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Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?


Want to make close to people with an elegant gift, not rolling in tribalism – Lighten the embossing on the skin. And perhaps this is a hobby, will be your main craft

All you probably saw beautiful leather products on which patterns are present: for example, belts, bags, wallets, purses or folders. How is embossing on the skin at home? We will tell about this craft.

How do it yourself make embossing on skin things?

Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?Variants of mass. At home you can apply the press and the easiest hammer. You will also need iron. If we talk about the technique of making patterns, we note that in all embodiments of their manufacture, the principle of pressure and heating, or only pressure. For the manufacture of embossed products at home, various stamps can be used, and the cliché for self-embossed on the skin, which are sold in specialized outlets.


Embossing on leather products that you can perform yourself, with your own hands, there are different types, there are three options for applying patterns:

  • The first view is called blind when a picture is applied to a smooth surface with a cliché. All items that squeezed into the workpiece are located in the same plane. Often to «do» Pattern used films. This type of printing can occur both when heated and without it, the more you push into the drawing, the clearer it is printed;
  • The second option – applying patterns with foil. You will need equipment for embossing and drawing pictures on the skin in the form of a cliché, and a foil will be needed. With this method, the foil is inserted between the product and cliché, while the color drawings are obtained. This technology provides for mandatory heating;
  • Option Third – This is a Congress Printing Patterns. It is done either with the help of foil or without it. The method is carried out by pressing with heating.

What instruments do you need

Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?In order to apply patterns, you will simply be needed a special tool for embossing on
Leather goods: «turning» Knife with nozzles – Baivelle. But the most important tool in your business is stamp. After the skin was washed with water, with the help of shocks on the stampa, the hammer is applied to the surface.

Such tools are very simple, so they will be easy to learn how to contact them.

In the manufacture «Squeaks» You can use stencils, which are also offered in specialized store.. If we talk about such a tool, as a press for embossing on leather products, which is used at home, then you can make it yourself with the help of girlfriend, or just use the iron. Cliché can also be made from what will fall at hand: you can make it from cardboard either of rubber, however, long needed such clichés you will not serve.

We do with your own hands

Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?In order to properly perform printed, take the unwrapped skin and cut the desired item from it.

Using a sewn or curly knife (Baivelller), apply a picture on the skin, but be very neat. Because if you pursue the product, it will have to throw it.

Then, with the help of a hammer, apply blows on the stampe, so that the skin is delighted with a millimeter in the stamp. The process is shown in more detail on the video:

Lesson by tempering

We describe another option printed on products without paints.

In order to work, you will need such equipment:

  • foil;
  • Kanfarnik (suitable awl);
  • knife;
  • a hammer.

Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?As well as stamps that can be done using steel or aluminum and portray
on them that your soul will want: beaks, numbers, flowers (but it should not be forgotten that the drawings should be made in the mirror reflection) and the knobs that wheels can serve – details from the failed clock. Shots are needed in order to apply patterns and lines on the product. Well, for punching through holes, you can use the usual awl.

Take the stamp with the pattern and heat it on the open flame.

Heated withdrawal push to the workpiece and hit the design hammer. If the resulting pattern is shallow, you have to start everything first and harder to heat the stamp. Or, on the contrary, the product may be stamped: then it will need to cool a little. For this reason, so that you do not throw away the spoiled thing because it did not offer the drawing on it, it is better to use trial skin pieces.

For color printeings, the principle will be approximately the same, just put between the stamp and the skin of the multi-colored foil, which is sold in stores. Melt the wax in the tank (so that it does not serve, add the turpentine) and mix it well.
Apply the wax layer on the foil sheet and let it dry. When the design is driving, apply watercolor or tempered paints mixed with egg squirrel and dental powder, then give foil again how to dry.

Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?Printing itself will occur like this: Heat on fire stamp and put on the workpiece of foil paint to the place where you want to get a pattern. Press the stamp tightly to the foil sheet hit the design hammer. Just do not rush, paint should «feel» Temperature. If you didn’t work out for the first time, decorate the product, applying embossings to it, you need to repeat again, as they say, act on the principle of samples and errors.

Gold patterns

Printing can be performed using gold. For this make special, very high-quality cliches. This type of drawings is considered to be the subject of luxury, which is not for his pocket to everyone. Embossing itself occurs according to the foil sheet method, which we wrote above. Only instead of foil between the harvesting and the cliché, a thin gold sheet is placed, which, after impact and exposure to the temperature, is printed on the product.

But if you have a business card holder with gold embossed, then you can be sure of: Your partners will surely notice and appreciate. «Golden visits» Recently, it became extremely popular among people with prosperity.

Is it possible to apply embossed patterns on the skin at home?Such products are very rich and stylishly look if you have a desire to pay attention to you and notice, this kind of embossing gold on the skin is what.

Summing up our story about embossed on leather things, let’s say that if you master the patterns of the skin on the skin with your own hands, you will have very beautiful wallets, belts and other accessories.

Give them a close one and let your friends or acquaintances have a thing in their arsenal with embossed that you have done for them themselves.

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