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How to finish knitting?


When knitting hats, scarves and other things with your own hands, it is very important to properly complete knitting. On how to finish knitting with knitting needles we will tell you

Every attack of colds is accompanied by a thoughtAbout how to warm up more comfortably. Of course, we want to protect the ears, legs and neck from the cold, and so everyone rushes to the store for new purchases. Despite a large selection of hats and scarves, you can not always enjoy a quality product.

How to finish knitting?And, therefore, you need to take the knitting needles and trySomething to connect. In this case - it's the best way out, because you can choose the thread of the desired quality, to tie the thing with the original pattern. In this case, do not spend a lot of time for this hobby. And if you are also a fan of serials, then this is the case when you can combine useful with pleasant.

To connect the most elementary (a cap, a scarf or socks), will not make special work. But you can slightly diversify your wardrobe with additional accessories.

When you have decided on the thread, pattern and evenBegan to knit, there is a global question: how to finish knitting beautifully? Of course, it all depends on what you are knitting. When knitting the hats, you need to know when to subtract the loops.

Knit sock should be properly closed. If you liked symmetrical patterns or braids, then it's much harder to complete the binding, because you can get a bad picture.

Knitting a scarf

Scarf weaving is the easiest wayDiversify the wardrobe, which does not require much time and special skills. If you do not know how to correctly finish knitting a scarf with crochet and knitting needles, do not worry. In fact, we have to weave a long knitted fabric. Accordingly, to complete it, all the loops need to be closed in the usual way, without adding or subtracting. Crocheting suggests that knitting loops are already closed by themselves in each row.

Beginners also have to learn everything for the first time, and then you need to understand in more detail how you can finish beautifully knitting with knitting needles.

Despite the fact that in most cases you use the elementary closing of loops, you can choose one of several options for how you should finish knitting the canvas with knitting needles, namely:

  • How to finish knitting?The tying of two loops together. As a result, you get an even pigtail of the closed plan, which will not stretch. The essence of the method is that you are tying the edge loop together with the first. This is done by the facial smoothness behind the rear wall. The resulting loop should be removed from the right knitting needles to the left and now tied with the next in turn. So the entire series closes. It's easy to do if you have a hook at your fingertips. It will help reduce the time. The original loops are more beautifully covered from the wrong side;
  • Loosening one loop through the second, whenThe pigtail leaves stretched. It is more often used when weaving elastic bands or different relief patterns. You make the first two loops (those that are on the right spokes) along the pattern. Then the second you stretch through the first, and on the right spoke there is only one loop. The third stretches through the second, and so on down the chain;
  • The row is closed with a needle. This kind of closure is used for the rubber bands, and then the pattern looks neat. You make a stitch with a needle, tying the first three loops. Then make a stitch for the purl loops, and so on to the end.

You can extend the scarf by decorating with tassels from the thread.

Braiding caps

To understand how best to finish knitting hats with knitting needles, you need to study well its pattern, size and shape. If a complex or symmetric scheme is assumed, then it is better to calculate all the subtractions on a piece of paper.

There are several ways how to finish the row in knitting headgear with knitting needles:

  • How to finish knitting?Plain. It is more suitable for simple products without ornate patterns. To make such a cap look more fun, use a multi-colored thread. All you need is to tie about a third of the depth of the cap. Then make a decrease in the middle of the panel: every five loops are tied two at the same time. And so continue the six rows. In the last rows, before the end of the mating, tie in three loops at the same time. Continue until you can fasten the knitting loops with a needle;
  • With pomponchikom. You send a line to the depth that you need. In the last 5-7 rows, you do a decrease at the edges. Close everything in a convenient way and stitch the piece from the wrong side with the pipe. You tighten and sew up the thread where there should be a pompomchik;
  • With wedges. In this case, before you finish knitting with needles, you need to calculate your pattern well, because at the top the cap will be divided into wedges, which will then be sewn together. Divide the binding into an even number of parts. It will be better if you initially have a total number of loops of an even number. If it is odd, then add the required number of loops for parity on each side. Usually take 4-6 wedges, each of which must be tied separately, making the loops on the sides. In the end, you should get 4-6 loops, that is, on a loop from each wedge. These loops are sewn together;
  • How to finish knitting?With horns. This is the easiest way to finish knitting hats. You untwist a canvas, the length of which is equal to the girth of the head, and the width to the depth of the cap. Now fold the two sides to the center and sew them together. The seams are sewn along the entire length at the top. Pin corners with brooches or ribbons, and the cap with horns is ready;
  • A cap-"Pinocchio". To achieve the effect of Buratino's cap from a fairy tale,You need to tie a third of the depth of the product, and then on each side to do the reduction of the loops. If you want a long hat, then do a decrease in a row or two. Well, when you prefer a short cap, make a decrease in each row of several loops at a time. As a result, you should get 3-5 loops to be sewn.

Weaving of the socks

How to finish knitting?Knitting a sock is a painstaking job. Especially if the technique is carried out in the usual way, that is, using 5 spokes. Many people are wondering how to properly finish knitting with a knitting needle so that the product looks neat on the leg.

The secret is that you need to carefully calculate the loops for decreasing the toe and the place from which to start this decrease.

To do this, you need to try on a new thing, and note the place where the little finger starts.

Decreasing is done like this:

  • Identify the side lines;
  • In each row, remove two loops, tying together on the left and right spokes;
  • Reduce until you see 4 loops that need to be attached as a result.

Knitted things warm the body and soul. After all, these things are done with love, warmth and care. This is a good opportunity to pamper yourself, as well as present a useful gift to those who are dear to you.

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