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Production of flowers from silk fabric with their own hands


If you like to make beautiful things with your own hands, you will definitely you will be interested in silk flowers. These exquisite decorations will help to make the interior more interesting, and clothes are elegant

Recently, more and more often for decorative design of gifts, interior items, clothes and accessories are used artificial flowers from handmade fabric. Most often for these purposes, silk is used, it looks expensive and exquisite, however, fabric flowers can be made from other materials – satin, textiles, skin, drape, etc.

Create beauty with your own hands

Production of flowers from silk fabric with their own handsProduction of beautiful and elegant colors from silk with their own hands is very interesting, fascinating, fascinating and at the same time painstaking process. Each stage of this handmade, which will definitely have to do those who like to spend their free time for the manufacture of various crafts, is interesting in their own way.

Selection of fabrics and accessories, acquisition of stones, feathers and beads, dyeing fabric, processing of leaves and petals and the subsequent design of the finished product are delayed so much that there is no strength to break away from work for a minute! I want to create your own masterpiece as soon as possible.

At the same time it doesn’t matter at all, what exactly are you doing – a small brooch, a three-dimensional decoration on a dress or a hairstyle, a boutonniere or a corsage on hand, the most important thing to do everything with a soul.

Why silk?

The most popular material for the manufacture of colors and other beautiful, useful decorations is precisely silk, and this is despite the availability of a huge number of cheaper synthetic and semi-synthetic materials with similar properties.

It’s all about attracting admiring eyes of the surrounding pleasant brilliance of natural silk, which is preserved for many years. Flowers from silk, to learn the art of the manufacture of which everyone can always look beautiful and very natural.

Moreover, this very gentle, soft to the touch and almost air material is most supplied and convenient in work, unlike the atlas and organza. Therefore, experienced masters for the manufacture of such jewelry give their preference precisely silk.

But novice needlewomen who are trained and only master the technique of making flowers from fabric with their own hands, it is recommended to start work with low-cost synthetic tissues. Well fit «Training fabric» Such materials like artificial silk and viscose.

After the hand is «Nabita», Floristics are mastered, and all operations will be performed accurately and neatly, it will be possible to move to the use of beautiful and expensive Japanese silk for colors.

Crafts from natural silk pour, play with different colors and amazingly sparkling both in the rays of the bright sun and with good artificial lighting. In addition to the presence of external attractiveness, this material can boast such a property as high hygroscopicity.

Production of flowers from silk fabric with their own hands

It dries very quickly after wetting, while maintaining the form set after twisting. Flowers made of silk performed by itself, will become the most pleasant and memorable gift for any girl and women, perfectly decorate any interior and «revive» Old clothes.

Often, Japanese technician Kanzashi is used to make silk colors. Flowers made in this technique often can be seen as beautiful and sophisticated decorative elements adorning lambrequins, curtains and curtains.

Japanese technique Kanzashi involves the manufacture of 2 types of petals – sharp and rounded, which are in a special way. Make them very easy, for this you just need to find some of the amount of free time. This technique involves the use of silk ribbons of different widths as a material for petals.

Do it yourself: what will take

If you are interested in such an exciting occupation, like the manufacture of beautiful flowers with your own hands, you must first get all the necessary devices. It is not necessary to purchase any special tools that can be found in any store selling goods for Hand Made, because they are not always cheap.

It is possible to fully and gently make a flower of silk both with the help of these special devices, and using conventional tools that will be in «repair suitcase» Any man.

The following tools and devices are most often used:

  • scissors;
  • knives of different shapes;
  • ruler;
  • markers;
  • brass bugs with different working surface;
  • soldering iron;
  • Adhesive Pistol.

In addition to the above items need a saucepan, 200 ml of water and 3 teaspoons gelatin.


First you need to prepare a solution for processing silk. In the saucepan need to be placed 200 ml of water, add gelatin in the number of three teaspoons, mix well and let it bloom in twenty minutes. After that, the mixture must be heated on the stove until the gelatin is completely dissolved.

When the solution becomes homogeneous, you need to lower the Japanese silk into it for 3-5 minutes. The fabric should be pretty soaked with a solution, only after that it can be removed. To press it is categorically prohibited.

Production of flowers from silk fabric with their own handsFabric It is necessary to rave for drying very smoothly, without folds to get the perfect canvas for the formation of petals and leaves of the future bud. If the purchased fabric or trimming, which were found in your home, were blocked during the storage or transportation process, they must be pre-stroke from the wrong side.

After the fabric is completely dry, you can proceed to the formation of the flower. It is necessary to cut the required number of petals and leaves of silk in advance prepared cardboard patterns. Experts recommend to have a blank at an angle of 45 degrees to the so-called equity thread.

After that, it is necessary to neatly fall out the edges of all petals, it can be done with a candle. After this, with brass jacks, give them the necessary bending. When all the elements are ready to start the flower assembly, it is possible to do this with a needle and thread, as well as a glue gun.

Made flowers with their own hands will be the best gift for everyone who loves everything bright and unique.

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