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Hedgehog from sweets – original and delicious gift for all occasions


Hedgehog from sweets is an unusual presentation for every person. Original and tasty animal can be created with your own hands quickly and easily

Recently, candy products are greatly popular. Beautiful bouquets and original figures will become an excellent gift for both children and adults, and for any holiday. Tasty present can be purchased in the store or order on the Internet, but there is a wonderful alternative – to make it with your own hands.

Hedgehog from sweets is an unusual option for the design of sweets. Thanks to detailed master classes, everyone can easily make it independently. Present such a gift to the child, and he will receive not only favorite candy, but an interesting and unusual toy.

Master Class – Making Hedgehogs from Candies

Hedgehog from sweets - original and delicious gift for all occasionsTo make such a crawl, do not need special skills, so you can lure children for whom it will not only be interesting, but also fun.

Necessary materials to make hedgehog:

  • Styrofoam;
  • Metallized paper gold color, although, if desired, you can choose another color;
  • Crepe paper;
  • Chocolate candies having a round and rectangular shape;
  • Toothpicks, tape;
  • Gun with hot glue;
  • Buttons or beads for the nose and eye;
  • Floral packaging;
  • Artificial flowers and various decorations.

Detailed Master Class for Manufacturing Hedgehog

  • Starting with the formation of an animal body. To do this, you need to take foam and cut oval. The length should be about 18 cm, and width 13 cm. Then remove the layer from the bottom so that the figure is not hacked and smoothly stood on the table. With a sharp knife, cut the face with a pointed upward nose. In general, you need to get the body, as close as possible outlines to the figure of the hedgehog;
  • Now with the help of adhesive guns, push the muzzle with golden metallized paper, and the body is a strong. Do everything neat so that there are no folds.
  • Using buttons and beads, make an animal eye and spout. Ideal if you take these details with an old toy. Their size does not matter, the main thing is to be beautiful. In this case, the hedgehog of sweets made with their own hands will look as realistic as possible;
  • Go to the decoration of the body. Take the floristic film of any color or use several options at once. It needs to make blanks. Cut squares in size 13×13 cm. Take two multicolored squares and put them on each other so that it turns out an octagon. Using sewn gently make a hole in the center and insert into it toothpick. Collect the film so that it turns out the similarity of a beautiful flower, and fix it with scotch. Gently scatter and postpone. According to such a scheme, continue to make workpieces with your own hands, as a result there should be 45 pieces;
  • When everything is ready, start inserting toothpicks into the body of the hedgehog. First, make one row and go to another, which costs a little shift so that there is no void. Another refinement is to see that the film does not close the eyes, so the first row should be 2 cm above them;
  • At the end it is recommended to turn the hedgehog and insert toothpicks across the area. This will not only allow to get the smooth bottom, but will increase stability. In general, the whole body of the animal, for the exclusion of the face, should be covered with film flower. Hedgehog already looks very beautiful, but now we are his «Sweese». Using a glue gun, attach candy to toothpicks. It is important that they are smooth and not hacked. After that, distribute candy all over the body of the hedgehog.

In principle, the master class can be stopped, but we propose to make a figure even more beautiful: with the help of the same pistol with glue, you can add the composition with artificial flowers with small apples or mushrooms, of course, artificial. That’s all, the original gift is ready!

Several tips for beginners

  • Instead of floral cellophane, you can use organza, grid, fatin and other similar fabrics. Of these, you can also make squares or cut rectangles for the formation of pantics or couchers. In this case, the width of the organza should be, as in the master class, that is, 13×13 cm;
  • Another original version. You can take corrugated paper, cut petals from it, and then 4 pieces. stick to candy and only then fasten on toothpick. It turns out that the candy is the center of the flower. Hedgehog with such decorations looks very beautiful;
  • So that the figure looks still more organic, you can make a stand in the form of a leaf from corrugated paper.

How to make hedgehog?

Hedgehog from sweets - original and delicious gift for all occasionsAnother option to create a sweet gift. This master class is similar to the previous one, but the final result will be significantly different.

Necessary materials:

  • Foam «Oasis» (you can buy in floral stores) or foam;
  • Transparent floral paper;
  • Foil or brilliant packaging paper;
  • Cardboard;
  • Corrugated paper;
  • Double-sided tape;
  • Candies that wrap on top;
  • Glue pistol;
  • Eyes and spout;
  • Toothpick;
  • Chocolate mushrooms, coins and t.NS.

Detailed description, how to make a bouquet of hedgehog from candy

  • As in the previous master class, start standing with an animal body cutting. Place it with corrugated paper and with the help of a glue gun attach eyes and nose. Using foil and toothpicks, make blanks. Cut squares, fold and pinched them. Turn the workpiece, making something similar to the flower, and lock the scotch. Make about 16 blanks, and then, as in the previous embodiment, distribute them by the body of the hedgehog;
  • Go to the formation of needles. To do this, take 14 rectangles from transparent floral paper with a size of 15×10 cm. Take the toothpick and attach two-way tape for her end. Make a cone from the rectangle and put candy in it so that the tail is at the tip. In candy insert the toothpick and fix the film on the branded earlier. To the ends of the paper be more accurate, you can wrap their food film. As a result, you should get a neat cone with candy inside on the toothpick. Make such 14 pcs. and evenly distribute the hedgehog body;
  • With the help of a glue gun attach mushrooms, coins and other decor elements.

How to make a hedgehog from coffee?

Coffee crafts are very popular because they not only perform a decorative role, and are excellent flavoring. We suggest learning how to make a beautiful hedgehog from coffee beans.

Necessary materials:

  • Whole bean coffee;
  • Plastic ball, desired size;
  • Plow, «Moment» and adhesive gun;
  • Acrylic brown paint;
  • Twine or decorative lace;
  • A piece of foam;
  • Eyes;
  • Cardboard.

Description of the master class on the creation of the hedgehog

  • Take a foam ball and cut it in half. Then cut the circle from the cardboard, for which you attach one of the halves to it. It is recommended to take a cardboard from dense boxes. With the help of glue «Moment» Cardboard must be glued to half a ball;
  • Lubricating a cardboard base «Plow», Stick the twine, wrapping it in a circle. As a result, it will be a beautiful bottom of our future hedgehog;
  • Using acrylic paint, cover the ball. Foam cut out a small triangle, focus on the ball size – it will be a fruit. The resulting piece is smeared «Plow» and wrap it in a circle with twine. Using glue «Moment», attach the muzzle to the semicircle closer to the base;
  • Hedgehog from sweets - original and delicious gift for all occasionsWith the help of adhesive guns start mounting grains into a row. Install them on the edge of a narrow edge, slightly tilting forward. Gradually equalizing grains need to continue to glue them with rows. Reaching the middle of the ball grain should stand smoothly. Moving down, grains should be tilted a little again, but in the other way. Continue work until the whole body is covered with coffee grains;
  • It remains on the end of the face to glue the grains of coffee and fix the eyes. You can decorate the hedgehog with a flower or small decorative apple.

How do you see making candy bouquets are completely easy, especially if there is a detailed description of the master class. Using the considered technicians, you can create different figures with your own hands and invent other products, it all depends on the desire and fantasy. Success!

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