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Handwood with your own hands: quickly and just


Love rims? Then our article is exactly what you need. In it, we will tell you how to create amazing hair decorations with your own hands, spending at least time and money

Today, beautiful bezel is not only one of the stylish accessories in your casket with jewelry, but also the final image element, the use of which will make you irresistible. An indispensable is such an accessory and for those who are trying to smoothly put their curls in the semblance of order.

We will open the secret: with a properly selected hair decoration, create a beautiful hairstyle is very easy. So if before that moment you did not think about the use of similar accessories for curls, then it’s time to pay attention to them.

Flour of choice

Handwood with your own hands: quickly and justNow it concerns the choice of collar hoop. If your wardrobe is quite diverse, you need to choose optimal options, such as brown, black or beige. In general, when choosing it is worth sticking to the classic image.

Also worth paying attention to the purpose of your campaign. If you are going for a walk with friends, you can stop your choice on accessories decorated with rhinestones or bright appliqués. If the meeting is a business, then excessive brightness should be avoided by giving preference to strict matte decorations.

Do not forget about the pricing policy. After all, no matter how we assure each other that the rim for 100 rubles and 1000 look the same, the difference still has. And even if she is invisible to the unarmed look, then the realization that on a business evening in combination with an expensive dress you needed a cheap accessory, one will definitely affect your self-esteem.

Therefore, at your disposal you need to have both ordinary hoops and models for hiking on a variety of status activities. By the way, if you do not have the opportunity to buy a few expensive hoops, then buy one – black or dark brown. He will definitely fit into any of your image by adding him some originality.

And if you want to be not just original, but also unique, then perhaps you should try to make a rim with your own hands. And today we will consider several options for creating such an accessory.

Rim with their own colors

One of the most popular trends of this year is a bezel with flowers. And today we will learn to create a beautiful hoop with beige roses.

For its manufacture you will need:

  • Handwood with your own hands: quickly and justOrdinary medium width hoop, without any jewelry;
  • Buds of roses, the number of which will depend on whether you want to decorate with them all the hoop or only part of it;
  • ribbon. Considering that our choice fell on beige roses, then, according to logic, and the tape should be beige. But, if you want, you can pick up other shades. As for the material, the optimal option will be atlas;
  • Beads and wire;
  • Glue moment. Please note that in this case you need to use transparent glue, because otherwise the flashes will remain on the tape;
  • Scissors and Kusachachi.

After you have collected all the necessary tools, you can proceed directly to the manufacture of decoration. First of all, you need to discover roses buds from a special plastic plate. So you make flowers more lush, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the appearance of your hoop.

From beads and wires make a middle of each flower. Wire needed to turn it in such a way that it formed a kind of stem of each bouton. It is with its help we will mount the flowers to the hoop.

Now freamed every flower to the hoop, trying to make equal intervals between them. After the last flower took its rightful place on the hoop, carefully check all the mounts. Remember that your hoop is suitable for use as long as possible, no flower should hang out.

Now you need to crush the whole ribbon ribbon. To do this, smear the edge with a small amount of glue and attach to the ribbon. It is necessary to do it very carefully, because if the fastening is not strong enough, then with minimal tension all created by your hands, beauty will fall off.

Handwood with your own hands: quickly and justAnd one more thing: if your hoop is too thin or flowers are located pretty close to each other, then it is worth using a thin ribbon, because it will be more convenient to wipe every bit. Yes, and folds on the inside to do. That’s ready our decoration!

By the way, if you do not want any volumetric elements on the hoop, you can make our own hands from the ribbons, which will be bribed with its modesty and simplicity.

Beaded beads with their own hands

Make such a rim even easier. To do this, you need to stock the necessary amount of beads, the basis for the hoop, glue and cotton wand. As for the manufacturing process itself, the foundation can be seen by velvet or organza using velvet.

But remember, if you decide to stop your choice on the Organze, then you need to take into account that such a fabric can not be sewn exactly. Here you need to consider a certain number of folds so that the rim looks in the arterially. After the fabric is already found on the organza, you can start decoration.

To do this, you need to lubricate a bead or a shelter loan from the inside and carefully press. After a few seconds you can let go, the ratio is already tightly glued. If the basis is organza, then beads or beads can be sewn. It turns out no worse.

But in the process of creating you need to remember two things. In no case should not experiment with flowers and create completely incredible combinations of shades. Such experiments will be appropriate only if you decide to hit all your extravagance.

You can also decorate the rim with your own hands using ceramic flower or special stickers, which can be used in almost any haberdashery store.

Rims with your own hands: Hate decoration

Handwood with your own hands: quickly and justIn this case, the question of fixing such an accessory as a hat to the finished hoop is not relevant.

It is necessary to do it in the same way as in the case of beads: or on glue, or with wire. As for the Hat itself, you can either purchase it ready, or make it with your own hands.

For its manufacture you need two small pieces of ribbons, the shades of which will be combined with each other. A small piece of dense cardboard or plastic is also useful. It is from him we will make a hat with you. Do not forget also about glue moment.

So, with regard to the creation procedure itself. We need to cut out of cardboard or plastic circle with cut-out midtight and rectangle. Cutting the middle do not throw away. From it we will make the top of the hat.

Fields of the Hats as follows: just crush the cardboard with ribbon, consolidating the beginning and the end with the help of glue. As for the cylinder itself, it is already more difficult. You need to make chess from ribbons.

To do this, you need to stick ribbons of different colors on both sides of the rectangle and intertwine them with each other so that you have multicolored squares, located in a checker order.

At the end, you need to make two faces of the rectangle. Close the top of our hats using that cut mug from the bottom of the hat. It is in the same way as the bottom, we wind up with a ribbon and attach glue to cylinder. You can decorate such a hat with small bows of ribbons or beads – everything is in your hands.

Making a stand for rims with your own hands

If you already have quite a lot of hoars and add them just nowhere, we offer you in five minutes to create a completely stunning stand for storage. To do this you need a roll of paper towels, a small piece of fabric and a glue gun.

Handwood with your own hands: quickly and justRoll with the help of adhesive guns we are tightening with a cloth. Actually, on this and the manufacture ends.

Attention! Do not choose too light shades, because all the dust will be quite noticeable on a similar material, and you will not be able to wash this product. By the way, such a stand can be framed in the form of a candy. Just in this case you need to leave a small piece of fabric not refilled.

As you can see, make a rim with your own hands, like a stand for him, you can rather quickly. So if you are tired of searching in stores something suitable for you, you can safely experiment in the process of creating such products. Good luck!

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