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How to decorate the box with your own hands: Interesting ideas


If you are going to present to someone a gift and want to packed it original, then decorate the box under the present. Make it easy, but the recipient will remember such packaging for a long time

Choose the original and necessary gift for a loved one – the case is quite complicated, but it is even harder to packed beautifully. Not all people think about it, but a gift packaging is an important attribute. The present in an unusual and bright box will delight the recipient, as it will be felt that it was not bought by the first thing that happened, but everything is packed with a soul. Therefore, let’s talk further about how to decorate a gift box yourself.

Simple and fast

How to decorate the box with your own hands: Interesting ideasThe easiest way for those who want to know how to quickly decorate a shoe box. Take the box of desired size, select a sheet of wrapping paper under it so that you can wrap the entire box.

Spread paper on a flat surface, in the center, put the box, after sticking to its bottom two-way scotch, so that it does not slide.

Now wrap it with packaging paper. For convenience, make cuts on paper from her corners to the corners of the box. On top of the box you can stick hearts, mugs, flowers cut from multicolored cardboard.

It will be very unusual to look if you take a thick thread and on it in an arbitrary order to fasten the stars or some geometric shapes, and then obtained garland to bandage the box. Here’s how beautiful you can decorate the box at home.

Packaging for memory

The most common gifts that buy people in their loved ones are photo frames, albums, books, mugs with gentle inscriptions and other touching things. But keep warm memories in the heart of the recipient can not only a gift, but also packaging for him.

True, the appearance of the gift struck, you need to know how to unusually decorate the box yourself. So that your packaging remains in the recipient’s memory, it wanted to store for many years, you can resort to the next method.

Best as objects:

  • The box in which you are going to put a gift;
  • Pictures of the recipient of the gift, printed on sheets of format A 4 in black and white;
  • Gift recipient photographs in good quality made on the photographic paper;
  • Sheet of colored paper;
  • Very subtle transparent paper (tracing);
  • Glue;
  • Color Scotch.

First of all, select a box that you are going to decorate. It is worth saying that large areas are recommended to decorate in this way, so the packaging will look more spectacular. So when the box is selected, plunder it on the sides of photos, printed on office paper. They can be placed as you like, they act only by the background. To hide the corners of photos, creek the bottom Boxes of colored paper.

How to decorate the box with your own hands: Interesting ideasNext you need to attach the entire box of trading. This will distract attention from the photos themselves, making them blurred background. When the adhesive will dry, you can place the perimeter of the photo card box, made on good paper.

If necessary, you can stick more different color paper figures, such as stars, hearts, flowers. On the same principle decorate and lid. Before laying a gift in the box, look inside. There, most likely, you will see the protruding paper, carefully creep it with color scotch.

It will give the package finished species. Gift is ready. As you can see, decorate the box yourself – not at all difficult. You only need a little patience and fantasy, you can transform any box from under shoes.

Gentle decor

If you want the decor of your box to be gentle and soft, you can decorate it with a cloth.

To fulfill the idea, you will need:

  • Cardboard box;
  • Colorful fabric;
  • Glue.

How to decorate the box with your own hands: Interesting ideasEstate the matter on a flat surface, put the box on it and circle a simple pencil first of its bottom, and then all the rest, making the allowance of several centimeters to be able to fix the fabric. Cut a blank from matter.

Treat the box with glue and slowly glue the tissue detail, we especially carefully work out the corners. Similarly, decorate and the lid of the box. To inside everything I looked perfectly, you can stick to the edge of the pieces of matter or satin ribbon.

Now you can decorate the box. Satin ribbons, crochet flowers, slim lace and other elements.

You learned several ways to decorate the box with your own hands, everything else directly depends on your imagination and desire. Getting Started with a creative process with a soul, you can make unusual and beautiful packaging for gifts. The main thing is your desire. Good luck!

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