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Decoration of flower pots: What materials can be used


Decided to refresh the interior slightly? Then pay attention to flower pots. If you have usual, then you may have to decorate them with your own hands using firming materials

In almost every apartment there are at least a few vases with flowers. And as we know with you, similar houseplants contribute not only to the more organic appearance of your apartment, but also have a positive impact on our psyche with you. So decorating your apartment is very helpful. But quite often you can see that most pots look quite gray and mediocre.

Decoration of flower pots: What materials can be usedThe fact is that beautiful ceramic vases are very expensive, while the simplest plastic or plastic products can be bought almost for a snot.

But if you want to come home and enjoy not only the view of green leaves, but also beautifully decorated pots, then our article is written exactly for you. Today we will tell you how to decorate the flower pots do it yourself.

Before you start telling you how you can turn the boring pots in the original elements of the interior at home, it is worth noting that clay products are the ideal basis for such decoration, because to smooth, slightly rough, surfaces can be attached.

To decorate, you can use any techniques, such as decoupage or krakle (decoration with egg shell). The main thing, believe in your strength, and everything will be fine!

How to decorate a flower pot: Krakl technique

In principle, the Krakl technique itself provides for the use of special crochelle varnishes, with which beautiful patterns of broken lines create. But since such varnishes are quite expensive, today we will learn with you how you can create a similar pattern using a conventional egg shell.

Attention! In no case should not use fresh shell from which you just removed the egg. Shells need to be thoroughly flushed, degrease with food soda, and then suck. And only after you make sure that no moisture or protein remains on the inner surface you can start creating the composition.

By the way, if you want to create not only a cracked pattern, but also fold some drawing or silhouette, then you can alternate pieces of white and beige shells. Make it navigature just: you need to break the shell into small pieces. The size is determined by itself depending on which pattern should be as a result.

Since the eggshell is a fairly light shade, the ideal basis for such decoration will be a dark color vase. If you have only bright shades available, you can fix the situation with the usual acrylic paint of dark shades.

Now lubricate the surface of the pot with glue and apply pieces of shell. Attention! Shell need to carefully press. If you want a gap between pieces a little more, you can gently push the pieces of shells with your fingers. Then waiting for the glue slightly dry and cover the entire surface of the dark ink.

After she slept to glue, we wash her extra paint with the shell themselves. Thus, the mascara remains only between pieces of your mosaic, creating a stunning pattern.

How to decorate the flower pot

For the manufacture of such beauty you will need:

  • Decoration of flower pots: What materials can be usedVazan. It is advisable to stop your choice on ceramics, but if it is not at hand, it will fit and plastic. Most importantly, carefully process it with sandpaper. So the elements of the decor will be more firmly attached, and therefore the likelihood that they will be discharged after a week to significantly decrease;
  • Glue and spatula;
  • Special paints for cold ceramics. So the color will be kept much longer and you will not have to often paint the places where the paint has shut down a little;
  • Brush for applying paint and a small piece of fabric;
  • And of course, the shells themselves, without which all our work would lose sense.

The mechanism of creating such a decorative vase is quite simple. You need to paint it in white. After the paint dries, lubricate the part of the surface, where our seashells will be placed with tiled glue.

Now consider what you need to do with shells so that they are well glued. First of all, you should wash them and dry. In the process of adhesive, you need to severely press each shell into the tile glue.

If you decide to use not only flat, but also hollow seashells, then before installing them to the Vazon, be sure to apply an additional portion of glue to the inner side. So there is almost no air between the shell and glue, and it means that such a shell will be held much longer.

After you finish sticking, you will notice that in some places glue squeezed out from under the seashells and now spoils the whole view. In order to correct the position Take a piece of sponge or wet fabric and thoroughly wipe the surface of the vase. So you can smooth out the edges and make a more sophisticated decor for your vase.

And one more thing: if you do not like the empty space between the shells, you can fill it with conventional cereals. To do this, you just need to gently press it into an already unfounded glue and leave to dry.

Like a cloth decorate a flower pot

To decorate the flower vase beautifully, you can use and cloth. And make it pretty just. To do this you need fabric, glue and ceramic pot. Throw the top layer of coating on the vase sandpaper.

Then gradually cover the surface of the vason glue and press the cloth. At the same time, try not to form folds because they will significantly spoil the appearance.

And if you have time, then you can sew a few flowers and glue on the fabric from above. As a middle of a flower, you can use large beads or buttons. In general, turn on your fantasy and we are confident that you have very cute and cheerful vases. By the same principle you can decorate the pot with flowers paper.

A special case is decorating lace. Here we can use lace and as an additional part of the decor, and as an independent element.

Decoration of flower pots: What materials can be usedBut at the same time, you should consider the fact that before gluing lace, you need to carefully treat the edges, because no super-challenges will save you from the gradual blooming of the fabric. So you should be attentive. And do everything on conscience.

If you want to decorate a plastic flower pot with a cloth, then you can not glue, but to sew it with a rough thread to the edges of the vase.

But make punctures better only in the top of the pot, as if you do one or two punzes below, each watering of colors will end with the collection of water from the floor or stand.

As you can see, decorating the flower pots at home not only can be, but also need. So you can create a special atmosphere of comfort in your apartment, which can not not have a positive impact on your mood. Good luck!

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