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We sew hard lambrequen with your own hands


Hard lambrequen or bandanda is performed on a solid foundation. With the help of a special self-adhesive canvase, you can make such a decor for the window with your own hands

Labreken is a special product from a fabric that strengthens the openings of doors or windows and thereby completely or partially close the curtain cornice. Hard lambrequen or a bando gradually displaces his soft fellow and occupies his honorable place in the interior of the room, making a note of elegance and grace in it.

We sew hard lambrequen with your own handsIt will be a mistake to think that tough lambrequins or a bandage appeared relatively recently. Our ancestors decorated with them small windows a few more centuries ago, pursuing the goal visually make them wider. Today they are newly popular especially with owners of apartments with low ceilings.

Such a tough design visually increases the space indoors, expands its boundaries in height and, of course, performs the role of interior decor. Modern materials and fabrics make it possible to create an incredible beauty thing in a wide variety of styles.

You can draw a source of inspiration in a touching sentimentality or a negligent classic, and to decorate a children’s room to use cartoon drawings.

Design features

We sew hard lambrequen with your own handsLambreken on the bandage has an adhesive basis that takes on the role of its frame. Bando is often wearing another name – «Shabrak». His this design was given a manufacturer.

In the old days, tough lambrequin sewed with their own hands from Flizelin, Singrytegone, Faudo or Dublerin. Today in the age of new technologies and modern materials, the process of its manufacture has simplified significantly due to the use of a special self-adhesive thermobando.

It can have different density, and the thermoclaim mixture is applied both on both sides of the material. The self-adhesive web on one side is processed with adhesive mortar, and on the other hand equipped with a film to protect.

Often, one of the sides is covered with a foam rubber or a pile that provide the best grip with a strip of Velcro. To independently make an exclusive and elegant decorative part for the porter, you will need a pattern and specially intended material.  Featuring the color and drawing in line with the subject of the room, you can make the situation in the room more completed and stylish.

What else you need to know before the manufacture?

  • We sew hard lambrequen with your own handsLabreken-Bandard attaching a rigid base. Perfect material is plywood. For the volume effect, a synthetone or wool is used;
  • The design may have a variety of bends and sizes. The front side is often performed in the form of the arch or repeat the line of the window opening;
  • Material for finishing can be the most different accessories for the porter: brushes, fringe, decorative cords. You can decorate the product and appliqué;
  • Variating the texture of the fabric you can achieve the effect of multi-tie.

Experts advise always to take into account the stylistics of the room and its color when choosing a band. Numerous waves and bends can «Eat» Figure with a small print, and you need to remember. Make a bet on a large print or material with vertical pattern.

Technology tailoring

At first it seemed simply unreal, because a simple man in the street did not know all the subtleties of manufacture and had no opportunity to acquire special technicians. Today it is a product, worthy of the hands of a talented artist or decorator, can be allowed to make it yourself.

How to sew hard lambrequen with your own hands on the basis of the pattern:

  • We sew hard lambrequen with your own handsFirst of all, it is the pattern that you will need. Draw on paper on a natural scale How you want to see your lambrequin. Then the pattern of rigid lambrequin must be transferred to the thermal material and cut out without taking into account the seams;
  • Cut out the shape of the adhesive side down to attach to the main fabric of the lambrequin, after performing an indent at the top of 2 cm. Now you need to warm up the iron and starting to smoke, moving from the center to the edges. Do not forget about the allowances on the seams on the remaining three sides. Their length should be at least 1.5 cm;
  • so that the fabric does not move with the formation of folds, it is recommended to fasten on the basis of pins or needles. Gaming the front side, turn the workpiece and try the opposite surface so that the glue is better grabbed;
  • It is better if the lining lambrequin lining for the kitchen or any other room will be made of the same material as the main part. Or should it have to resemble him texture and coloring. Next, without cutting a tissue, it is necessary to bend it to the front side to the glued fragment so that the fold of the material lags behind the nose of the product by 5 mm;
  • Cropped with rigid lambrequin males made of two tissues. Well, if the connection of two layers will pass through the lines of points: this will allow not to spoil the adhesive surface;
  • Carefully strain the resulting double canvas in the periphery and the bottom edge. The line must retreat from the glue part by 3 mm. The top side is not posted;
  • We sew hard lambrequen with your own handsAll unnecessary fabric is cut off with a viscos 5-10 mm. In places of numerous bends, it is necessary to make an obsersion, trying not to damage the stitches. Corners also carefully cut;
  • Now the product needs to be turned through the unprofitable side, pasted by rolling the line on the wheel. All finishing lines are paved on the front side. Punches on the seams remaining at the top of the product are bent inside and are fluttered;

All, bandage ready! You can make hard lambrequen with a beautiful applique by gluing flowers, various patterns and original curls – this is already how you will tell you your fantasy. To hang on the window of the lambrequen and decorate the interior design in this way, it is necessary to shoot it to its inside the strip of Velkro soft side. She will help attach a gang to the eaves.

You can sew a gangster from both two fabrics and from one, to work with the adhesive basis and without it. In the latter case, only the pattern, frame and appliqués will be needed. Even the most common design can be separated by decorative elements and get a product worthy of the best houses of London and Paris.

Deny the kitchens, bedrooms and other rooms, look for inspiration in magazines and the Internet and do not be afraid to try – sure you will succeed!

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