presentation procedure for gifts. Impressions and photos will remain unforgettable. And the romantic festival finals will be launched into the sky of Chinese lanterns or a laying of burning candles on the water.

The main thing, in this embodiment, so that the weather does not fail, agree in advance with «Heavenly Chancellery».

Option 4: Wedding without a banquet

Celebration without a banquet is an excellent option of how you can organize a small youth wedding yourself.

After the painting ceremony with relatives, the youth company can go to the entertainment center, the Roller Center, on the rink, usually for the convenience of visitors such institutions have cafeterias and pizzerias.

Option 5: Wedding at home

Little wedding can be organized at home. For a banquet at home, especially in the apartment, it is appropriate to invite no more than 10-20 guests. This option allows you to include contests, creative tasks, riddles about each Guest in the plan of entertainment activities.

Everyone will be interested, for example, to see the slideshow of relatives, ranging from black and white photos of great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers, ending with vignettes of newlyweds from the graduation.

Option 6: Student Wedding

This is one of the options for how you can organize a wedding independently without resorting to the help of parents.

How to marry a poor student if the scholarship ends in a few days?

It is clear that about dresses, rings, limousines, banquets and other wedding attributes and dreaming do not have to. But how to spend a creative, unusual holiday in student style?

For this, it is possible:

  • Create a wedding blog «My preparation for the wedding» and earn on advertising;
  • give a task to friends to try yourself as a guide, find an interesting place in the vicinity of the city and tell new facts about it;
  • How to organize a small weddingFlash Mob from the fellow students on the city’s square is an exciting spectacle;
  • Voyage on the electric train on a student ticket in the regional city, where they spend a holiday or entertainment show, will be an unforgettable adventure, and the collective distribution of flyers will help to earn on the road.

The main thing is to be unusual, exciting and fun! Such a holiday is definitely not forgiving, at least with its unusual and originality.

In any case, arranging priorities, remember: the value of the celebration does not guarantee a happy family life.

But, most importantly: Love yourself, choose what you like to you (this is your holiday), take care of the strength, nerves and time, they will fit you so much after the wedding. Happy family life to you! Love and be loved!

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